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Ilene Jane Nordquist (F)

     She married Garland Gaylord Shigley at Thurston Co., Washington, on 5 March 1905.


Benjamin F. Norfleet (M)

     He married Josephine Hamlett.


Child of Benjamin F. Norfleet and Josephine Hamlett
Emma Norfleet+

Emma Norfleet (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Emma was born at Tennessee. She was the daughter of Benjamin F. Norfleet and Josephine Hamlett. She married Franklin Gilbert Boggs on 6 December 1877.


Children of Emma Norfleet and Franklin Gilbert Boggs
Vivian O. Boggs+ b. 25 Dec 1878
Victor Boggs b. 30 Sep 1880
Earl Boggs b. 22 Aug 1887

Charles Norkus (M)

     Charles Norkus married Beda Wiggans, daughter of Joseph Phillip Wiggans and Mary Lou Ausbourne.


Dudley D. Norman (M)

     He married Nora Alice Trogdon at Lawrence Co., Indiana, on 3 November 1895.


Everett Norman (M)

     He married an unknown person .

Francis Norman (F)

     Francis Norman married David Campbell.


Child of Francis Norman and David Campbell
Mariah Campbell+ b. 27 May 1804, d. 15 Apr 1886

Nancy Norman (F)

     Nancy Norman married George W. Kee.


Child of Nancy Norman and George W. Kee
Luvernia Kee+ d. b 1900

Rollo Norman (M)

     He married Henrietta A. Donica.


William C. Norman (M)
b. 1 January 1907, d. 21 April 1982

     William was born at Crossett, Ashley Co., Arkansas, on 1 January 1907. He married Mary Tom Montgomery at Camden, Quachita Co., Arkansas, on 18 August 1933. William died on 21 April 1982 at Monroe, Louisiana, at age 75.


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