All Saints Church Dorchester

Marriages 1700-1749

Transcribed by Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester from the CLDS Film 0962788 June 2009 & PR June 2012
[Last updated May 2016 - 140 Marriage records]

All Saints Church Dorchester

Original Document Heading:-

Copied by the Rev RG Bartelott MA [Note He was the vicar of St Georges Church Fordington between 1906 and 1936] Printed with the permission of the Rev SEV Filleul MA Rector;

The usual parchment Commonwealth Register 12 inches by 8 dating baptisms from 1653 - Burials and Marriages from 1654. The handwriting by the Parish Clerk is very illegible especially the earlier part where spelling is apparently treated as a phonetic perquisite used by the clerk to prevent anyone but himself from deciphering the entries: Vol 2 12 inches by 8: Vol 3 12 inches by 8 : Vol 4 15 inches by 9 .

1. Comments by the OPC are in [square brackets in italics ] original comments by RG Bartelott are in (rounded brackets)
2. Readers are reminded that the year started on 25 March not 1st January until the year 1752
3. Checked against the IGI, any differences commented upon.
4. Now (June 2012) checked agaisnt the original parish register


Edward WHITMELL and Elizabeth ELLIAT both of this parish were married 16 Oct (PR)

Ezeckell SLIFELL of Waram [query Wareham] & Sarah BASKAM of this parish were married the 30 of October (PR)

John HARIS & Elnar BARTLET both of this parish were married Desember the 26 (PR)

1701 [No entries]


William GILLOM of Kingston and Mary TREVVET of Longbridy were married 23 April [Note:- Kingston is a separate parish near Corfe Castle but Kinston Russell is next to Long Bredy]


(Note:- by Rev RG Bartelot on his transcription:- A gap till 1711 H.B.Parson HUTCHENS the Rector lived at his curacy of Bradford Peverel & some All Saints Marriages are recorded there. )

[Note:- The rector during this period was the Rev Richard HUTCHINS BA (1669-1734) who was Rector of All Saints Church Dorchester from 1693 until his death in 1734. M Russell OPC for Dorchester]


Henry WHIFFEN of Hollwell & Eliz [Elizabeth] LANE of this parish were married 25 July (PR)


Thomas GOULD of the Parish of Holy Trinity & ffrances CHANING of the Parish of St Peters in Dorchester were married 11 September 1712 (PR)

1713 to 1714 [No entries]


Robert WAY & Mary HUNTT [HUNT] of Witcomb were married 5 May (PR)

    [Note:- James HUNT of Dorchester All Saints' married Mary SARGEANT on 02-Jan 1715/6 at St Mary's Church Beaminster Dorset - See OPC]
Richard WALLICE & Joan SKINER of Broadway were married 2 February by Mr.STEVENSON (PR)


John MEATE of Beer Regise [i.e. Bere Regis] & Mary HELLIER of Osmanten 5 May (PR)


Richard SIMES & Hannah COWARD married 21 April (PR)

Edward DOWLE & Jane TUCKER married 12 July (PR)

Edward COTMAN & Sarah POOKE of Pudletown married 1st August (PR)

Rob: [Robert] WHITE & Mary JOY married 24 November (PR)

Tho: [Thomas] WIMBOURNE & Rebecka HUTCHINS married 24 November (PR)

John HELLARD & Mary JEAVES married 1 December (PR)

Henry LOCK & Elizabeth STANDISH married 15 December (Note:- after Elizabeth illegible in PR)

James WOODSFOARD & Elizabeth CHANING of St Peters parish married 3 January (PR)


Samule GRIFEN & Mary HODGES married 11 June (PR) [NOTE:- IGI has GRIFFIN as his Surname]

Mr Thomas ELIOTT & Elizabeth SHORT were married 18 September (PR)

Robert EDWARDS & Elizabeth FACEY were married 26 October (PR)

Thomas PUSS of Kingston in ye Isle of Purbick [ie near Swanage] & Elizabeth CLENCH were married 7 March (PR)


Lawrence SEALEY & Elizabeth FFOUNTAIN 18 March (PR)

John EDWARDS & Mary BULBEN married 19 April (PR)

Henry VALLICE & Mary AUGUS (or ANGUS) of Broadway married 11 June (PR)

Thomas VEY & Elizabeth READ of Broadway married 2 February (PR)


Wm [William] TOLERFEILD & Mary (omitted) were married 14 July (PR)

