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Introduction to the Bernard Family of  Carlow, Laois and Offaly, Ireland

Charles Bernard of Carlow  born circa 1638 - died 1668 (Children: Thomas John and Philip)

Thomas Bernard and Deborah Franks (Children: Charles, Franks, Elizabeth, Joseph and Anne)

Philip Bernard (1668-1721)

Charles Bernard of Laois (Queen’s Co). (Eldest son of Thomas and Deborah)

Franks Bernard of Carlow (Second son of Thomas and Deborah)

Joseph Bernard of Carlow (youngest son of Thomas and Deborah)

Thomas Bernard of Castletown, Offaly (Son of Joseph and Mary)

John Bernard of Carlow (Son of Joseph and Mary)

William Bernard of Carlow (Son of Joseph and Mary)

Thomas Bernard of Carlow (Son of William and Mary)

Arthur O’Brien Bernard of Carlow and the Isle of Man (son of Thomas and Anne)

Bernards of Tullow, Aghade, Newstowne and Rathrush, Co Carlow

Besides my direct Bernard ancestors from Carlow and Clonmulsh (that I have described in the previous pages) I found evidence of another Bernard family in Co. Carlow who I believe were also descendants of John Bernard who lived in Carlow in the early 1600s. In various deeds in the Dublin Registry of Deeds I have found ample evidence to show that the Bernards of Tullow, Aghade, Newtowne and Rathrush in Co. Carlow (who were not my antecedents) were integrally involved with the Bernard's of Carlow and Clonmulsh (who were my antecedents).

This branch of the Bernard family, originally from the Town of Carlow, migrated eastwards with subsequent generations settling in Tullow and communities close by such as Aghade, Newtowne and Rathrush all near the border with Co. Wicklow. Here is what I know about them starting with William Bernard who I believe was a son of John Bernard.

In the Census of Ireland 1659, a William Bernard, Gent. is living in Catherlough. He is listed as one of the Sherriffs of Catherlough. 17

Thomas King in “Carlow the Manor and Town 1674-1721” comments that

“the so-called 1659 census was really a tax return which excluded several categories of the population like those under fifteen years.” 

It is possible (but not proven) that William Bernard was the brother of Charles Bernard who is my direct ancestor and brother of Joseph Bernard (1634-1704). I have estimated that William would have been born about 1636, Charles about 1638. Sons of John Bernard of Tinriland, Co Carlow

William Bernard b. about 1636.

In 1677 William Bernard had a lease which mentions three sons.

“a lease for ye lives of Thomas  Bernard,  Charles Bernard, William Bernard. The towne and lands of Mortellstowne containing 120 acres, and ye Martlands of ye Burren containing 40 acres” (King)

Also in 1677 - "A lease for ye lives of John Nicholl, William Bernard, Anne Longdevill. The Towne and Lands of Crossneene, being part of ye lands of ye Graige, containing 244 acres." Ref: Carlow History and Society. Ed. Thomas McGrath

In a 1681 record of tenants in the old walled town of Carlow (Spaight’s Survey 1681, also in King) there is a William Bernard and his children: Thomas, Charles and William.

William Bernard, the father of Thomas, Charles and William leased a farm in Mortlestown, Co Carlow.

"In 1689 and in 1695, William Bernard waived his lease to the 120-acre Mortlestown  farm.He refused to 'intermeddle therewith because of the depredations of the army'.It had lain waste for a number of years until Baron Worth set it for 35 in 1695".  (King)

Mortlestown (a.k.a Mortarstown) was just south of the Town of Carlow.

From the 1681 Spaight’s Survey of Carlow it is known that William had (at least) three sons. They were probably under the age of 18 at that time. I have estimated the years of birth:

  • Thomas Bernard born about 1667. Mentioned in a Cahncery Court record in May 1695.
  • Charles Bernard born about 1670.  Later lived in Rathrush, Co Carlow, east of the Town of Carlow and near the Wicklow Co line. According to a Deed of Mortgage dated 1712 (1) Charles released lands in Rathrush, which had been part of his marriage settlement with his wife Mary, to James Lecky. The trustees in the marriage settlement were Walter Weldon and John Bernard (probably his brother)
Charles Bernard, Esq of Rathrush, is also mentioned as a witness to a Deed in 1709 (2) and again in 1712 (3).  He also leased some land in 1719.
Date 18 February 1719
Description Lease made between Thomas Conyers, Catherlogh (Carlow), county Carlow, merchant, and Charles Bernard, Rathrush, also county Carlow, esquire, in respect of (1) plot of ground without the Dublin Gate in the town of Carlow adjoining the town wall and commonly called the Widow Gray's plot (2) two other adjoining plots (3) another plot called Heritages' plot now walled in. Bounded on the south with the town wall, on the west with the river Barrow, on the north with a wall leading from Dublin Gate to the river Barrow with the town street with the gardens thereunto appertaining. Lease to run for three named lives at annual rent of 7 sterling.

