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 Doris, Marshall, Dorothy, and Carolyn, about 1943.

   2. Marshall Lee KNIGHT1 was born on 10 Jun 1922 in Runge, Karnes Co., TX.2  He went to school in Runge, TX and graduated from Runge High School.  He played football when he was in High School.  I have a program from the Runge-Pettus Football Game on 9 Nov 1939 in Runge, Karnes Co., TX.  Marshall is named among the players along with a cousin Curtis Marshall.
  Marshall graduated on 17 May 1940 in Runge High School, Runge, Karnes Co., TX.  Runge HS Class of 1940

     Marshall served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.  He was drafted late in the war due to his being married and having children.  He was a Postman between 1947 and 1949 in Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX.  He received a medical retirement from the Postal Service. 

     Marshall died on 3 Mar 1999 in Austin, Travis Co., TX. His daughters, Carolyn M. Knight and Pamela M. Knight were at his death bed.  He died a peaceful death.  He recognized me and smiled at me. 

     Visitation for Memorial of Marshall Lee Knight was held on Mar 5, 1999 at the Weed-Corley-Fish Funeral Home, 3125 N. Lamar, Austin, TX.  Those in attendance were his three daughters, Carolyn M. Knight Getting, Dorothy Lee Knight, Pamela M. Knight and their mother Doris Lassiter, and her husband, Charlie Lassiter, Aleen Franka, sister-in-law, Roselyn Franka Smith, niece, Laura King, and Justin King (Great Grandson), Curtis D. Peka, and wife Elizabeth, Gavin D. Peka, Kasandra Saenz and son Seth King (Great Grandson), Kevin Knight and wife, Heather, and Hastings Key, classmate.   His obituary was published on 5 Mar 1999 in the Austin American Statesman, Austin Co., TX.

     He was buried on 6 Mar 1999 in Runge Cemetery, Runge, Karnes Co., TX.1 The funeral services of Marshall Lee Knight were held at the Runge Cemetery on Mar 6, 1999.  In attendance was his three daughters, Carolyn Merle  Getting, Dorothy Lee Knight, Pamela Marsha Knight, his grandchildren, Gaylynn K. Peka, (Great Grandchildren Zachary Jenkinson & Naomi Jenkinson) Curtis D. Peka, and wife Elizabeth, (Samuel Peka, Great Grandson- 9 mos old), Gavin D. Peka,  grandson, Kasandra Saenz-King, granddaughter and husband, Albert Saenz (Julian Saenz , Great Grandson & Seth King, Great Grandson), his brother William R. Knight, niece Beverly Hajovsky, nephew Richard Knight, Doris Lassiter, ex-wife, Dorothy Jo Ryan, cousin, Elmer Wray Marshall, cousin, Nadine Payne, cousin, Carrie Jo Gibson, cousin, Frank Ryan, cousin, Kathryn Davidson, class mate, and Albert Lyons, school mate.  Rev. Yvonne Quigley gave the Eulogy.  

      Marshall grew up on a farm, and the love of farming was with him the rest of his life.  He never farmed as an adult, but had gardens and loved to hunt.  He built the house in Corpus Christi, that we lived in when I was a little girl.

      Marshall worked at different occupations prior to working for the Post Office. He did surveying as a young man.  Marshall and Doris built their first home in Corpus Christi on Ryan Street which is near the Airport.
     Marshall kept bees and had a honey extractor sitting on the front porch. He ordered the supplies for the bee hives from Sears & Roebuck.  They sold a wax sheet of combs to put into the racks that went into the hives. In the spring, bees got their pollen from Horse Mint (Monarda) and the honey was very tasty as well as being a clear golden color.  He then cut the honey that was stored in the wax, out of the racks and jarred it in strips and sold it.  The darker honey which followed, he normally allowed the bees to put in their own made combs and extracted it in the large extractor.  This he jarred and sold.
     He hunted and tanned hides and sold that.  We often ate wild game.  He owned a trucking business after the war and before he went to work at the Post Office.
      When Marshall and Doris separated he worked at the Post Office.  

      At one time, the family car was stolen from the parking lot at the post office. The car was found burned up and the teenagers responsible were ordered to repay for the value of the car.  Marshall and Doris maintained a garden in Corpus Christi with strawberries and fresh vegetables.  Marshall also fished and trapped crabs which he sold.  Marshall also started a business in Perma-Stone siding.
     Daddy had a stroke in May, 1989. He spent most of the last ten years of his life in the Capitol City Nursing Home in Austin, Texas. 

 He was married to Doris Lee SCHUENEMANN on 14 Jun 1941 in Karnes City, Karnes Co., TX.1 They were married by W. L. Hightower, Pastor M. E. Church, Runge, TX on Jun 14, 1941. 

      Marshall and Doris were divorced in Aug 1951 in Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX.  

3. Doris Lee SCHUENEMANN. (Private)

Children were:

child1 i. Carolyn Merle KNIGHT. (Private)
child ii. Dorothy Lee KNIGHT. (Private)
child iii. Timothy Marshall KNIGHT was born on 7 May 1947 in Corpus Christi Osteopathic Hospital, Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX.1  He served in the military about 1965 in US Army.1  Timothy served a short term in the US Army.  He received a honorable discharge.  He died on 23 Jan 1969 in El Reno, Canadian Co., OK.  He would have been 21 that year.  He was buried on 29 Jan 1969 in Mission Burial Park North, San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX.  He was called Timmy.  Timmy wrote poetry and painted.  A copy of the poem "One by Onely" was burned into wooden plaques as gifts one year for Christmas, from my mother and Dad.  Both his mother, Doris Schuenemann Lassiter and his sister Carolyn (Knight) Getting have paintings done by Timmy.
child iv. Pamela Marsha KNIGHT. (Private)


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