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MOA - Making of AmericaIf you love to read old books to learn what life was like for your ancestors, you will love this site!
It's brought to you by the University of Michigan.
You can find images of entire pages from thousands of books and journals.
You can glance at the books I'm starting to list at the bottom of the page, which stress Chicago's early history; but I'm sure you'll find books and journals you like even more.
Chicago ImagebaseBrought to you by the University of Illinois at Chicago, has lots of maps and images from Chicago's past
Chicago History Museum great images, take time to see all this site has to offer
University of Chicago Library
Brought to you by the University of Chicago, has lots of maps of Chicago
Old maps show bicycle paths, RR lines, ethnic makeup of districts
Links to MANY other sites with maps
The Great Chicago Fire and the Web of MemoryAn online exhibition
LincolnnetText-searchable Digitized documents--More than just Lincoln
Chicago Public Library Chicago History section of the CPL Website
History of Chicago From Trading Post to Metropolis brought to you by Roosevelt University and the External Studies program
Chicago City Council Proceedings - 1833-1871You can search for surnames, topics, and locations in this pre-Great-Fire source.
Canal Corridor AssociationThe Illinois and Michigan Canal played an enormous role in the early history of Chicago
Bridgeport history home page "A brief history and look into one of Chicago's oldest neighborhoods" by students at The University of Illinois at Chicago
Early ChicagoBook and website with information about persons and events for which historical records can be located.
Virtual tours of Chicago's Landmarks You can take a number of virtual tours of Chicago's famous buildings
The pages are filled with pictures, interactive maps, and historical information
History of the Chicago L provides a detailed history and wonderful images of Chicago's rapid transit system
Benjamin Dreyfus' award winning research "The City Transformed,
Railroads and Their Influence on the Growth of Chicago in the 1850s"
Encyclopedia of Chicago HistoryAn online encyclopedia made available through the co-operation of
The Newberry Library, The Chicago History Museum, and Northwestern U
Yahoo's links to Chicago HistoryYahoo keeps adding links to its Chicago History site
World's Columbian Exposition a well-organized, information-packed, interactive site about the World's Fair, which was held in Chicago 400 years after Columbus' first voyage to America
Social Geography of Chicago Created by Ingolf Vogeler, from the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire
Eastland Disaster Organization Website An in-depth history of the ill-fated Ship Eastland. Includes a list of 2,571 names of passengers and crewmembers who were aboard the day of disaster, July 24, 1915.

A growing list of books and journals I've found interesting at Making of America.
You can search these individual sources once you get to them, too.

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