Living (private). Parents: Owen BRUMBAUGH-96564 and Martha Frances LAVY-97041.

Living (private). Parents: Herman Ray BRUMBAUGH-110093 and Naomi Kathryn "Nicola C." SMITH-110094.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Susan VANCE-177008, Living.

Jody BRUMBAUGH6757 was born (date unknown). Parents: Dale BRUMBAUGH-94503 and Patricia WINSTED-94504.

Johann Jacob Kemper "Jockel" BRUMBAUGH198,776,957,1196,1590,1719,1787,1830,3123,3128,3129,3130,7166,7298 was born on 27 November 1734 in W├╝rttemberg, Germany.3126 He died on 13 August 1816 at the age of 81 in Hopewell Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA. He was buried in Hopewell Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA.198
Jacob served during the American Revolution as a Private, Seventh Class, Fourth Co., of First Battalion, Lancaster County/Pennsylvania Militia. Parents: Johannes Henrich/Heinrich BRUMBACH/BRUMBAUGH-141 and Anna Julianna/Julianan KEMPER-40370.

Spouse: (FIRST WIFE OF BRUMBAUGH, JACOB)-115. (FIRST WIFE OF BRUMBAUGH, JACOB) and Johann Jacob Kemper "Jockel" BRUMBAUGH were married about 1760 in "Funkstown" (Hagerstown). Frederick Co., MD. Children were: William BRUMBAUGH-116, John "Honas" BRUMBAUGH-118, Margaret BRUMBAUGH-120, Conrad BRUMBAUGH-122, Jacob BRUMBAUGH-125, Hannah BRUMBAUGH-127.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth ANGLE-135748. Mary Elizabeth ANGLE and Johann Jacob Kemper "Jockel" BRUMBAUGH were married in 1776 in Maryland. Children were: Henry/Henrich BRUMBACH/BRANLDENBAUGH/BRUMBAUGH-129, George BRUMBAUGH-111, Daniel Angle BRUMBAUGH-100, Catharine BRUMBAUGH-131, Samuel BRUMBAUGH-133, Ester/Esther BRUMBAUGH-135, Mary BRUMBAUGH-137, David BRUMBAUGH-112, Susan/Susannah BRUMBAUGH-139, Jacob BRUMBAUGH-135699, Mary Elizabeth BRUMBAUGH-42127, John BRUMBAUGH-8232, Daniel S. BRUMBAUGH-135701, David Angle BRUMBAUGH-135721, Henry BRUMBAUGH-135749, George BRUMBAUGH-135750.

Johannes BRUMBAUGH198 was born about 1778.

Spouse: Mary METZGER-105926. Mary METZGER and Johannes BRUMBAUGH were married.

John BRUMBAUGH7299 was born (date unknown). Parents: Solomon BRUMBAUGH-2432 and Cynthia RICHARD-2446.

John BRUMBAUGH4473 was born (date unknown). Parents: David Hoover C. BRUMBAUGH-7477 and Jane GLASS-7570.

John BRUMBAUGH2784 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Susanna DETWILER-53228. Susanna DETWILER and John BRUMBAUGH were married.

They had 3 children.

John BRUMBAUGH922 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sarah Jane WIKE-54102. Sarah Jane WIKE and John BRUMBAUGH were married.

John BRUMBAUGH6199,7300 was born (date unknown). Parents: Samuel Hoover BRUMBAUGH-76 and Elizabeth Ann BRINDLE-77.

John BRUMBAUGH1719 was born (date unknown). Parents: John BRUMBAUGH/BUMBAUGH-82073 and Abigail MCCABE-82074.

John BRUMBAUGH3121 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-135699 and Catharine RENTCH-135700.

Spouse: Elizabeth COKENOUR/KOCHENOUER/KOCHENAUER-135775. Elizabeth COKENOUR/KOCHENOUER/KOCHENAUER and John BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-135776, Joseph BRUMBAUGH-135778, David BRUMBAUGH-135779.

John BRUMBAUGH284 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-135707 and (Wife of BRUMBAUGH, Jacob) -135781.

John BRUMBAUGH607 was born (date unknown). Parents: Daniel BRUMBAUGH-108753 and Elizabeth TEETERS-135802.

