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1756-1838, Duplin County, North Carolina - Sullivan, Claiborne, Hancock Counties, Tennessee


Annie Walker Burns Correspondence

Annie Walker Burns requested a copy of the pension in 1929; all letters are included on this page.

30 January 1929

[On letterhead for the Automobile Department of the State of Kentucky in Frankfort with a picture of the seal. On the back are the handwritten initials "RW", probably meaning the Revolutionary War section and used for routing the letter.]

[handwritten across:] 5¢ Stamp returned

January 30-1929.

Pension Department.
Washington, D. C.


I am desirous of joining the "Daughters of 1812 Society", and I wish to secure the data pertaining to the service of one "Edward Walker" who I am advised enlisted in Hancock County, Tennessee, in about the year 1814 or 1815. His widow's name was "Salley Cromley", or "Crumley", and did draw a pension while she was living. I dont [sic] know her address while she was drawing a pension.

Thanking you in advance for any information you can give me regarding this data, I am

Yours very truly,
Mrs. Annie Walker Burns.

[stamped, reformatted:] U. S. Pension Office, A, Feb 1 1929

20 March 1929

[Same letterhead. On the back is handwritten "Rev & 1812", presumably a routing code to the correct department. Some of the information she relates is confusing and unrelated to Edward, but the widow's name was correct.]

Pension Department,
Washington, D.C.


I am desirous of obtaining copy of Pension papers for the following named person:

(Mrs) Edward Walker, her maiden name, "Salley Cromley,Walker.] [all sic]

The records in the State House at Nashville, Tennessee shows the following:

"War records of 1812 Nashville, Tenn: Edward Walker, Farrier, September 28th, 1814, under Colonel Dyer, Captain Allen. Edward Walker private, November 13th, 1814, under Colonel Booth, Captain Slatton. He enlisted in Smith County, Carthage, Tennessee."

I wrote you more than a month ago concerning this data, but, to date, I have heard nothing from you.

I want this data so that I can become a member of the National Society, U. S. Daughters 1812.

Yours very truly
Annie W. Burns [original signature]
Mrs. Annie Walker Burns.

[stamped, reformatted:] U. S. Pension Office, L, Mar 21 1929

28 March 1929

[On same letterhead.]

[handwritten:] Hist furn

March 28-1929.

Pension Department,
Washington, D.C.


I am enclosing copy of a letter received from the Adjutant General, of Washington, in which he gives record of two Edward Walkers, and as these two Tennessee counties are so close together, I cannot tell exactly which one of them is my grandfather. However, I know that my grandfather's second wide received a pension, and I wish to secure a copy of the pension, so that I can join the National Society of the Daughters of 1812.

The Mrs. Edward Walker's name, was Sallie Crumley Walker. I wrote you several weeks ago regarding this, but have had no reply.

Yours very truly,
Mrs. Annie Walker Burns

[stamped, reformatted:] U. S. Pension Office, O, Mar 30 1929

29 March 1929

[The summary presented in this letter is generally correct, although Edward himself said that he enlisted in Hawkins County. The extra wording seemingly on copies and scans is bleed-through from the second page, which is stapled to the first in the record.]

Rev. and 1812
Wars Section
W.C. 26949
[handwritten across is:] no Old War M E E

March 29, 1929

Mrs. Annie Walker Burns
Automobile Department
State of Kentucky
Frankfort, Kentucky


I advise you from the War of 1812 records of this bureau, it appears that Edward Walker enlisted in Hawkins County, Tennessee, or at Blountville, Sullivan County, Tennessee, and served from November 13, 1814, to June 2, 1815, as a private in Captain John Slatten's Company of Tennessee Militia.

In 1851, he was residing in Hancock County, Tennessee, and was then aged 55 years.

He died, April 9, 1860, near Mulberry Gap, in Hancock County, Tennessee.

The soldier married, June 25, 1848, in said Mulberry Gap, Sarah Crumley. The ceremony was performed by one John Crumley, no relationship stated. The soldier had been previously married, the name of his first wife is not shown, she died, December 28, 1842, near Mullberry Gap. Tennessee.

Said Sarah Walker was allowed pension on her application executed October 7, 1878, while residing in Mulberry Gap, Tennessee, then aged sixty-two years.

There are no further family data.

Due to the very large number of inquiries similar to yours and the lack of a clerical force available for the purpose, the bureau is unable to make immediate reply to each request pertaining to soldiers of the Revolution and War of 1812.

Letters are being answered as rapidly as possible in order of receipt.


E. W. Morgan
Acting Commissioner.

10 April 1930

[On letterhead for the Automobile Department of the State of Kentucky in Frankfort with a picture of the seal. The follow-up letter is stapled to this one.]

April 10th 1930.

Mr. E. W. Morgan
Acting Commissioner,
United States Dept of the Interior
Bureau of Pensions.

Dear Sir: Refer Rev. and 1812 Wars Section, W. C. 24949

Please refer to the attached letter which is a copy of your letter of the 29th of March, 1929.

I would like to obtain a Photostat copy of the records in this pension of said Sarach [sic] Walker, widow of Edward Walker, of Mulberry Gap, Tenn.

Please quote me the price, so that I may send a money order.

Yours very truly,

Annie Walker Burns. [typed]

29 May 1930

[The reply to the 10 April 1930 letter. Although the scan and copies will show other text and a stamp, these are actually on the original letter and are bleeding through.]

Rev. & 1812 Wars Section.

May 29, 1930.

Annie Walker Burns,
Automobile Department,
State of Kentucky,
Frankfort, Kentucky.

Dear Madam:

I advise you that photostatic copies of original papers on file in the War of 1812 claim of Edward Walker, W.C. 26949, will be furnished you at the rate of fifteen cents a page.

The number of pages to be copied is nine.

Should you desire to have them certified, allow twenty-five cents additional for the set.

The proper amount should be forwarded to this bureau by money order drawn to the order of the Secretary of the Interior.

Very truly yours,

E. W. Morgan
Acting Commissioner.

[stamped, commas added:] Deputy Commissioner, s, April 12, 1930, Bureau of Pensions

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