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Faus family tree

my mothers FATHER

DESCENDENTS OF   George Weicker Faus
AND Rueben Roland Paul Faus

NEW Hibbs Faus Luke#1  Jan 2002 Photo Gallery Of Julia Faus McManus 
Hibbs Faus Luke#2  Jan 200
2 Photo Gallery of Julia Faus


Descendents Henry Faus II-
My great  great great grandfather was  William Delong Faus
My great  great grandfather was  George Weicker Faus.
My grandmother was Reuben Faus

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Rube Faus at Bootshop Spearman Tx 1970's

My Grandfather Rube Faus the bootmaker.  This was his 71st
birthday. He lived in a room attached to the bootshop, and had a kitchen
and shower-bath in the back, and a garden in the back yard of the shop.  It was located on Davis Street in Spearman, and had at one time been the Starr Meat Market owned by his brother Sam Faus..
At one time Rube lived in the shop with his wife and 5 kids!!! 
(there was also one small one room basement)!

Rube Faus & Julia  Hibbs Faus Ira Martin & Ruth Hibbs Martin

Left Ira and Ruth Martin. Front Row: Juanita Faus, Bertha Faus, Ion Martin, Iris Martin, Ruby Faus. Middle Rob Hibbs and Lura Luke Hibbs.
Back Row Rube Faus & Julia Hibbs Faus,
Grace and Lawrence Hibbs, holding their daugher Barbara.
Rosie Faus next to Lawrence, then Harry Faus next.
Taken 1942 in Perryton TX.

Rube Faus and sister May Minton and Ella Bushman

My Grandfather and his two sisters at a  Faus family reunion in the 1960's, at the Spearman Community Center.   Great Aunt May Faus Minton is on the left.  She was an asthmatic like myself.
Great  Aunt Ella Faus Bushman is on the left.


rubjuliafam.jpg (335284 bytes)
Rube and Julia Hibbs Faus family when the kids were small
Click on this thumbnail photo to see the big photo it is very large in size
200kb and will be slow loading

My Mother Juanita Faus Pierce, and sisters Rosie and PhyllisRube- A very bad polaroid 1970s family reunion

A very bad polaroid photo of grandpa and three of his daughers at the family reunion in the 1960's.  I had decided to edit him out from the photo but here it is anyway.  I took this photo with my mom's polaroid.   I am going to try to restore this photo soon with a program.

Polaroid continued from above this features Rube's three daughters
Rosie on the left, Phyllis in the Middle, and My Mother Juanita
on the left. I think that is Dixie, Ruby's daughter
on the left--she was still very little!!!

mintonfam.JPG (162447 bytes)
The Minton Family of Colorado--Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Canon City.
this is part of the Faus family. May Faus married Tim Minton


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