John BRUMBAUGH2703 was born (date unknown). Parents: Joseph BRUMBAUGH-135778 and Catharine GOSSARD-136445.

Spouse: Emma WOLF-136447. Emma WOLF and John BRUMBAUGH were married.

John "Honas" BRUMBAUGH6984 was born on 28 February 1764 in Funkstown, Frederick Co., MD.3684 He died on 28 February 1848 at the age of 84. Parents: Johann Jacob Kemper "Jockel" BRUMBAUGH-113 and (FIRST WIFE OF BRUMBAUGH, JACOB)-115.

Spouse: Mary ULRICH-119. Mary ULRICH and John "Honas" BRUMBAUGH were married about 1786.198 Children were: Susan BRUMBAUGH-3188, Elizabeth BRUMBAUGH-3189, Catharine BRUMBAUGH-7167, Esther BRUMBAUGH-3191, John BRUMBAUGH-3192, Hannah BRUMBAUGH-3193, Samuel BRUMBAUGH-3194.

John BRUMBAUGH7301 was born in 1768. He died on 20 May 1829 at the age of 61 in Bedford Co., PA. He was buried at New Enterprise Cem. in New Enterprise, Bedford Co., PA.6931 John was a farmer and a minister in the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: Johann Jacob Kemper "Jockel" BRUMBAUGH-113 and Mary Elizabeth ANGLE-135748.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth MILLER-8233. Mary Elizabeth MILLER and John BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Daniel BRUMBAUGH-108753, Mary BRUMBAUGH-108754, David BRUMBAUGH-8228, Jacob S. BRUMBAUGH-108755, Eve BRUMBAUGH-108756.

John BRUMBAUGH1196,2220,6509,6855,7302 was born on 16 August 1792 in Fredericksburg, Clover Creek, Blair Co., PA. He died on 14 August 1862 at the age of 69 in Huston Twp., Blair Co., PA. He was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: Rev. George/Georg Kemper "Yorrick/Yarrick" BRUMBACH Sr.-144 and Susanna METZGER/METZGAAR-7238.

Spouse: Elizabeth WINELAND-6823. Elizabeth WINELAND and John BRUMBAUGH were married in 1818. Children were: Susannah/Susan BRUMBAUGH-4061, John Wineland BRUMBAUGH-6836, Hannah BRUMBAUGH-6837, Rev. George Wineland BRUMBAUGH-6838.

John BRUMBAUGH7256 was born on 1 March 1792. He died on 14 October 1871 at the age of 79. He was buried at Bethel Cem. in Phillipsburg, Montgomery Co., OH.

John and Elizabeth had no children but adopted David Skyles who inherited their farm. David Skyles and his wife had Anson, John, Elsie and others. Parents: William BRUMBAUGH-116 and Mary MARTIN-117.

Spouse: Elizabeth WAGAMAN-2082. Elizabeth WAGAMAN and John BRUMBAUGH were married on 18 December 1814.2504

John BRUMBAUGH2220,3397,6509,6849 was born on 20 January 1796 in Bedford Co., PA. He died on 2 March 1879 at the age of 83 in Indiana. Parents: John B. Hiser BRUMBAUGH-1112 and Christena/Christiana METZKER/METZGER-1121.

Spouse: Mary HOOVER-1139. Mary HOOVER and John BRUMBAUGH were married after 1813.

John BRUMBAUGH7303 was born on 29 May 1798 in Huntingdon Co., PA. He died on 23 October 1882 at the age of 84 in Missouri. Parents: Conrad BRUMBAUGH-122 and Mary Elizabeth MILLER-123.

Spouse: Susan MARKLEY-5127. Susan MARKLEY and John BRUMBAUGH were married on 28 September 1820 in Stark Co., OH. Children were: George BRUMBAUGH-5128, Christena BRUMBAUGH-5129, Solomon BRUMBAUGH-5130, Mary BRUMBAUGH-5131, Catharine BRUMBAUGH-5132, Lydia BRUMBAUGH-5133, Andrew BRUMBAUGH-5134, Elizabeth BRUMBAUGH-5135, Susan BRUMBAUGH-5136.