Charles was probably married to Mary about 1700. Died before 1733. There is the record of a death of Mary Bernard of Rathrush in 1737.  Children:
    • Thomas Bernard - birth date not known, died in December 1703
    • Thomas Bernard -  Born about January 1703, died before 1742. Married Anne Minchin in 1733 (4). She was the daughter of Humphrey Minchin and Rebecca Paul of Bushertown, King’s Co (Offaly) 

"Bernard, Thos of Ardreston [Tullow], Co. Carlow Esq & Anne Minchin of [Dunkirvin], Kings Co, spr 14 Feb 1733.  [MARRIAGE LICENCES 1661 - 1750 from Film 100167]

    • Mary Bernard, described as the 2nd daughter of Charles of Rathrush (just west of Aghade). Listed in  1736, Court of Common Pleas. In 1733 there is a deed between Henry Bernard of Carlow and Mary Palmer, wife of Rev Thomas Palmer of City of Dublin (5).  This is possibly the same Mary.
    • Henry Bernard - born estimated birth year about 1705. Married Elizabeth Dunbar (6), related to George Dunbar of Co. Fermanagh. Other references to Henry Bernard are:
      • 1733 Henry purchased a Quartermaster's Warrant in Lord Cathcart's Regiment of Horse (7);
      • 1739 - of Rathrush, Court of Common Pleas. 
      • 1744 Bowles Reg. of Horse.
      • Henry died in 1750. A Major in General Ottway's Regiment of Foot.
    • Anne Bernard. No further information
In an deed of sale to Franks Bernard dated 1733, Thomas (titled Quartermaster) of Rathrush, Henry of Carlow, Mary and Anne are cited as sons and daughters of Charles Bernard of Rathrush, Esquire (deceased).
  • William Bernard of Newstown, Co. Carlow
William was probably born about 1695 and married about 1719 to Susan Baugham in Leominster, Herefordshire, England

There are several mentions of a William Bernard of Newstown (about 3 miles from Tullow) starting in 1724.   William Bernard of Newtown[e], Co. Carlow and his wife Susan (Baugham) of Leominster, in 1724 sued Edward Baugham (her father) for failure to pay her marriage settlement.  The allegations indicate that William and Susan were married in 1720 so it is probable that she was born around 1696/1700.  William and Susan Bernard submitted a Plea t
the Right Honourable Thomas Lord Parker, Earl of Macclesfield, Lord Chancellor of Great Britain – 30th May 1724.

William and Susan had at least 5 children:
  • Elizabeth Bernard. Born about 1720 in Leominster, Herefordshire. (Mentioned in her grandfather, Edward Baugham's will in 1727)
  • John Bernard. Born about 1721 in Leominster, Herefordshire. Died before 1725. 
  • William Bernard. Born about 1725 in Leominster, Herefordshire.
  • Anne Bernard born about 1727 in Leominster, Herefordshire.
  • Augusta Bernard born about 1736, probably in Newtowne, Co Carlow. Died the same year.

In a 1735 deed (7) Philip Bernard of Carlow granted William Bernard of Newstowne a plot of land in the Town of Carlow.

In 1741 a William Bernard is a churchwarden in the Parish of Aghade, (2 miles from Tullow).

There is a record of a death of William Bernard of Newtown in 1742. Adminstrators of the will of William Bernard were: John Newton (son of Bartholomew Newton) and wife Elizabeth Newton (daughter of Philip Bernard).

In a 1752 deed (8) William and Anne are described as children of William Bernard of Newtowne:

A William Bernard of Newstowne appears in the records of the court of common pleas in 1748, 1749 and 1750.

In 1750 there is a deed (9) mentioning William Bernard (now of Carlow) son and heir of William of Newstowne, Esq., deceased. The deed also mentions John Newton and his wife Elizabeth Newton, Philip and Hodson Bernard. Witnessed by Theophilus Perkins and James Michell.

William Bernard - Married Judith Corbet daughter of Major Richard Corbet, 11th Dec 1756. Children:
  • Judith, 20th Jan 1758. Married James FitzGerald of Carlow (a sadler) in 1776.
  • Richard, 20th Feb 1759. Died 31st March 1759.
There is a record of a will for William Bernard of Ballon, near Tullow, in 1753. William died in 1797
  • Anne Bernard, born about 1727. Married William Vicars in 1751.  There is a deed of marriage settlement for Anne Bernard, daughter of William Bernard of Newstowne, deceased, to William Vicars, son of Richard and Elizabeth (Davis) Vicars (10)  Her brother William is also a party to the deed.  Anne Vicars died in 1785
    • Eliza Jane Vicars married in 1785, Charles Powlett Doyne of Portarlington

Court Records:
In June 1690, Charles and William Bernard are defendants in a Chancery Court case brought by Walter Knowles

In May 1695 in Chancery Court Charles Bernard was a plaintiff, along with Callaghan McCallaghan and his wife Ann, and John Deville ? (a minor). The defendants were Terence (or) Thoby Swiny and Anne his wife, John Longinville, and his Charles Bernard's brothers William and Thomas Bernard.

