Other Keatings in County Wexford, Ireland

The following was supplied by Rory Murphy and Paddy Mernagh. Although they said it was from Parish records, the information is not properly sourced. Use this informtion as a guide to further research, NOT as a source.

Keating Baptisms from Davidstown records

Philip, son of James Keating & Sarah Hawkins born on 17 Jan 1814

Eleanor, dau. of Thomas Keating & Mary Marshall, born on 21 Nov 1815.

Elizabeth, dau. of James Keating & Sarah Hawkins born on 12 Mar 1816.

Eleanor, dau. of Thomas Keating & Mary Marshall, born on 23 Mar 1817. Maybe the 1st Eleanor died and following custom the next daughter got her name?

Thomas, son of James Keating Sarah Hawkins, born on 19 Mar 1820

Nicholas, son of James Keating & Sarah Hawkins, born on 20 Apr 1821.

Bridget, dau. of James Keating & Ellen Cowman, born on 20 Jun 1844.

Winifred, dau. of Patrick Keating & Mary Whelan, born on 8 Nov 1868.

Anastasia, dau. of Patrick Keating & Mary Whelan, born on 30 Jan 1870.

Keating MALE marriages at Davidstown

Peter married Anne Roche, 28 Feb 1813.

Thomas married Margaret Kavanagh, 26 Feb 1851.

Nicholas married Maria Codd, 27 April 1864

Keating FEMALE marriages at Davidstown:

Mary married James Bowe, 25th Sept 1841.

Mary married Lce. Carr, 26th Jan 1815.

Johanna married Michael Cosgrave, 5th Feb 1838.

Maria married Peter Fitzharris, 18th Nov 1863.

Martha married Pat Stafford 22nd Feb 1841.

Anne married Pat Ward 11th Feb 1826 (IF they are my rellies, the date is wrong, should be 4 Feb 1826).


In the Tithe Applotment (1834) - John Keating of Ballinavary had 29 ac 1 rood Irish Measure.

One or more Keatings fought with the rebels at the battle of New Ross 1798. A cannon ball which reportedly blew the horse from under one of them was said to be brought home by the Keating man. Not sure what that means.

That cannon ball and a medal won by Keating at the Dublin Horse Show for a Draught Horse, were buried in Fr Lennon's grave in Courtnacuddy. (Tom Bowe, Ballinavary, who is descended from a Keating and so related to our American Correspondent is author of this legend. Tom Bowe's great grand father James Bowe married Mary, sister of Nicholas Keating (Grave No 2 in Cantwell’s Memorials To The Dead). More research needed...I have some of Cantwell's work but not all.

It is said that the above Nicholas Keating when aged 95 attended a wake for Geo Franklin, Coolamurry, in 1915, having rode a grey horse to Franklin's house. A branch of this Keating family lived in Raheen.

During the Great Famine a Sarah Keating cooked yellow meal (Yellow Corn or Maize) in an out house where she fed the hungry and also taught them Catechism.

Dick Keating, who died in 1937, had emigrated to Canada. His wife was an O'Gorman of Chapel, Clonroche, Co. Wexford. When she died, he returned to the Keating farm In Ballinavary. They had at least two daughters, Ella & Josephine, who were born in Canada and came back to Ireland. Their aunt, Mrs. O’Hanlon who resided in Oregon state brought them back there where they went to a boarding school, in Portland, Oregon. Later, both of them came back to Ireland. One of the girls became Mrs Whitford, Templeshannon, while the other married a Keating of Ballygoman, Barntown. There are presently descendants of both families in the county.

Two sisters, Dolores and Fiona Keating, Coolateggart Taghmon, are descended from one of the sisters who came back from Canada.

Mrs. May Kavanagh, Enniscorthy, is descended from the other sister. She is 90 years old. Nicholas Cosgrave, Clonhaston Enniscorthy was trying to trace the Keatings. They were his forebears.

The Keatings of Moneyhore are also related to the Keating’s of Ballinavary.

The lawyer, Mrs. Pym of Ballinavary is descended from the Moneyhore Keatings and not the Keating family of Ballinavary; the two Keating families are related. Note: An official at the PRO in Dublin told me that anyone with the "Pym" surname was probably a Quaker.

Notes on Bishop Keating:

Bishop James Keating was born, in 1783, at Coolnahorna, Parish of Marshalstown, four miles west of Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. During the insurrection of 1798, when he was aged 15 years, he was fired on by a yeoman and sustained a foot injury.

He was educated at the Franciscan Academy in Gibson's Lane, Wexford, and in 1804 he entered Maynooth College to study for the priesthood. Four years later, he was ordained to the priesthood by Dr. James Caulfield, Bishop of Ferns.

He was appointed curate in the mensal parish of Camolin, Diocese of Ferns. He was a powerful preacher and when coadjutor Bishop Ryan became ill, Fr. Keating accepted and was appointed coadjutor Bishop. Bishop Ryan unexpectedly died and James Keating was consecrated bishop on 21 March 1819.

His father, Michael Keating was a Keating of Baldwinstown, south Wexford and this section of the family moved north to Coolnahorna, Enniscorthy, and settled down to farm there. Part of the family moved to Ballinavary, in the parish of Davidstown, some four miles south of Enniscorthy, some members of the family still reside there. Note: Again, this is OLD, unverified information.


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