John BRUMBAUGH6852,7304 was born on 1 February 1804 in Morrisons Cove, Blair Co., PA. He died on 29 December 1877 at the age of 73. He was buried in Mapleton, Huntingdon Co., PA. Parents: John "Honas" BRUMBAUGH-118 and Mary ULRICH-119.

Spouse: Catherine/Katharine E. SHINGLER-3319. Catherine/Katharine E. SHINGLER and John BRUMBAUGH were married on 15 March 1826. Children were: Ephraim BRUMBAUGH-3322, Joseph BRUMBAUGH-3323, Jacob BRUMBAUGH-3324, John BRUMBAUGH-3325, Samuel Sanford BRUMBAUGH-3326, Elizabeth BRUMBAUGH-3327, Susan BRUMBAUGH-3328, Alfred BRUMBAUGH-3329, Andrew BRUMBAUGH-3330, William W. BRUMBAUGH-3331, Mary BRUMBAUGH-3332, Margaret BRUMBAUGH-3333, Henry BRUMBAUGH-3334, Michael BRUMBAUGH-3335, Jeremiah "Jerry" BRUMBAUGH-3336, Catharine BRUMBAUGH-3337.

John BRUMBAUGH723,6649 was born on 19 May 1806 in Woodcock Valley, Hopewell Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA. He died in October 1853 at the age of 47 in Hopewell Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA. Parents: Daniel Angle BRUMBAUGH-100 and Nancy Anna BOWERS-101.

Spouse: Mary PLUMMER-3533. Mary PLUMMER and John BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Rachel BRUMBAUGH-3534, Adam BRUMBAUGH-3535, Daniel Plummer BRUMBAUGH-3536, Eli Plummer BRUMBAUGH-3537, Philip P. BRUMBAUGH-3538, Mary Plummer BRUMBAUGH-3539, John P. BRUMBAUGH-3540, Hannah BRUMBAUGH-3541.

Rev. John BRUMBAUGH1719,7211,7305 was born on 11 January 1809 in Penn Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA. He died on 25 May 1896 at the age of 87. He was buried at Brumbaugh Cem. in Penn Twp., near Entriken, Huntingdon Co., PA. John was a deacon and minister in the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: George BRUMBAUGH-111 and Maria/Mary BOWERS-109.

Spouse: Catharine BOYER-4150. Catharine BOYER and Rev. John BRUMBAUGH were married on 6 April 1830. Children were: Benjamin BRUMBAUGH-4153, David Boyer BRUMBAUGH-4154, George BRUMBAUGH-4155, Elder Henry Boyer BRUMBAUGH-4156, Isaac BRUMBAUGH-4157, John Boyer BRUMBAUGH-4158.

John BRUMBAUGH2220,7306 was born in April 1814. He died on 14 August 1880 at the age of 66. He was buried at Bear Creek Cem. in Madison Twp., Montgomery Co., OH.6236 John was a member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: David BRUMBAUGH-1117 and Catharine "Kate" VANIMAN-2971.

Spouse: Dianna/Diana SWIHART-3002. Dianna/Diana SWIHART and John BRUMBAUGH were married about 1832 in Montgomery Co., OH. Children were: Mary BRUMBAUGH-3006, Noah BRUMBAUGH-3007, Catharine BRUMBAUGH-3008, Lydia BRUMBAUGH-3009, David BRUMBAUGH-3010, Elizabeth BRUMBAUGH-3011, Susannah BRUMBAUGH-3012, Sarah BRUMBAUGH-3013, Jacob Samuel BRUMBAUGH/BROMBAUGH-3014, Abraham BRUMBAUGH-3015, Levi Milton BRUMBAUGH-191404.

John BRUMBAUGH697,2220,5061 was born after 1820. Parents: Henry BRUMBAUGH-1153 and Margaret WARNER-1154.

John BRUMBAUGH2220,5061 was born on 30 November 1826. He died from typhoid fever on 18 September 1851 at the age of 24. Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-1173 and Susanna WARNER-1174.

John BRUMBAUGH7307 was born on 7 March 1826. He died on 22 February 1909 at the age of 82 in Louisville, Stark Co., OH. Parents: George BRUMBAUGH-5113 and Esther HOOVER-5209.