In June 1695 Charles Bernard was a defendant in a suit in Chancery Court brought by Terence Swiny and his Wife Anne (nee Longville)

In April 1703 Charles, William and Thomas Bernard are defendants in a suit brought by Ann and James Casio

Jun 1708 Charles is a defendant ina case with several others

Dec 1712. Charles is a plaitiff against John Barry, defendant.

John Bernard (John was probably born about 1681/82 (after the 1681 census) and married about 1700.

There is a record of a John Bernard of Tullow in the Irish Church Records. He must have died before 1727 as there is a record of his widow Elizabeth's death in August 23rd 1727, in Tullow. Also two daughters of John Bernard were buried in Tullow: Mary in 1703 and Barbara in 1705.

Besides the two daughters Mary and Barbara, John and Elizabeth are known to have had three sons. There are no baptism records for these children so I have estimated their birth years:

  • William Bernard. Born about 1701.
    • I believe William may have had a son William, probably born about 1730. As an adult he lived in Cloghristick. I have no information about a marriage for William but his only daughter, Susanna (probably born about 1750) was married in 1767 to Humphrey Perkins (eldest son of John Perkins of Ballintrane). Franks Bernard and Thomas Bennett were parties to the pre-marriage settlement (11).
William had leases in Clogheristic in 1765 and 1767. He was also a trustee for the 1765 pre-marriage settlement for Anne Bernard (of Carlow, daughter of Joseph and Mary Bernard) marriage to Humphrey Michell (12).  William later became guardian to Perkins Michell, son of Anne and Humphrey Michell (13

  • Mary Born about 1702-1703. Died in 1703
  • Son (Name ??) Born about 1704
  • Barbara Bernard. Born about 1705 died in 1705
  • John Bernard. Born about 1707. In a deed dated 1719 (14) John is described as the 3rd son of John Bernard of Newstowne. In a deed for 3 lives, dated 1729 between Mathew Humphrey of Carlow and  Henry Rudkin (Sen) the three lives are John Bernard (Jun) son of John Bernard (Sen) Esq. deceased of Newstowne; Franks Bernard and Joseph Bernard, sons of Thomas Thomas Bernard esq. deceased of Oldtowne Co. Carlow (18).

In a deed dated Feb 1721 (15) John Bernard, Esq, his eldest son William Bernard, both of Newstowne, and Bartholomew Newton (who was related by marriage to the Bernards), released lands in Newstowne to a John Hardy. It is likely that, as William was a party to this deed, he was an adult in 1721.

In 1718 Philip Bernard leases land in Carlow to Elizabeth Reynolds for three lives: (that of Elizabeth Reynolds), secondly his son Hodson Bernard and thirdly, John Bernard, son of John Bernard of Newstowne. This deed was witnessed by Charles Bernard of Rathrush. (16)

I have not been able to confirm John's parentage however, there are clues that he was the fourth son of William. Firstly he names his eldest son William. It was common practice to name the first born son after the paternal grandfather.  In 1700 a John Bernard is claiming two property (deeds) which link him to William Bernard and his three sons, Thomas, Charles and William.

"Term for three lives renewable for ever, in reversion after the death of Tho., C and W Bernard. By lease dated 1680. Witnesses Hugh Fagan, Dan Demscy and to Thomas Harney and by agreement in 1685 with Harney, come to claimant"

"Term for three lives renewable for ever, in reversion after the death of Tho., C and W Bernard. By deed dated 20th August 1697 from the Duke of Ormond. Witnesses, Stephen Sweet, Henry Harrison.  Lands of Kellies Barony of Forth and Rathvilly"

The three lives are: Thomas, Charles and William Bernard sons of William Bernard who are mentioned in the 1681 Spaight’s Survey of Carlow.  

These claims resulted from a previous forfeiture. John Ryan in The History and Antiquities of the County of Carlow explains that:

"Forfeitures of course, followed the war in Ireland against William III.  In consequence of the intolerable tyranny of James II, William had been acknowledged King of these united realms on the 13th Feb 1689, by the major part of the people; and all who waged war against his government, afterwards, were consequently engaged in rebellion, and could hope for nothing but the usual results. The estates thus forfeited were vested in trustees and a court was established, in which all who had any description or legal claim to them, or any part of them were to declare it, on or before the 10th August 1700."  (p241)

John Bernard was possibly a fourth son of William, brother to Thomas, Charles and William. Without proof this supposition is purely speculative, based on the evidence above.

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