91st PA--officers' names, with unexplained symbols

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[I have proofread this.]
[In some cases, whether the letter is light or erased is difficult to determine.]
[The list was obviously composed at two different times, since most names appear in both the first and second halves. If "Parten" in line 5 is John Partenheimer (as in the second half of the list), then John Allen and Thomas Walter appear in the first half but not the second half, and William Knapp appears in the second half but not the first. Walter is probably omitted because he was placed under arrest the same day he was commissioned; why Allen is omitted is less clear. Knapp was a lieutenant only beginning 4 January 1865 (but that is also the date Partenheimer was commissioned captain).]
[This may be a plan for providing guards or patrols. If so, 'P' could stand for 'privates', and 'c' for 'corporal'. The other symbol should, presumably, stand for 'sergeant' (or perhaps some commissioned rank), but it isn't obvious how 'F' could do that.]

Theo A Hope
Wm E. MichaelsC
John S Donnell
[George] FinnyF
PartenP-- P
[perhaps John Partenheimer]
Joseph EverhartC C
John L GrahamC P
John R Allen
John Edgar JrC
[William] Fraley-P
Adam Murphy
Lt [Thomas] Walter
" [George] CosterF
Capt [Theodore] Hope P --P C
" [William] Michael C C FP-P C
" [John] Donnell
[George] Finney C C P- -P F
[John] Partenheimer C P-- P C C
Lt [Joseph] EverhartC C C F PP- C
" [John] Graham P--P FC C
" [John] Edgar P--
" [Adam] MurphyC C C
" [George] Coster C C CP --
" [William] Knapp P--P F PC C F
" [William] Fraily P-P C C C

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