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31 August 2013

Thomas Boddy   

Thomas was born on the 9th of February 1861, in Church Street, Darlington, the 5th of 8 children born to  Thomas Boddy and Margaret Ibitson. 

1861 census shows -
10 Church St, Darlington
Thomas Boddy, head, 32, tanner, born Darlington
Margaret Boddy, wife, 30, born Tanfield, Yks
Elizabeth Boddy, daughter, 11, spinner worsted mill, born Darlington
Mary Jane Boddy, 8, daughter, scholar, born Darlington
John Boddy, son, 5, born Darlington
George Boddy, 3, son, born Darlington
Thomas Boddy, 2 months, son, born Darlington

By 1871he was living at 102 Park Street, Darlington.
In 1881 was living at 4 Temperance Place, Darlington and employed as a general labourer. 

On the 9th of July 1887 , at the time of his marriage to Mary Jane Barker at East Road Weslyan Church , Thomas was living at Oxford Street Darlington and employed as a fellmonger. 

In 1888 Thomas and Mary Jane were living at 21 Chapel Street, Darlington when their twins, Harriet and Thomas were born prematurely on the 5th of January. Harriett died on the 8th of January and Thomas on the 9th, both as the result of ` premature birth asthenia'. They were buried on the 11th of January 1888 at Darlington's West Cemetery - grave plot M 4D 70.

Thomas and Mary Jane had another daughter, Sarah Edgar Boddy,  ( My Great Grand mother) who was born on the 25th of December 1888 at Albion Buildings, Northgate, Darlington. Thomas was then employed by Mr Richard Mosely, a tanner.

Albion Street, Northgate is the street off to the left in this photo.

On the 28th of January 1889 Thomas went to observe a fire at the works of the North of England School furnishing Company, in Kinross Street, off John Street, Darlington. The fire had been reported at 9.40pm, the fire service arriving by 9.50pm by which time the flames were penetrating the roof of the east wing. Cabinet work and timber in stock soon became ablaze. A lack of water was experienced with only one solitary hose being used for almost half an hour. A group of onlookers, including Thomas Boddy, gathered to watch proceedings. As the west wing had not been affected they took up position beneath that portion of the works. The wall, standing some 50 feet high, afforded shelter from the heat of the fire and the spray of the hoses. No danger was expected at this part of the building. At about half past ten a flash was seen to illuminate the interior of the west wing and almost simultaneously the gable end of the west wing blew out and tons of bricks fell on the onlookers below. Many were injured. Two were killed instantly and two died shortly after the accident as the result of their wounds. Thomas Boddy was one of the men who were found dead in the rubble. He had been killed instantly.

The North of England School Furnishing Company can be seen at the left of this photo.

Thomas was only 28 years old when he died, had only been married for 18 months and a father for 34 days.

The inquest into his death was held on the 30th January 1889. It was opened at 10.15a.m at The Railway Tavern, before Mr Coroner Dean. His body was identified by his brother, Charles.
He was buried at Darlington's West Cemetery on the 31st of January 1889 on consecrated ground. Section of ground plan - M Letters of ground plan 4M Number of grave 70. Ceremony performed by Reverend W Gore Brown, Registrar - Joseph Bowker.

Click on the link below to see a very detailed and graphic report on the accident as reported by the local newspapers.

The Northern Echo Tuesday January 29 1889   

The North Eastern Daily Gazette Tuesday January 29 1889 


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