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Welcome to My Here at Craig's Place!

Have fun..... and don't forget to hear my songs on the music page. Thank you for visiting!!! .....
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anitmated starArtist Craig Balunsat. Singer Songwriter
anitmated starMusician From Chesapeake City, Maryland, USA.
A world philosopher  anitmated starTraditional Native Leader and anitmated starMedicine Man
  You might try visiting my music site if your interested in that sort of thing. I wrote an album and published it in 2012. You can go to here to listen to some songs, and you can download them for free.
   I'm also involved in a genealogy project, so you can go to Here if you're interested in that.
    Then there's my blog and articles pages called An Ensign. Finally there is the latest project The Archetype.
Picure of craig 2014
Taken around Dec. 2013
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