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Photo Album

WARNING:  These are full size photos and may take a long time to load.  They are well worth the wait!!

Page 1

Paul, Shirley, Kenny, Lucinda Henton.  Dallas, LaVerne Tucker.

Page 2

Bessie, Emmett, Shirley Tucker.  Mabel, Bill, Jim, Tom Blankenship.  Zilphia, John, Joseph Henton.

Page 3 

Joseph, Bertha G., Paul, Shirley Henton.

Page 4 

Joseph, Bertha, Paul, Shirley Henton. William, Ophelia Dorton, Jasper, Silas Matthews. Maude Walker.

Page 5 

Herbert, Bertha Henton.  Lulu, William C. Tucker.  Bessie Boice, Amy Ruth Boice?  

Page 6  

Paul Henton, Tim Mills, Blankenships, Fords, Barrats, Arfts.

Page 7

Jesse Blankenship, Paul Henton, Dudley Dorton, Isabelle Tucker, Maude Alice Tucker Tindle.

Page 8 

Bessie, Dallas, Shirley, LaVerne, Lucille Tucker, Harriet Warden, Edna Meyer, Sara Blankenship, Dolly Bunge, Descendants of Greenup Tucker, Ed Peterson.        

Page 9   

Leonard Waldrop, Lilly, Eliza, Mary E., Grace, Ben, Mary A., William S. Hays.  

Page 10 

Frederic F., Tyra Nixon Jutton, Jerry Jutton and family. 

Page 11 

Fred III, John, Jane Jutton, Eliza Crockett and family, William, Caroline Leopard Clatterbuck and children.

Page 12

Cora Henton Kimbrell & family, Bartell family, Hays family, Henry Anderson. 

Page 13

Shirley Tucker 1934, Tucker home Moline Kansas, Children of Emmett and Bessie Tucker, Sunny Slope Poultry Ranch, Elk Falls, KS.

Page 14

Isom Foster, Betsey Webb Foster, Foster GAR photo, Joshua Foster, Isaac Newton Foster, John Handley, Mary Foster, Grisella Handley, Mary Foster Steele.

Page 15

Joshua Lee Foster, Elizabeth Olive Olmstead, Cora Foster, Annie Foster, Jane Bedel Foster, Isaac Newton Foster, Joshua Foster, Sarah Foster (Mary Foster Steele?)

Page 16

Gwen, John, Ferneta Bledsoe, Doris Dick, Herbert, Mary and Velma Henton

Page 17

James (Jim) Henry Peacock, Alvin Peacock, John Benjamin Eador, small boy Joe Peacock, Arthur Eador, Ida Eador, Martha Alice Boice Peacock, Jim Peacock.

Page 18

Tucker family photo, Paul Henton, Shirley Tucker Henton,

Page 19

Dallas Lynne Tucker U. S. Navy (2 photos)

Page 20

Robert John Stewart, Lucille Tucker Stewart, William Tucker, Dallas Tucker.

Page 21

Dallas Tucker, William Carl Tucker, Robert John Stewart

Page 22

Lulu Tucker, Maude Tindle, Sarah Beu, George L. Tucker, Isabelle Tucker, Wanda Mills, Emmett Tucker, Floyd Tindle.

Page 23 Missouri Francis Thompson Bryant, Ruth Francis Jones, Harriet Dorton Evans, Martin Blank, Billie Marie Blank Vaughn.
Page 24 David Jackson Boice, Isaac Boice, Amy Ruth Boice Peterson, Maxine Peterson Copeland.
Page 25 William Clarence Tucker family, Tucker family in Kansas.
Page 26 Margaret Letitia Steele Lawrence Bascom Stubbs, Mary Estelle Henton Tavel, Robert Arthur Dorton
Page 27
Page 28
Page 29
Page 30

Last Page

Preston W. Tucker and family, children of Mary and Jesse Blankenship.