Robert ELIOTT & Jane STICKLAND were married 7 August (PR)

John READ & Mary DAMMON was married 27 December (PR)

Simeon BURT & Hanah JEFERYS was maried 9th January (PR)

Thomas HANSFOARD of Loather [Loders?] & Margrett LITTELL of Askerwell were married 3 May (PR)


William LODDER of Stower & Elizabeth HELLARD of this parish were married 11 October (PR)

Samuel FFACEY & Elizabeth COAST of this parish were married 21 October (PR) [Note:- date wrongly given as 22 Feb 1722/23 in RG Bartelots transcription of the parish registers]


William TRIPP & Elizabeth ALEN were married 4 June (PR)

Richard DAVIS & Mary SAMWAYS were married 14 June (PR)

Arthur THORNER & Alice MOORES were married 29 October (PR)


James KING & Elizabeth BUSHROD were married 7 April (PR)

William BASKAM & Mary HULET were married 17 December (PR)

John RODGES & Eamy COOK were married 27 December (PR)

Daniel TUCKER & Ann WHITE was married 18 January (PR)


25 Mar 1725 - The 3rd GREAT FIRE of Dorchester - Destroyed 57 Houses - [Link to more information]

Robert BRIDGE of Litel Bridy [Littlebredy] & Elizabeth EVERARD of Longbredy were married 1 June (PR)

William HAYDON & Francis [Frances] LOCK was maried 5 September (PR) [Note:- Frances LOCK (1708-1726) was the 1st child from marriage of William LOCK (d.1754) to Frances BROWN at Winfrith Newburgh on 14th July 1707. See Family pedigree compiled by David Beamish 8th April 2004. Page 9 for more information]

Nicholas SLEAD & Jean GILINHAM of Broadmain [Broadmayne] was maried 2 October (PR)

Benjamin CARINTON & Elizabeth SWAN both of this parish was maried 18 October (PR)

John NELSON of Forinton [Fordington] & Debraah [Debra] HUNT of this parish was maried 17 Decem: (PR)

    [Note:- Debra HUNT (1704-1731) was the garndaughter of Robert HUNT (c1595-aft1639) by Katherine his wife. Follow link for background to her family.After marriage in her parish they settled in Fordington to live where they hasd the following children (1) Samuel HUNT Bap 28th Feb 1726/7 buried 16th July 1730 (2) Catherine HUNT bap 12th Nov 1728 buried 19th July 1730 (3) Samuel HUNT bap 16th May 1731 buried 8th June 1731]

William PITFIELD & Ann UPSEL [UPSALL] was maried 2 Feb: (PR) [Note:- William was buried at All Saints Church Dorchester on 17th April 1747 followed by Ann his widow on 4th Sep 1768: Children:- (1) Hester bap All Saints 30th Oct 1726 she is said to have married John JAMES at Bere Regis in Dorset on 9th Sep 1748 CLDS Film No. 1279480 (2) Elizabeth bap St Georges Church Fordington 16th Jun 1729, she married Edward Lester at St Georges church on 5th July 1759. (3) Sebastian (1734-1759) bap St Georges 15th May 1734 and buried there 27th May 1759. (4) William no baptism has been located but he is thought to have married Martha Way at Alverstoke in Hampshire before returning to All Saints parish]

William GENGE of Pudeletown [Puddletown] & Mary DOIT of this parish was maried 14 April (PR)

Thomas TALBUTT & Mary BLANCHARD 30 April (PR)

Thomas PALLE of St Peters and Elizabeth SPARKS of this parish was maried 26 May (PR) [NOTE IGI incorrectly has SPAKS - Elizabeth SPARKS was the sister of William SPARKS (1700-1778) maltster of Dorchester]

Philip WINZER of Wearm (Wareham) & Mary BARTLET of this parish was maried 16 July (PR)

William HARRIS of ye parish of Holy Trinity and Elizabeth CUFF of this parish was maried 3 October (PR)

William TULIDGE of Week (Wyke Regis) & Mary BESS of Binkcom [Bincombe] maried 2 Feb: (PR)


William HOPKINS & Mary HAYWORD [HAYWARD] both of this parish maried 24 June (PR)

Samuel HELARD & Jean SCUTT both of this parish maried 8 January (PR)


