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We make a couple of hundred of these little bags of candy with our children about the first week of December every year.  We hang them on our Christmas tree, taking them off from time to time for an evening treat or to give to carolers.  We give little baskets of them to friends, places we carol to, the nursing home, use them to dress up wrapped packages, and add to baskets of homemade bread.  About 10-12 small candies such as M & Ms, sweet-tarts, chocolate covered raisins, or candy corn, make the perfect filling.  They are also the right size for individually wrapping homemade fudge and other goodies.  Make some with sugar free candies for your diabetic and dieting friends.

The following will make 50 bags with 10 M & M's in each:
Tear off 25 strips of plastic wrap, 6 inches wide.  Stack them loosely, then cut through once to make 50 - 6 inch squares.
Cut 50 pieces of any color curling ribbon, each 18 inches long.
Pour a one pound bag of M & M's into as many bowls as you need; one for every two people works well.  Have a spoon for everyone.
Spoon about 10 candies into the center of each square.  Gather the four corners up together and twist once to lock the candy inside.  Tie a piece of ribbon around the twist, making only one knot, but pulling it down firmly.  Curl the ribbons, and add hooks to the ones you will hang on trees.