The Descendants of Richard Jordan I - born ca 1620 - died 1687 Surry Co, VA
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This Jordan Family Website is presented as a well researched and thoroughly documented body of work. The researchers participating in this page are professional ones, with at least one retired certified genealogist. Every piece of information on this page has been documented and sourced, and proven by a preponderance of evidence according to the standards and ethics of professional genealogical research; thus, no unproven or rumored information will be provided to fellow researchers from this page. You can be assured of the accuracy of all information herein presented.

Researchers should always look for this same assurance on information obtained online, and if your presenters cannot provide it to you, then caveat emptor: buyer beware. The information may be inaccurate, and it may have been plagiarized from other researchers, probably without permission for use.

This site is a group effort and we are confident in and stand by our work. In addition, be aware that this Jordan Family Web Site has never given permission for it's contents to be used, either online or in print, to any other Web Page or individual. This site was started in 2000 and is the definitive source for information for our family and descendants.

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In Memorium
This website resulted from the "original" research of three cousins: Maudine Brazier, Janet Burks and Rene Jordan from the years 1978 to present date.Maudine Brazier born 18 Nov 1929 died on 11 Sept 2010 in AL. Our research is documented and this can be found in the notes sections unless otherwise stated.We will be glad to answer any questions and/or take you through our steps of conducting this research. Please email us at the following addresses:
Janet Burks [email protected]
Rene Jordan [email protected]
John Willis
Earline Zlotkowski  [email protected]

If you have questions/suggestions about the content of this page, please contact Janet Burks. For technical/design issues please contact the webmaster, Hope Hunt.

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