James BOWER of Woolbridge & Jean PUSS of Binckoom [Bincombe] maried 25 July (PR) [Note:- unlikely to be Woolbridge in Suffolk more likely to be Woolbridge part of Wool in Dorset]

John SAMWAYS of Binkoom [Bincombe] & Mariey Mary] HULET of Martinstown 25 Feb (PR)


John BANKES & Margaret LEDZOS where maried [were married] 6 April (PR)

Josiah MUTFORD [IGI incorrectly has BUTFORD] of Martinstown & Hester HARDEY [HARDY] of Pidletown 4 April (PR)

Zachrey EVEVERY (sic) (query BAILEY) of Cramborn [query Cranborne] & Joan TALBOT of Binkoom [Bincombe] 17 January (PR)

William RENDEL & Edeth REMSHER of Waymouth maried 13 Feb (PR)

(a 3 inch space left vacant)

John BUSH & Mary EVERY both of Blandford where maried [were married] 24 May (PR)

William ARNOLD of Puddletoun & Elizabeth MORES of Melcom in Waymouth Regis wheare maried [were married] 26 May (PR)

William FEACEY of this parish and Hannah CONDON of the parish of Holy Trinity maried 26 Sep: (PR)

Thomas CHAPIL of Sutton & Edeth DAEY of this parish whear maried [were married] 23 Octo: (PR)

Samuel FORD & Mary PITMAN of Abbotsbury whear maried [were married] 6 January (PR)

Robert PUS of Binkcoom [Bincombe] & Ann PROUS of Waymouth whear maried [were married] 2 February (PR)


James FOY & Mary CHIP both of this parish (date omitted) (PR)

Mr Nathaniel GOOLD & Mrs Joan BROOKES both of the parish of St Peters maried 1 June (PR) [Note:- Joan BROOKS is the widow of Caleb BROOKS the elder who was buried at St Peters on 16th Nov 1730]

Joseph RIDEL & Martha GOVER of Milton Abbas whear [were] maried 24 July (PR)

Robert HUREL of the parish of St Peters & Mary EDWARDS of this parish maried 31 Dec (PR)


Edward CLINES & Aleas [Alice] GAPE both of this parish maried 8 April (PR)

Charles KING of Blandford & Elizabeth ARSTLEY whear [were] maried 13 June (PR)

John SIMENTES of Brodmain [Broadmayne] & Mary SCUT of this parish maried 29 June (PR)

Obebed ROBENS of St Clements London & Sarah DUNFORD of Shaston maried 25 Sep (PR)

Philip STROUD of Bradford Perel [Bradford Peverell] & Edeth STANDISH maried 16 Oct (PR)

William READ & Hannah SCUT both of this parish maried 28 Nov (PR)

    [Note:- children from this marriage:- (1) William bap 12 Feb 1733/4 and buried 11th Sep 1739 (2) William bap All Saints 08 Jan 1739/40 (3) John bap All Saints 24 Oct 1745 & buried 9th July 1749--See also Wills index for Williams Will dated 6th March 1748, his burial A/S 3rd April 1748, Will Proved 8th May 1748 by Hannah names 4 surviving children at that date which includes (4) Elizabeth (5) Fanny but their baptisms are not in All Saints. There are two baptisms in St Peters for an Elizabeth the dau of Wm READ bap 5th Nov 1733 but this seems to be too close to the baptism of William. There is also the baptism of an Anna possibly named after his wife Hannah at St Peters on 15th Oct 1738, perhaps she was called Fanny from an early age to distinguish herr from her mother? Be that as it may, Elizabeth died and was buried at All Saints on 15 Jun 1752 . Fanny marrys at All Saints to James SCOTT of Portland on 22nd Nov 1759]


Richard HOPKINS & Hannah INZER (ENSOR) both of this parish maried 19 July (PR)

Edmen [Edmund] OLDISH & Susanah GOLLER both of this parish were maried 26 Dec (PR)

(End of Volume 1)

Volume II


Samuel HELARD and Joan FORD maried 16 June (PR)

John BURT of Ower Main [i.e. Owermoigne] & Rachel DENNES of Wormal (i.e. Warmwell) maried 23 Sep (PR)

Richard ROGAT of Mintern Magna & Hanna BERRY of the parish of All Saints maried 26 June (PR) [Note out of date order]

Philip STROUD of Bradford Peverel & Edeth STANDISH of All Saints maried 16 Oct (PR) [Note repeated from 1732 in old register]