Spouse: Rose ROSIA-5225. Rose ROSIA and John BRUMBAUGH were married on 1 April 1872. Children were: Henry BRUMBAUGH-5226, Edward BRUMBAUGH-5227, George BRUMBAUGH-5228, BRUMBAUGH-5229, Mary BRUMBAUGH-5230, Charles BRUMBAUGH-5231, Elizabeth BRUMBAUGH-5232, Lewis BRUMBAUGH-5233, Lawrence BRUMBAUGH-5234, Emma BRUMBAUGH-5235.

John BRUMBAUGH was born on 18 February 1829. He died on 18 February 1846 at the age of 17. Parents: David J. BRUMBAUGH-2078 and Elizabeth RARICK-2259.

John BRUMBAUGH7308 was born on 24 January 1832. Parents: William BRUMBAUGH-2080 and Elizabeth PAULUS-2428.

John BRUMBAUGH7309 was born on 6 October 1832. He died on 3 March 1908 at the age of 75.
Married by Rev. Jacob Good. Parents: John BRUMBAUGH-3192 and Catherine/Katharine E. SHINGLER-3319.

Spouse: Eliza A. KRISE-3389. Eliza A. KRISE and John BRUMBAUGH were married on 31 July 1856 in Altoona, Blair Co., PA.

John BRUMBAUGH6815 was born on 11 April 1834. He died on 23 February 1839 at the age of 4. Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-5114 and Susan DITCH/DEISCH-5324.

John BRUMBAUGH7310 was born on 5 February 1836 in Ohio.6721 He was a farmer. Parents: George BRUMBAUGH-1454 and Mary HORNER-1486.

Spouse: Abariah/Avaria R. "Abbie" ROGERS-2688. Abariah/Avaria R. "Abbie" ROGERS and John BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Lucy M. or N. BRUMBAUGH-2689, Daniel Peter BRUMBAUGH-2690, Ann Elizabeth BRUMBAUGH-2691, Darcus/Dorcas Rebecca BRUMBAUGH-2692, Nettie BRUMBAUGH-2693, Sarah A. BRUMBAUGH-96357, John BRUMBAUGH-2694, Laney BRUMBAUGH-96358, George BRUMBAUGH-96359.

John BRUMBAUGH697,7050 was born on 12 April 1837 in Wayne Co., IN. He died after 1900 at the age of 63. Parents: Henry BRUMBAUGH-7248 and Rebecca WALTZ-8046.

Spouse: Margaret KLEPSER/KLEPSON-8097. Margaret KLEPSER/KLEPSON and John BRUMBAUGH were married about 1857. Children were: Henry R. BRUMBAUGH-8098, George BRUMBAUGH-8099, Samantha BRUMBAUGH-8100.

Spouse: Susanna FREEL/FREED-8101. Susanna FREEL/FREED and John BRUMBAUGH were married after 1863. Children were: John F. BRUMBAUGH Jr.-8102, Agnes BRUMBAUGH-8103, Mabel Catharine BRUMBAUGH-8104, Hazel Gertrude BRUMBAUGH-8105, Clarabel BRUMBAUGH-8106, Mary E. BRUMBAUGH-32714.

John BRUMBAUGH697,7047 was born on 11 February 1837. He died in 1918 at the age of 81. Parents: Daniel BRUMBAUGH-1332 and Susanna/Susannah WARNER-1333.

Spouse: Jane CAREY-1411. Jane CAREY and John BRUMBAUGH were married after 1852. Children were: Foster BRUMBAUGH-1412, Susanna BRUMBAUGH-1413.

John BRUMBAUGH7241 was born on 2 October 1838. He died on 20 November 1863 at the age of 25. Parents: Rev. Isaac BRUMBAUGH-145 and Susanna/Susan BEIGHTEL-3811.

John BRUMBAUGH6815 was born on 19 September 1839. Parents: William BRUMBAUGH-5115 and Elizabeth CRAMER-5513.

John BRUMBAUGH7311 was born on 25 April 1840 in Clayton, Montgomery Co., OH. Parents: Daniel BRUMBAUGH-2081 and Susan "Sue" HOUSER-2483.

