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Ida V. Ebert (F)

     Ida V. Ebert married George D. Rutter.


Children of Ida V. Ebert and George D. Rutter
M. Ebert Rutter
Carrie M. Rutter
Catharine R. Rutter
Mary E. Rutter b. 27 Jun 1890, d. 13 Aug 1980

Michael Ebert1 (M)
b. circa 1746

     Michael was born circa 1746. He married Elizabeth Rudisill on 7 August 1762.


  1. [S103] Hans Rudisill GEDCOM, e-mail address.

Andrew Jackson Eby (M)
b. 9 September 1826, d. 4 January 1908

     Andrew Jackson Eby was born on 9 September 1826 at Franklin Co., Pennsylvania. He married Sarah Ann Earp, daughter of Walter Earp and Martha Early, on 4 January 1847 at Monmouth Co., Illinois. Andrew Jackson Eby died on 4 January 1908 at Bartonville, Illinois, at age 81.


Christian Eby (M)
b. 28 December 1777, d. 10 December 1859

     Christian Eby was born on 28 December 1777 at Pennsylvania. He married Susannah McDonald at Pennsylvania on 14 December 1797. Christian Eby died on 10 December 1859 at Preble Co., Ohio, at age 81.


Child of Christian Eby and Susannah McDonald
Sarah Lavina Eby+ b. 13 Apr 1820, d. 20 Aug 1911

Christina Eby (F)

     Christina Eby married Abraham Line, son of George Line and Salome Carpenter.


Child of Christina Eby and Abraham Line
Susannah Line+ b. 18 Aug 1791, d. 9 Jun 1876

Daniel Eby (M)

     He married Mary Deatrick.


Elizabeth Jane Eby (F)
b. 24 June 1854, d. 30 October 1946

     Elizabeth was born on 24 June 1854. She married Albert Clayton Prugh on 11 January 1883. Elizabeth died on 30 October 1946 at age 92.

Children of Elizabeth Jane Eby and Albert Clayton Prugh
Merrill Daniel Prugh+ b. 21 Feb 1884
Christian Prugh b. 26 Dec 1885
Paul Murray Prugh b. 29 Nov 1887, d. 1959

Sarah Lavina Eby (F)
b. 13 April 1820, d. 20 August 1911
Pop-up Pedigree

     Sarah was born at Carroll Co., Maryland, on 13 April 1820. She was the daughter of Christian Eby and Susannah McDonald. She married John Baile at Carroll Co., Maryland, on 12 September 1838. Sarah died on 20 August 1911 at Warrensburg, Johnson Co., Missouri, at age 91. Her body was interred in August 1911 at West Alexander, Preble Co., Ohio, at Sugar Hill Cemetery.


Children of Sarah Lavina Eby and John Baile
Nancy Jane Baile b. 27 Sep 1839, d. 1 Mar 1922
Sarah Ann "Sallie" Baile b. 21 Oct 1841, d. 25 Feb 1877
Susannah Baile b. 9 Dec 1843
Emma Virginia Baile b. 6 Dec 1845, d. 18 Sep 1946
Elizabeth Virginia Baile b. 21 Dec 1847, d. 1893
James Hamilton Baile b. 21 Oct 1850, d. 29 Aug 1933
Minnie Claire Baile b. 31 Jan 1855
John Charles Baile b. 27 Dec 1857, d. 18 Dec 1939
Wealthea Lavina Baile b. 5 Nov 1860, d. Feb 1923
Clifton Augustus Baile+ b. 17 Aug 1867

Carvel Echard (M)


Callie Echols1 (F)

     She married Walter Edwin Dellinger.


Child of Callie Echols and Walter Edwin Dellinger
Doris Mae Dellinger+ b. 21 May 1915


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

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