James SHORTO and Elizabeth HULETT both of this parish maried 11 May (PR)

Peter STANDGESH [STANDISH] & Mary JACKEN maried 18 June (PR)

Robert BAKER & Mary GILIAM, strangers maried 29 June (PR)

William WOODS & Hanna BRINE maried 15 July (PR)

Benjamin SEGAR [SEAGAR] & Margaret LENINGTON maried 1 March (PR)


William BARTLET and Susanna WHITE maried 13 July (PR)

Thomas SYMONDS of Adlehamston [i.e. Athelhampton] & Susanna HILL of Stafford maried 24 June (PR)

John BARTLET & Elizabeth NORAS both of this parish maried 9 Oct (PR)

William MACHFIELD & Hannah BURT maried 25 Nov (PR)

Benjamin CARRITON [CARRINGTON] & Joan MEATCHARD both of this parish maried 3 Feb (PR)

John SAMWAYES of Broadmin [Broadmayne] & Christen [Christian] BEASEN of Hillcutes? 6 March (PR)


John PAINTER & Frances DEAMEN both of this parish were married 31 Dec 1736 (PR)

Robert INZER (i.e. ENSOR) & Mary LILLY both of this parish married 13 January (PR) [Note:- Mary LILLY is the eldest child from the marriage of John LILLY to Ann WELLS at st Peters Church Dorchester on 13th Jan 1716/7]


Edward SPISER [SPICER] & Ann TUCKER both of this parish married 6 May 1737 (PR)

Nicholas MIELL of Wrakelford & Mary STEVENS of Wolten married 2 September (PR)

Thomas SWEET & Martha NEWMAN of Sterminster Newton married 11 March (PR)


Thomas COOMS of Searn [i.e. Cerne] & Margirie SHORTO married 6 July 1738 (PR)

Wormell PAGE & Elizabeth WIMBORN married 24 September (PR)

John SAVAGE & Sara BATT married 22 January (PR)


James ARNOLD & Jean NOTTELY married 28 April 1739 (PR)

George CLIENS & Ann SPISER [SPICER] married 14 Oct (PR)

John CRIMBEL & Elizabeth WHITE married 22 Oct (PR)


Thomas WATTS & Ann SMITH of Montown married 3 May 1740 (PR)

John SAMWAYS of Broadmain & Eydeth SPRATT of Knighton married 12 June (PR)

James DENIS & Elener COX married 26 July (PR)

Thomas FANSIE [FANCY] of Arpiddle [i.e.Affpuddle] & Ann MILLER 8 Nov [Note:- After marriage at All Saints the couple returned to his home parish of Affpuddle to live raising a family off at least 4 children (1) Thomas bap Affpuddle 9th Dec 1742; (2) James bap Aff 16th Aug 1747 (3) sarah bap Aff 11th Feb 1749 (4) Jane bap Aff 14th June 1752. Thomas appears to have been buried at affpuddle in May 1784]

James SEAGER & Mary MOORED married 10 Nov (PR)

Samuel MEADER & Patience NELSON married 11 Nov (PR) [Note:- They had a daughter Katheren baptised at All Saints on 7th Dec 1741 - Patience MEADER was buried at HT Church in Dorchester on 17th March 1783]

Thomas HANSFORD & Mary CORNER married 19 January (PR)

William ALLEN of Ffleet & Betty WALLBRIG of Punhole [Puncknowle] 21 February (PR)


James STAINER & Mary DAMEN married 8 April 1741 (PR)

William KEECH & Jean LAWRENCE of Poststock [query Powerstock] married 13 June (PR)


Nathaniel STICKLAND & Martha SMALL of this parish married 14 Nov 1742 (PR)

