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Frank Kelso (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Frank was born at Youngstown, Mahoning Co., Ohio. He was the son of Margaret Jane Spangler.

Isabella Kelso (F)
b. 1755, d. 1826

     Isabella Kelso was born in 1755 at Ireland. She married William Wylie, son of Peter Wylie and Anne Hawthorne. Isabella Kelso died in 1826 at Alabama.


Lena Kelso (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lena Kelso was the daughter of Margaret Jane Spangler.

John Kelya1,2 (M)

     He married Lula Boyd.


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  2. [S47] Peter & Elizabeth Hoover, Ruth Hoover Bowers.

Nancy Savannah Kembrele (F)
b. circa 1859, d. 1934

     Nancy Savannah Kembrele was born circa 1859 at Bartow Co., Georgia. She married John Edward Stroup, son of Walter Bedford Stroup and Margaret (?), in 1885 at Bartow Co., Georgia. Nancy Savannah Kembrele died in 1934 at Chattooga Co., Georgia.

Children of Nancy Savannah Kembrele and John Edward Stroup
Martha Stroup b. c 1889
Nancy Stroup b. 1891
Mary Stroup b. c 1893
Alice Rovanah Stroup+ b. 25 Dec 1896, d. 10 Mar 1974
John Commador Stroup b. c 1900
Edward Richard Stroup b. c 1905

Johann Christoph Kemmet1 (M)

     He married Christina (?) at Gochsheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.



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Anna Mary Kemp (F)
b. 1 August 1862, d. 21 January 1915

     Anna was born on 1 August 1862. She married John Mason Prugh in September 1881. Anna died on 21 January 1915 at Ohio at age 52. Her body was interred in January 1915 at Kettering, Montgomery Co., Ohio, at David's Cemetery.


Children of Anna Mary Kemp and John Mason Prugh
Anna Catherine Prugh+ b. 2 Feb 1887, d. 15 Jun 1946
Thomas Kemp Prugh+ b. 26 Aug 1890, d. 19 Feb 1967

Eve Kemp (F)

     Eve Kemp married John Cronise.


Child of Eve Kemp and John Cronise
Frederick Cronise+ b. 27 Apr 1798, d. 10 Jul 1866

Gulielme M. Kemp (F)
b. 12 February 1873, d. 14 December 1925
Pop-up Pedigree

     Gulielme was born at Lyon Co., Kansas, on 12 February 1873. She was the daughter of Joshua F. Kemp and Mary Ann Pike. She married John Howard Linduff at Brown, Pottawatomie Co., Oklahoma, on 7 July 1898. Gulielme died on 14 December 1925 at Brown, Pottawatomie Co., Oklahoma, at age 52.

Children of Gulielme M. Kemp and John Howard Linduff
Roy Powell Linduff b. 27 Apr 1899, d. 4 Dec 1969
Sarah Ann Linduff b. 10 Jun 1901, d. 22 Sep 1967
Howard J. Linduff b. 11 Feb 1903
Laura Linduff b. 29 Jan 1905
Lincoln Linduff b. 4 Apr 1907
Mary Etta Linduff b. 15 Mar 1909, d. 4 Feb 1979
Ernest Linduff b. 18 May 1911, d. 6 Jul 1970
J. B. Linduff b. 10 Sep 1914

Jacob Kemp (M)

     Jacob Kemp married Sarah Dilliner, daughter of Ambrose Dilliner and Elizabeth Griffin.


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