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Mary Kathryn Shell (F)

     Mary Kathryn Shell married Edward Henry Dellinger, son of Daniel Alexander Dellinger and Mary Ann McMillan, on 17 November 1895.


Odis "Lee" Shell (M)
b. 13 October 1900, d. 21 June 1993
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     Lee d. at St Francis Medical Center in Cape. He was a retired farmer. He had owned & operated Shell Feed & Supply Co., in Marble Hill. He was member of Marble hill 1st Bapt. Church where he taught St Paul Sunday School class. He married Elva Thruston Gehringer. Odis was born on 13 October 1900. He was the son of Isaac Henry Shell and Henrietta Francis. He married Metta E Barks on 12 November 1921. Odis died on 21 June 1993 at age 92.

Theodore Shell (M)
d. 25 September 1970

     He married Ellen Anderson. Theodore died on 25 September 1970.

Truman Burette Shell (M)
b. 13 January 1916
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     Truman worked for Swift & Co. starting in 1950. Before that he worked for his uncle, I H Shell, at Lutesville, Mo. since he was a boy. He married Ruby Isom circa 1937. Truman was divorced from Ruby Isom. He married Rachel Bridgett Myers. Truman was born on 13 January 1916. He was the son of Arthur L Shell and Willie E Francis.


Vernon Emroe Shell (M)
b. 27 June 1906, d. 16 December 1981

     His body was interred CLUBB CREEK CEM. Vernon's occupation: Gen Baptist Minister. Vernon was the son of Frederick B Shell & Amanda Myers. Vernon died at his home of a stroke. He suffered many strokes over a 2 yr. period. Clubb Creek Cem. was near their home. Vernon & Hallie were mambers of Palmore Gen Baptist Church. Vernon also carried the mail between Lutesville & Zelma, Mo. Vernon & Hallna were married by Willie F Eaker. Vernon & Hallie's daughter Lorena wrote "The Shoe Cobbler's Kin" which was the source of much of our information. Vernon was born on 27 June 1906. Vernon died on 16 December 1981 at age 75.

Virgil L Shell (M)
b. 18 December 1910, d. 17 February 1911
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     Virgil was born on 18 December 1910. He was the son of Arthur L Shell and Willie E Francis. Virgil died on 17 February 1911 at age 0.

Walter Shell1 (M)
b. circa 1868

     Walter Shell was born circa 1868.1 He married Maud Delmont Addington, daughter of John Henry Calhoun Addington and Isabella Whatley Harbin.1


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William Shell (M)

     William Shell married Emeline Abernathy.


Child of William Shell and Emeline Abernathy
Arthur L Shell+ b. 23 Jun 1888, d. 20 Mar 1932

Woodrow Wilson Shell (M)
b. 12 December 1912, d. 13 July 1972

     Woodrow was born on 12 December 1912. He married Eleanora Shell on 25 December 1934. Woodrow died on 13 July 1972 at age 59.


(?) Shellenberger (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     (?) Shellenberger was the daughter of Walter C. Shellenberger and Cora Jean Keller. (?) Shellenberger married W.L. Gallatin.


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