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Ruth Rawlings
An attempt at updating the information in Charles Weygant's 1907 book.
Accurate Information Is Our Goal
Dedicated to the Memory of
Ruth Rawlings
(27 Apr 1910 - 6 May 2005)

Researching our family history can give us great satisfaction and lead us down some fascinating paths. But there are times when the search can be very frustrating as we come up against our various "brick walls". The purpose of this site is to share the SACKETT information I have compiled from the contributions of others; and perhaps, it will help you break through your own "brick wall".

In 1999, the members of the embarked upon a project to update and correct the information in Charles Weygant's "The Sacketts of America" published in 1907. This website is part of that project and, as was true of Weygant's book,  it is a compilation of information submitted by many researchers.  For this reason, the information on this site should not be taken as the "final word" concerning the individuals presented here.

We recognize the fact that Weygant, like others during his time, did not include much source material as documentation. If you have source material to add where we have none, or if you have source material to correct errors; we welcome the information. But remember one thing is necessary; source information to document the corrections and additions. We also welcome the submission of your family line to the project. The information can be sent to me at

SPECIAL NOTE: The information contained in these pages should be used solely for the purpose of furthering your own research, not for any commercial publication. And it is not to be extracted and submitted to any person, or organization, to be distributed for a fee.  -Thurmon King

NEW ITEM 1 Jan 1899 - 29 Mar 1900 Journal of Laura Adela Miller
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What's Found on This Site:
The Different Sackett Lines The descendants of Simon Sackett of Newtowne, MA, John Sackett of New Haven, CT, Orphan Lines, Later arrivals in America, and Lines with the Sacket/Sackett Ancestor in Dispute.
Letters of Interest Letter by Charles H. Weygant
Letter by  Louis L'Amour
Pictures of Interest
Isle of Thanet, St. Peter's Church and Sackett Cottage
Plaque in Newtowne (Cambridge) MA

The Odd and Unusual Unusual and interesting facts and incidents involving Sacketts. 
Credits Credit for Sacket/Sackett information submitted for the line of:
3-Simon Sackett, Jr. of Springfield, MA.
4-John Sackett of Westfield, MA.
5-John Sackett of New Haven, CT.
The book:
"The Sacketts 
of America"
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HTML version with links to extended lines
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BLM/GLO Records Sacket/Sacketts who have purchased land through the U. S. Government Land Office
Other Records Sources of other Sacket/Sackett records which have not been fully researched for inclusion in the Sackett history and genealogy. 
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