    Note:- Nathaniel STICKLAND (d.1761) was a Gentleman, and as such his family moved within the rather elite circles of the wealthy who ran the corporation (or governing body) in Dorchester. He did not attend university but became an attorney learning his trade at the hands of Robert LODER a respected attorney already operating in Dorchester (Robert had been elected bailiff of the town in the years 1728; 1732; 1738; 1742 and Mayor in 1740). The following year at the height of his influence within the Corporation Robert Loder took on Nathaniel Stickland as an apprentice paying the tax due on indentures on 06 July 1741. Being an attorney's apprentice he would have had to serve a minimum of 7 years so Nathaniel was made a Freeman of Dorchester after he became an attorney in his own right on 23rd June 1748. From 1747/8 onwards he witnessed many of the wills drawn up in Dorchester and himself took on two apprentices; the first was John Burleigh on 12th Jan 1754 and the second his own son Robert Stickland when he was 16 years old on 8th Jan 1760. By then Nathaniel was also churchwarden of All Saints Church. Nathaniel owned several properties in Dorchester which he left to his four children (as indicated below) in his Will dated 2 Jan 1758. He was buried at All Saints Church in Dorchester on 10th May 1761 his will being proved in London on 24th July 1761 by his son Robert and wife Martha. Robert having inherited the family home, Martha moved into a house in All Saints Parish to live with her two spinster daughters and was buried with her husband on 6th March 1782. She also left a will dated 10 Jan 1780 which was proved on 9th April 1782 with bequests to her 3 surviving children, Ann having died in 1779. Children from this marriage were:-

    (1) Robert Stickland (1744-1804) bap All Saints Church Dorchester on 29th June 1744. He was left the family dwelling house (presumably in All Saints parish?) in his fathers will in 1761, with his mothers' right to remain for life. He married at St James Church in Westminster in London to Jane MITCHEL (1748-1822) on 27th Dec 1767. Follow link to their marriage for more information about his family. Martha left him just £20 in her will in 1781 as he had also inherited his fathers business and was already a very rich man.

    (2) Nathaniel Stickland (1746-1785) bap All Saints Church Dorchester on 27 May 1746. He was left property by his father in St Peters parish in 1761 which was then in the occupation of a Nicholas Stickland. He became an apothecary and was a joint beneficiary with his sister Martha in his mothers Will in 1781. He married to a Mary (Unknown) circa 1771 and had 6 children all born in St Peters Parish in Dorchester :- (1) John bap 2nd July 1773 (2) William James bap 18th Apr 1775 (3) Nathaniel Stickland (1777-bef1839) bap 26 Feb 1777 ;a bequest to his children of £210 is in the will of Martha Stickland (1748-1839) when he is referred to as being deceased and her nephew. (4) Joseph bap 4th May 1779 (5) James bap 14 Jan 1782 (6) Mary bap privately 19th June 1784 received into the church 11th Jan 1785.

    Nathaniel senior died at Dorchester and was buried at All Saints 10th Aug 1785. Nathaniel left a Will dated 4th Aug 1785 which was proved by his brother & trustee Robert Stickland on 26th July 1786 for the benefit of his wife and children.

    (3) Martha Stickland (1748-1839) bap All Saints Church Dorchester on 20 Jan 1747/8 . She was left property called the 'Green Dragon' in Durngate Street in the parish of All Saints in her fathers will proved in 1761. Joint beneficiary with her brother Nathaniel in his mothers will in 1781.She remained a spinster and left a Will dated 13th Feb 1834. She lived to the age of 92 and was buried at All Saints Church in Dorchester on 25 Jan 1839. Her will was proved at London on 28th Feb 1839

    (4) Ann Stickland (1750- 1779) bap St Peters Church in Dorchester on Dorchester on 29th June 1744. Property called the 'Dorchester Arms' in the parish of All Saints in her fathers will proved in 1761. She was buried still a spinster at All Saints Church on 31st Oct 1779. She also left a Will dated 31st Oct 1772 which was proved on 23rd Feb 1780 [Note:- The Dorchester Arms in North Square of a later date appears to be as different Inn as North Square was not in All Saints Parish]

John SHEPARD & Ann GEAL of Poststock [query Powerstock]14 Feb (PR)

1743   [No entries made in the original marriage register]


James HUNT & Mary ROGERS married 6 May 1744 (PR)

    [Note:- James HUNT (1724-1773) is thought to be the son of James HUNT (1690- 1770) of All Saints Parish Dorchester who married Mary SARGEANT at St Marys Beaminster on 2nd Jan 1715/16 who initially may have lived after his marriage at Beaminster before returning to Dorchester around the year 1726. James HUNT (1724-1773) was pre-deceased by his wife Mary who was buried at All Saints Church in Dorchester 3rd June 1764. He remarried to Mary BROOKS at St Peters church in Dorchester by licence on 3rd Dec 1769. James died at the age of 49 being buried at FStG with his ancestors on 26th June 1773. ]

Thomas CREECH of this parish & Elizabeth TRAVES of Fordington married 2 June (PR)

