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Abe Trouba (M)

     He married Irma Urania Chesnut.

Emma Louise Troubough (F)

     She married John Wright.


Henry L. Troup (M)

     He married Mary J. Schmidt. Lived in Long Green, Baltimore Co., Maryland.


Peter Troup (M)

     Peter Troup married Juliana Gardner, daughter of William Gardner Jr. and Catherine Kitch, after 1841 at Pennsylvania.


Lucinda Troups (F)
b. 17 July 1825, d. 15 June 1902

     Lucinda Troups married Jacob Spangler, son of Thomas Spangler Jr.. Lucinda Troups was born on 17 July 1825. She died on 15 June 1902 at Hanover, York Co., Pennsylvania, at age 76.

Children of Lucinda Troups and Jacob Spangler
Samuel Spangler
Josephine Spangler
John Spangler b. 1853, d. 1918

Bert Trout (M)


Child of Bert Trout
Clair A. Trout

Clair A. Trout1,2 (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Clair A. Trout was the son of Bert Trout.



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Inetta Trout1 (F)
b. 9 August 1917

     Inetta was born at Texas on 9 August 1917. She married Andrew Jackson Costner.



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William Gaither Trout (M)

     He married Maggie Moore.

Child of William Gaither Trout and Maggie Moore
Willie Anna Trout+ b. 7 Jul 1868, d. 25 Jan 1944

Willie Anna Trout (F)
b. 7 July 1868, d. 25 January 1944
Pop-up Pedigree

     BURIED: Hickory Grove Cemetery. Her body was interred at York Co., South Carolina. Willie was born on 7 July 1868. She was the daughter of William Gaither Trout and Maggie Moore. She married John Calvin Wylie in 1888. Willie died on 25 January 1944 at age 75.

Children of Willie Anna Trout and John Calvin Wylie
William Lowry Wylie+ b. 31 Jul 1890, d. 1955
Janie Moffatt Wylie b. 13 Dec 1892
Samuel Mark Wylie+ b. 5 Feb 1895, d. 1956
Mary Clyde Wylie+ b. 14 Feb 1895
Joseph Clarence Wylie+ b. 8 Aug 1896
Lorene Faye Wylie b. Apr 1900
Margaret Ruth Wylie b. 14 Sep 1904
Rose Elizabeth Wylie+ b. 1906

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