Old Gateway Computer

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Gateway vintage 2000 Pentium 1 with a windows ME OS 

gateway select
This is a picture of the gateway computer I'm fixing up.
Old Computer Specs

Operating Sytem

Hard Drive

Internet Explorer 3

Top View

Front View

Some ending thoughts:

Old Computer specs:
Model No. ATXSTF OXN Select 1000
Mfd date 12/21/2000
modelAMD Athlon (tm) processor 1gb ram
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Operating System:

This computer came with windows ME installed.
I had to replace the hard drive. The original 40mb ide drive was bad so I replaced it and added two more drives. An 80 mb and a 160 mb. I also installed some linux operating sytems. Puppy Lucid and Saluka are installed and working. They seem quite compatable with this system.  

There is also an extra 40 mbm drive in the remaining slot but not hooked up to the cables. I installed windows 98 for a back up on this one.
windows ME operating
OS screen shot.
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Hard Drive:

I had to replace the hard drive because it was bad when I got this computer. I quess that's why they threw it away. It would not boot up and the drive was completely unreadable. I dont' even think the drive was turning, something was broke inside because you could hear something rattling around inside when you take it out and shake it.   
I found a windows ME disk, but had a hard time finding the orginal drivers to make everything work. I'm still looking for some of the missing drivers, but the Nvidia  drivers and the realtek ethernet controller drivers make this system at least usable.
side view 
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Internet Explorer 3:

I'm using IE 3 to make and test these pages!
The OS comes with IE 5.5 installed but I prefer to test in IE 3. This way I know my pages are down to the basics. I don't want too much fancy html messing up the primitive browser views.
                  3This is a screen shot of this page in IE3
ie3 screen shotSee, there's not much difference in other browsers.
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Top View:

A view from the top.
A view from the top

There's and interesting black panel on the top. It doesn't do anything. I haven't figured out how to remove it yet.
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Front View:

Front View.
front view

There is a floppy disk slot and I had to replace the cd player and burner. The original one was longer and white. I borrowed the cd player from a dell but it works. I think the orginal white one would be hard to find.
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Some ending thought for this page:

Well this computor works just fine for what I'm doing. It will bog down if you try to put too much work load on it. But viewing and making simple pages with primitive editors works just fine. 
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