James PITTMAN [NOTE IGI incorrectly has FITTMAN] & Mary BRIDELL of Abby Milton [i.e. Milton Abbas ] married 8 July (PR)

John MILLER of Melcombe Regis & Elener DENNES [DENNIS] of this parish married 28 October (PR)

William JACKSON of Steepleton [i.e. Winterborne Steepleton] & Elizabeth BRINE of this parish married 14 January 1744/5 (PR)

Henry MARSHALSAY & Ann LILLY both of this parish married 31 January 1744/5 (PR) [Note:- Ann LILLY is the 5th child from the marriage of John LILLY to Ann WELLS at st Peters Church Dorchester on 13th jan 1716/7]

Harry LILLY of this parish & Hana BONNETT of Fordington married 1 February 1744/5 (PR) [Note:- Harry LILLY is the 3rd child from the marriage of John LILLY to Ann WELLS at st Peters Church Dorchester on 13th jan 1716/7]

Robert JENNINGS & Martha BARTLETT of Wenford or Wonford? married 23 February 1744/5 (PR)


Edward CARTER & Dority KNIGHT of Weymouth married 28 April 1745 (PR)

Thomas CEARD & Elizabeth GILLINGHAM both of this parish married 9 June (PR) [Note:- although his surname is spelt CEARD it may be COARD for COWARD?]

William PARSONS & Elizabeth MIDDLETON of Bockhampten of the parish of Stinsford married 9 July (PR)

Thomas MORRIS & Mary GREEN of Weymouth & Melcombe Regis married 7 September (PR)


William TRIVET of Longbridy [i.e. Long Bredy] & Mary TAYLOR of Herringstone [i.e. Winterborne Herringston] married 24th June (PR)

William THORN of Weymouth & Susana HARDY married 27th June (PR)

Thomas EAMS [EAMES] of this parish & Eloner DOWL of Fordington married 5th November (PR)

    [Note:- Thomas & Eleanor Eames had 5 children baptised in the Presbyterian Meeting House in Pease Lane:- (1) Nelly Eames Bap 23 Sep 1750; (2) Jonathan Eames Bap 8 Aug 1759 and buried in St Peters church Dorchester 20 Nov 1761 as the Meeting House did not have its own burial ground; (3) Charlotte Eames Bap 25 Oct 1761; (4) George Eames Bap 26 Jan 1764; and (5) Honor Eames Bap 16 Sep 1767]


Thomas BAKER of the parish of Fordington & Esther VOS of this parish married 21st May 1747 (PR)

Joseph FOY of the parish of Holy Trinity (Dorchester) & Tamzen GAYLARD of this parish married 6th July (PR)

John SNOOK of this parish & Susanna FORD of Broadwinser married 18th October (PR)

William NORMAN of the parish of Holy Trinity (Dorchester) & Mary HELARD of this parish married 8th November (PR)

    Note:- William NORMAN Senior (1724-1805) was baptised at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 10 Jan 1724/5 the son of James and Mary Norman. He became a hosier by trade and marries here to Mary HELARD (d.1805 ) in 1747. They had ten children together as listed below. A respected member of the community, from 1774 his name often appears in the vestry minutes for the parish of Holy Trinity and for the year 1775 William was Overseer of the Poor for that parish. In 1781 for example he was joined on the parish counsel at times by his sons James and William. He wrote His Will on 8th Aug 1804 and was buried at Holy Trinity Church on 5th July 1805 the will being proved on 9th Aug 1805. From his will we know that in 1804 he was then living in a house in South Street within St Peter's Parish which he left to his son Edward with provisions for his widow Mary. Mary appears to have died shortly after him being buried at Holy Trinity church 18 Nov 1805.

    (1) Mary Norman (1749-1755) bap HT 19 Apr 1749 and buried there 31st Oct 1755

    (2) William Norman Junior (1750-1817) was born on 12th April and baptised at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 11 May 1750. He also became a hosier by trade and married Jane FORE in her home parish of Godmanstone on 20th Jan 1774. He died at the age of 67 years being buried at HT on 17th Apr 1817. He left a Will dated 10 Apr 1817 which was proved by his relict on 04 Dec 1817

    (3) Jane Norman (1751-1784) bap HT 9th Oct 1751 she married William OLD (1753-1805) on 15 Dec 1774 at St Peters Church in Dorchester and was buried at HT Church on 23rd Feb 1784. When her father died in 1805 he left £50 to be divided between her surviving children.

