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1756-1838, Duplin County, North Carolina - Sullivan, Claiborne, Hancock Counties, Tennessee


Edward B. Walker Revolutionary War Pension, R. 11041

Edward B. Walker applied for and received a pension based on his service in the American Revolution; after his death, his widow applied for a widow's pension based on his service but was denied because she was unable to prove that she was married to Edward before 1794, the cut-off date at the time she applied for the pension.

Revolutionary War pensions have been microfilmed and are available widely. I have also scanned the file, though it is too large to place on this Web site at this time. There are a few records, such as the final pension payment, which are related to the pension which are not included in the main file; when cited below, their actual locations are also included. The order in which the records were microfilmed appears to have no relevance and is not maintained below.


June 2: New Pension Act passed. Although Congress had passed a number of pension acts before 7 June 1832, the 7 June 1832 act was the first one that broadly covered the vast majority of Revolutionary War soldiers and was the first under which Edward Walker would have been eligible. This act allowed full pay to all officers and people who served in the line or a state militia until the end of the war but also allowed anyone who had served less than two years but more than six months to receive partial pay.
August 19: James More Deposition in Support of Edward's Pension


April 25: Edward's Deposition for a Soldier's Pension
Edward's Deposition In Andrew McClary's Pension, W.7417
July (prob): Preprinted Objection Form
October 18: Edward's Pension is Approved


September 4: $20 paid as Edward's pension. The Federal Register of Payments for Revolutionary War Pensions at the National Archives shows that Edward received all expected payments.


March 4: $20 paid as Edward's pension
September 4: $20 paid as Edward's pension


March 4: $20 paid as Edward's pension
September 4: $20 paid as Edward's pension


March 4: $20 paid as Edward's pension
September 4: $20 paid as Edward's pension


March 4: $20 paid as Edward's pension
July 7: New Widows Pension Act passed. Congress passes a law making widows of pensioners eligible for half pensions if married to pensioner before 1 January 1794.
August 26: Edward B. Walker dies


March 11: Final pension payment to Edward's widow
March 29: Final pension payment receipt


May 19: Jane's initial deposition for a pension in her own right
June 13: Letter from Alfred Noel submitting Jane's initial deposition
August 1: Letter from Pension Office rejecting first application


March 3: Congress passed a modification of the pension act that would allow pensions for widows who became widowed after the previous pension act was passed.
May 18: Jane tries again with a new deposition
May 22: Letter from Alfred Noel submitting Jane's new deposition
August 9: Letter from the Pension Office to Noel requesting proof of marriage date
September 4: Jane's deposition regarding the Bible records
Joseph Walker's deposition concering his own age and parentage
Court opinion on the marriage
November 21: Jonathan Walker's explanation of the Bible records
December 3: Alfred Noel's letter with a plea


August 30: Further objections from the Pension Office


January 25: Alfred Noel sends the Bible itself
March 20: Pension Office indicates problems with the Bible itself


September 1: Pension Office writes J.K. McAnnally


February 3: Congress passes a new pension law. Just a few months after the last correspondence, Congress passes a new pension law and lifts are requirements on the date of marriage. Jane Walker had most likely already died and would have not been eligible retroactively under the law.


August 24: Mary (Tussey) Walker's attempt


June 27: Attempt to return the Bible
June 30: Postmaster's response
July 7: Sending of the Bible
July 14: Johnathan Walker acknowledges receipt of Bible


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