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Introduction to the Bernard Family of  Carlow, Laois and Offaly, Ireland

Charles Bernard of Carlow  born circa 1638 - died 1668 (Children: Thomas John and Philip)

Thomas Bernard and Deborah Franks (Children: Charles, Franks, Elizabeth, Joseph and Anne)

Philip Bernard (1668-1721)

Charles Bernard of Laois (Queen’s Co). (Eldest son of Thomas and Deborah)

Franks Bernard of Carlow (Second son of Thomas and Deborah)

Joseph Bernard of Carlow (youngest son of Thomas and Deborah)

Thomas Bernard of Castletown, Offaly (Son of Joseph and Mary)

John Bernard of Carlow (Son of Joseph and Mary)

William Bernard of Carlow (Son of Joseph and Mary)

Thomas Bernard of Carlow (Son of William and Mary)

Arthur O’Brien Bernard of Carlow and the Isle of Man (son of Thomas and Anne)

Bernards of Tullow, Aghade, Newstowne and Rathrush, Co Carlow

Franks Bernard
(the elder) was born about 1689 in Carlow and died in 1760.  Most of his descendants were living in Clonmulch, about 8 kilometres south of the Town of Carlow. He attended Trinity College Dublin.

“[Franks] Bernard (mistranscribed as Francis),  Pen. [i.e. fee-paying] (Mr Young, Carlow)[his tutor], July 11, 1705, aged 16 [admitted]; s.  of Thomas, Generosus [Gentleman];  b. Oldtown, Co. Catherlogh.”    (Ref: Alumni Dublinensis.)

Franks (the elder) married Elizabeth probably about 1707. Elizabeth Bernard, widow of Franks, is mentioned as a beneficiary of an annuity in a deed in 1761 (1).
They had one son and four daughters: Franks, Susan, Mary, Anne and Deborah.
  • Franks Bernard (the younger) born about 1708, died 1782. He married Susanna Bunbury, probably about 1727. Susanna Bunbury is believed to be the eldest daughter of Thomas Bunbury and his wife Rose (nee Jackson). Susanna died some time before 1735 leaving Thomas with seven children:Thomas, Mary, Franks, Henry, Benjamin, Jemma and Richard
            Children of Franks and Susanna:
      • Thomas Bernard * (born about 1728, died about 1757).  He is described in various deeds as living in Cloghristic which is adjacent to Clonmulch. He married Mary Bambrick in August 1746. He died when their children were still minors. His daughters were made wards of Franks Bernard by the court.  Later, his widow Mary married Thomas Bernard of Castletown in 1768.
Children of Thomas and Mary Bernard: Mary, Frances, Susanna and Catherine.

          • Philip Roberts
        • Frances Bernard, died 1803
        • Susanna Bernard (b. about 1754, died 1835) m. in Oct 1773, to Hardy Eustace, Esq. (who died in1820), Hardy Eustace was previously married (1770) to Catherine (Kitty) Bernard, who was the daughter of Philip Bernard. 
Hardy and Kitty (Bernard) Eustace had a son Thomas Eustace (1771-1819), became a lieutenant, and are also believed to have had a daughter Mary who married Charles Bernard in 1796. Mary would have been born about 1772 which was the year her mother died.

Children of Hardy and Susanna Eustace: 
James Hardy Eustace (born about 1774); Hardy Eustace (1775), Capt.;  Frances Eustace (-1836); Catherine Eustace (-1852); Henrietta Eustace (b. 1794) Elizabeth Eustace (-1861); twins Bridge  (- 1864) and Anne Eustace (-1860); Susanna Eustace ( - 1864).

        • Catherine Bernard

      • Mary Bernard. Born about 1729 Died 1745
      • Franks Bernard* b. about 1730. A Franks Bernard is listed in the King's Inn's Admission Papers as an Attorney Exchequer in 1776.   Franks married Rebecca Hall in July 1775 (she was the daughter of Capt. John Hall of Dublin).  In a 1770 deed Franks Bernard is made guardian of Frances, Susanna, Catherine and Mary Bernard, all minors, children of Thomas (his older brother)  (4). I have found no records of Franks and Rebecca having any children. Franks died in 1796
      • Henry (Harry) Bernard*. Born about 1731. Mentioned in his brother Benjamin’s will so still alive in 1796.
      • A son. Name not known
      • Benjamin Bernard, born about 1733, later lived in Bideford, Devon. Army Colonel. Died 1796/7, leaving a will; Wife Ann Mawry. No children
      • Jemma Bernard born about 1734. In a deed between Jemma and her brother Franks in 1765 she is described as a spinster (5).

      • Richard Bernard* (later, of Ferbane, King's Co.) born about 1735. Married Elizabeth Jessop of Ferbane after Oct 1763 (7). Richard Bernard died in 1771. 
December 1st 1780.  Renewal of lease made between Sir Charles Burton, Pollardstown (Pollerton), county Carlow, of one part, and George Jessop, Kincor, King's county (Offaly), gentleman, acting executor of Richard Bernard, late of Ferbane, King's county (Offaly), deceased, and also testamentary guardian of Bernard's children, of the other part. Recites indenture dated 9 May 1733.   Papers of the Burton Family.  County Carlow. Document code P1/0260

                        Children of Richard and Elizabeth (Jessop) Bernard:
        • Franks Bernard, born about 1764.
          • Charles Bernard married Mary Eustace in 1796
            • Margaret born Feb 1798
            • Susanna born 1797
          • William Bernard
        • Thomas Bernard, born about 1766 married Anne (???). Children:
          • William born 1791
          • Rose born 1793
          • Mary born 1795
          • Susanna born 1796
          • Ann born 1797
          • Thomas born 1798
        • Benjamin Bernard born about 1767, married Jane Horne in 1805. (8) He died before 1812 leaving
          • John and Eleanor (minors)

* Birth order of sons of Franks Bernard (the younger) described in a 1748 deed: "Eldest son Thomas, 2nd son Franks, 3rd son Henry and 5th son Benjamin".  It is asumed the the 4th son died before 1748 (6).

After Susanna's death Franks Bernard (the younger) married Mary Grantham in 1735. (2
    Children of Franks and Mary (Grantham) Bernard:
      • John Bernard. Born Jan 15th 1739. Died 1740
      • William Bernard Baptized May 5th 1742.   Buried Oct 1742

Mary (Grantham) Bernard died in May 15th 1742.

Following Mary's death Franks Bernard married Margaret Bonham in 1750 (3).    

Daughters of Franks Bernard (the elder) and his wife Elizabeth.

  • Susan Bernard, b. about 1712
  • Mary Bernard, b. about 1713 m. to James Butler. Esq. about 1737;  Son:
    • Thomas Butler
  • Anne Bernard b. about 1714 m. to Edward Pickering, of  Carlow; She died 1762.
  • Deborah Bernard b. about 1716, m. ?


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