    (4) James Norman (1753-1818) bap HT 12 Mar 1753; he also became a hosier by trade and married Martha EVOMY at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 08 Jun 1778 - son John Evomy Norman bap HT 11th Aug 1785 bequeathed £100 in his fathers will in 1805. Died aged 65 buried at Fordington St George's church 11 Oct 1818. He left a Will which it at the Wiltshire Archives Ref P15/176 and can be accessed on line for a small fee.

    (5) Ann Norman (1754-1755) bap HT 30th Oct 1754 and buried there 12th Nov 1755

    (6) Thomas Norman (1756-1818) bap HT 23rd Apr 1756; a beneficiary under his fathers will in 1805 and his sister Mary's Will in 1807. Died aged 63 buried at Fordington St George's church 4th Oct 1818.

    (7) Mary Norman (1757-1759) bap HT 25th Nov 1757 and buried there 29 Dec 1759

    (8) Edward Norman (1759-1807) he was baptised at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 19 Jan 1759 . His father appointed him executor of his will (written in 1804) with his widowed sister Mary Fowell also as joint executrix and left them his dwelling house in South street in St Peters Parish Dorchester. Edward died when he was about 48 years old leaving all his estate to his sister Mary Fowell and his nephew John Evony Norman suggesting that he never married. He was buried at Holy Trinity Church on 1st June 1807.

    (9) Mary Norman (1760-1807) bap HT 20 Jun 1760 she married William Fowell at HT church in Dorchester on 5th June 1788. Executrix with her brother Edward of her fathers will in 1805 and beneficiary under Edwards will in 1807 but she also die dthat year being buried at HT 18 Dec 1807. She also left a will with many bequests to her immediate family.

    (10) Joseph Norman (1762-1764) bap HR 10 Dec 1762 and buried there 29 Jan 1764.

1748 [no entries]


Joseph CHURELL [i.e. CHURCHILL] of the parish of Fordington and Charity CLARK of Abury 29th March 1749 (PR)

    [Note:-Regarding Joseph CHURCHILL (1723-??): Poor quality register - 'Abury' is actually an abbreviation for 'Abbotsbury' where Clark families were in the parish for generations. His brides christian name was actually 'Christian' not 'Charity' as recorded at marriage and she was baptised at Abbotsbury on 1st Sep 1724 as Christian CLARK (1724-1777) the daughter of Henry & Catharine Clark, so she was 25 years old at marriage. The confusion over her name may arise from the fact that Joseph was the illegitimate son of the widow 'Charity CHURCHILL' . I have provided a link to a transcription of a Bastardy Bond issued for her providing more background information about his family and his baptism at Fordington on 21st July 1723 . After marriage Joseph & Christian settled in St Peters Parish where four children were baptised before they moved to live at Holy Trinity Parish where a 5th was born as shown below. They then moved again back to Fordington to live where Christian CHURCHILL died and was buried at St Georges Church on 14th Dec 1777.

    (1) Joseph CHURCHILL bap StP 19th Jun 1750 recorded as the son of Joseph Churchill.
    (2) Henry CHURCHILL, named after her father, was bap StP 27th Oct 1751 recorded as the son of Joseph & Xtian Churchill. The 'X' stands for 'Christ' and is a reference to the cross on which he was crucufied and this is a well recognised abbriviation for Christian.
    (3) William CHURCHILL bap St P on 30th Jan 1753 recorded as the son of Joseph & Xtian Churchill.
    (4) Mary CHURCHILL (1755-1778) bap StP on 13th Nov 1755 recorded as the daughter of Joseph & Christian Churchill. Mary was buried at FStG on 16th June 1778.
    (5) Thomas CHURCHILL bap Holy Trinity church in Dorchester on 15th Dec 1769 recorded as the son of Joseph & Christian Churchill]

William NEWTON of the parish of Stockland & Elizabeth FEACY 8th May (PR) [Note:- Stockland and its adjoining parochial chapelry of Dalwood, formed a detached part of Dorset until 1842, when it was added to Devon by Act of Parliament]

Robert WHITE & Honour JEFFRYS both of this parish married 12th Nov (PR) [Note:- Robert White the elder a tyler by trade died and was buried at All saints church on 18th jan 1778 : See Wills index for his will dated 1st jan 1778 Proved 8th may 1778 and attached inventory of goods produced by sole beneficary his widow Honour WHITE]

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