Spouse: Minerva Jane KISER-2491. Minerva Jane KISER and John BRUMBAUGH were married on 22 August 1867. Children were: Mary Emeline BRUMBAUGH-2494, Joseph Henry BRUMBAUGH-2495, Charles Leroy BRUMBAUGH-2496, Nellie Eveline BRUMBAUGH-2497, Cora Bell BRUMBAUGH-2498, Abraham Homer BRUMBAUGH-2499.

John BRUMBAUGH697,2650,6779 was born on 19 December 1840. Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-7245 and Mary Metzger CLAPPER-7841.

John BRUMBAUGH478,858 was born after 1842. Parents: Samuel BRUMBAUGH-1334 and Susanna MAURER/MOURY-1342.

John BRUMBAUGH7312 was born on 13 December 1857 in Delphi, Carroll Co., IN. He was a member of the Progressive Brethren Church. Parents: Noah BRUMBAUGH-3007 and Catharine BRANDENBURG-3017.

Spouse: Anna FRUIT-3033. Anna FRUIT and John BRUMBAUGH were married on 3 December 1882. Children were: Bertha BRUMBAUGH-3039, George BRUMBAUGH-3040, Dessa BRUMBAUGH-3041.

John BRUMBAUGH7313 was born on 1 August 1860. He is the twin brother of Sarah BRUMBAUGH He died on 29 August 1861 at the age of 1. Parents: Henry BRUMBAUGH-778 and Nancy GROVE-3994.

John BRUMBAUGH4472 was born on 5 September 1861. Parents: Nathan Henry BRUMBAUGH-135728 and Lavinia "Eveline" MYERS-136003.

John BRUMBAUGH7314 was born about 1871 in Missouri.7145 Parents: John BRUMBAUGH-1494 and Abariah/Avaria R. "Abbie" ROGERS-2688.

Spouse: (Wife of BRUMBAUGH, John) -127125. (Wife of BRUMBAUGH, John) and John BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Leonard BRUMBAUGH-2701, George BRUMBAUGH-2702, Mary BRUMBAUGH-2703.

John BRUMBAUGH6864 was born about 30 September 1886. Parents: Jacob BRUMBAUGH-1583 and Sarah DAVIS-1629.

John A. BRUMBAUGH7315 was born (date unknown). Parents: John E. BRUMBAUGH-100220 and Elsa THORELL-100221.

John A. BRUMBAUGH951 was born in 1862 in Jackson Twp., Montgomery Co., OH. He died in 1947 at the age of 85 in Montgomery Co., OH. He was buried at Trissel Cem. in Jackson Twp., Montgomery Co., OH. Parents: John B. BRUMBAUGH-1299 and Susannah "Susan" METZGER/METZGAR-1311.

Spouse: Lovie A. (WIFE OF BRUMBAUGH, JOHN A.)-62292. Lovie A. (WIFE OF BRUMBAUGH, JOHN A.) and John A. BRUMBAUGH were married.

John Aaron BRUMBAUGH7292 was born on 11 October 1868 in Bedford Co., PA. He was a minister in the German Baptist Brethren Church. Parents: Henry Dougherty BRUMBAUGH-7395 and Sarah GOCHNOUR-7403.

Spouse: Margaret Miller BEACH-7687. Margaret Miller BEACH and John Aaron BRUMBAUGH were married on 24 March 1890 in Clover Creek, Huston Twp., Blair Co., PA. Children were: Luella Victoria BRUMBAUGH-7710, David Orlando BRUMBAUGH-7711.

Spouse: Magnolia Alice CREE-7688. Magnolia Alice CREE and John Aaron BRUMBAUGH were married on 17 January 1905 in Newville, Towner Co., ND. Children were: Sarah Alice BRUMBAUGH-7712, Henry Walker BRUMBAUGH-7713.

John Adam BRUMBAUGH7316 was born on 21 September 1851. Parents: Conrad BRUMBAUGH-5325 and Rebecca SHLOTT-5337.

Spouse: Laura TAYLOR-5362. Laura TAYLOR and John Adam BRUMBAUGH were married on 21 April 1885. Children were: Kirk T. BRUMBAUGH-5363, Ruth R. BRUMBAUGH-5364, Ralph BRUMBAUGH-5365.

John Albert BRUMBAUGH6960 was born on 22 November 1888. Parents: David Pote BRUMBAUGH-136546 and Martha Isadora EBERLY-137069.