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The Origin of the Name Plumstead

The name Plumstead is derived from Plomb, a commune in Normandy, near the ancient town of Avranches, and the Saxon word Staede, signifying house or residence, farmhouse; hence Plombstede signified a householder in the commune of Plomb. The family was of Norman origin and the name was de Plombstede and de Plumstede for many generations. The de Plumstedes came to England with William the conqueror and settled in Norfolk and Kent, where three parishes yet bear their name.

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms
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With Special Thanks to The Township of Plumsted, NJ for providing this image.

The parish registers of the Church of St. Michael, at Plumstead in county Norfolk, dating back to 1551, show the name of Plumstede and Plumstead, at intervals, two to three centuries ago. In the chancel of the church were the arms of the Plumstede family, sable, three chevrons ermine, on the upper, three annulets, of the first; and their crest, a Griffin's head erased on a coronet. Several authorities have given slightly different descriptions of the armorial bearings of the family. that given in Burke's "General Armory," page 809, as granted by Clarenceux, August 3, 1573, to Norfolk family Plumstede, is "Ermine three chevrons sable - each charged with as many annulets argent" and the Crest, "Out of Coronet or, a Griffin's head argent." The seal used by Clement Plumstead, of Philadelphia, and attached to his will in 1745, is ermine three chevrons, with a faint indication of three annulets in the uppermost part; and the crest used by his son William and attached to his will, was the same as that described by Burke, and a letter written by William, December 25, 1740, contains a seal contains a seal with the same crest and the above described arms in perfect condition.

Colonial and Revolutionary families of Pennsylvania
genealogical and personal memoirs
Jordan, John W.
New York
Lewis Pub. Co.

Note: It is not proven nor disproven if any of this information is related to my line of Plumsteads. If you have any addition information about the Plumstead family please send that information to me.

Grandfather Robert, Father Arthur, Son Forrest

Three Generations

Left to Right: Grayce (Mother[Schroeder]), with Ann (Sister) in her arms, Florence (Grandmother [Hobson]), Robert (Grandfather), Forrest (ME!), Arthur (Dad) Personal Currency Assistant
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