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My Family Tree - Person Page 3119

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 3119

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Mary Jones (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary Jones was the daughter of Edward Jones Dr. and Mary Wynne.


Mary Belle Jones (F)
b. 1 September 1866, d. 2 July 1946

     Her body was interred at Rosemark, Shelby Co., Tennessee. Buried in Rosemark Cemetery; on roll of Richland ARP Church; Sources: Family Bible and tombstone (Emily Cole Clements Moffatt attended funeral). Mary was born at Mississippi on 1 September 1866. She married John William Moffatt on 8 October 1889. Mary died on 2 July 1946 at Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee, at age 79.


Children of Mary Belle Jones and John William Moffatt
Elizabeth Moffatt
Rubye Eleanor Moffatt b. 7 Jun 1891, d. 22 May 1972
Susie Preslie Moffatt b. 15 Sep 1892, d. 5 Jul 1942
Elizabeth Moffatt b. 7 Mar 1894, d. 24 Feb 1991
Ralph Orr Moffatt+ b. 24 Dec 1895, d. 13 Aug 1962

Mary Elizabeth Jones (F)
b. 18 July 1880

     She married Frank Warren Monzingo. Mary was born at Herrington, Dickinson Co., Kansas, on 18 July 1880.

Child of Mary Elizabeth Jones and Frank Warren Monzingo
Thelma Fern Monzingo+ b. 13 Sep 1908

Mary Frances Jones (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     She married Leroy Royer Jr.. Mary was born. She was the daughter of Leslie Morton Jones and Etna Raby.


Mary Jane Jones (F)

     She married David Bingham Moffatt in 1852.


Children of Mary Jane Jones and David Bingham Moffatt
Arthur Bingham Moffatt+ b. 3 Jul 1854
Irvine J. Moffatt b. 14 May 1859
David W. Moffatt b. 12 Feb 1861
Marion Moffatt b. 6 Mar 1865
Minnie Moffatt b. Apr 1874

Mary Lloyd Jones (F)
b. 2 September 1830
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary Lloyd Jones was born on 2 September 1830. She was the daughter of William Jones and Martha Lloyd.


Matilda Jones1 (F)

     Matilda Jones married Emzley Pope Rakestraw, son of Job Rakestraw Jr. and Anna Borton, in 1863.1


Child of Matilda Jones and Emzley Pope Rakestraw
Alvira Alveretta Rakestraw b. 18641


  1. [S31] Rakestraw-Wyron, Dave Rakestraw.

Michael Alex Jones (M)
b. 15 June 1950, d. 15 June 1950

     Michael Alex Jones died on 15 June 1950 at Hellam Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 0; Stillborn. He was born on 15 June 1950 at Hellam Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania. He was buried in June 1950 at McPeelah Cemetery, Yorkana, York Co., Pennsylvania.


Milly Jones (F)

     Milly Jones was born at North Carolina. She married Joshua Anderson.


Child of Milly Jones and Joshua Anderson
Nancy Elizabeth Anderson+ b. 8 Dec 1844, d. 26 Aug 1923

Mollie Jones (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mollie Jones was the daughter of Robert Jones and (?) Kopp.


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