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Clifford Rogers1,2 (M)

     Clifford Rogers married Minnie Bell Dellinger, daughter of Michael Andrew Dellinger and Maggie Bullock.1,2



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Clifford L. Rogers1 (M)

     He married Dorothy Lee Amos.



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D.A. Rogers1 (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     D.A. Rogers was the son of M.E. Rogers. He married Sarah E. Dellinger at Cleveland Co., North Carolina, on 8 January 1885.


  1. [S28] Dellinger Genealogy, Paul H. Dellinger.

Darwin Maxwell Rogers (M)

     He married Ella May Stephenson.


Child of Darwin Maxwell Rogers and Ella May Stephenson
Clara Ella Rogers+ b. 1 Mar 1897, d. 11 Nov 1964

David Marshall Rogers (M)
b. 19 December 1857, d. 2 December 1937
Pop-up Pedigree

     David Marshall Rogers was born on 19 December 1857. He was the son of Duff Rogers and Harriet Wilson. David Marshall Rogers married Luvernia Kee, daughter of George W. Kee and Nancy Norman. David Marshall Rogers married Daisy Marple, daughter of Addison E. Marple and Marietta Casto, circa 1900. David Marshall Rogers died on 2 December 1937 at age 79. He was buried in December 1937 at Starcher/Rogers Cemetery.


Children of David Marshall Rogers and Daisy Marple
(?) Rogers
(?) Rogers

Child of David Marshall Rogers and Luvernia Kee
Bert E. Rogers b. 30 Apr 1883, d. 27 Jun 1972

Duff Rogers (M)

     Duff Rogers married Harriet Wilson.


Child of Duff Rogers and Harriet Wilson
David Marshall Rogers+ b. 19 Dec 1857, d. 2 Dec 1937

Ed Rogers (M)

     Ed Rogers married Anna Elizabeth Doellinger, daughter of Johann Stephan Doellinger and Anna Elizabeth Rausch.


Edward G. Rogers1 (M)

     Edward G. Rogers married Faree Stroup, daughter of John James "J.J." Stroup and Louisa Cathryn Crow.1



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Elizabeth J. Rogers (F)

     She married Lybrand Chesnut at Ross Co., Ohio, on 21 February 1861.

Children of Elizabeth J. Rogers and Lybrand Chesnut
Anna B. Chesnut b. 1866
Mary E. Chesnut b. Mar 1867
William T. Chesnut b. Aug 1871

Eunice Loraine Rogers (F)
b. 15 June 1896

     Eunice was born at Fayetteville, Washington Co., Arkansas, on 15 June 1896. She married Ralph Orr Moffatt on 15 June 1923.


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