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3rd Ohio Cavalry Reunion 1889

To get an enlargemnent on the "group" you wish to see. Click on the link A, B. C, D or E.  Please note that the "load" time is approx 27sec at 56k                          

Many thanks to the Mansfield Memorial Museum, Ohio   for the use of the photograph.

The following is a roster of those that attended the 1889 reunion.  Unfortunately, there is not a way to match a name and a face.  

Members ID'd:

Frank A. Riedy, first row, seated, 4th from the right; or furthest to the right in "Group C"; or 2nd from the left in "Group D"                           thank you, Tom Mason

Morris Hill, Company D, (Thomas M. Hill (?)), Bradner, OH
Leonard Winkler, Company 1, Sandusky, OH
Charles Bunsey, Company D, Sandusky, OH
Henry N. Porter, Company B, Clarksfield, OH
William B. Wright, Company E, Cleveland, OH
Anson C. Ritter, Company A, Sandusky, OH
J. W. Tunison, Company D (?), Almena, MI
H. W. Moses, Company A (?), Monroe, MI
Louis G. Zorn, Company L, Monroe, MI
Alansan Adams, Company B, Townsend, OH
William Smith, Company L, Picolo, OH
Jacob Kreis, Company M, Cardington, OH
Henry E. Kress, Company B, Clarksfield, OH
Henry Cook, Company C, East Toledo, OH
Robert H. Spalding, Company J, Marblehead, OH
William H. Horton, Company A, Norwalk, OH
Eugene Osborne, Company A, Norwalk, OH
John C, Scott, Company D, New London, OH
George W. Ransom, Company B, New London, OH
William Jones, Company K, Townsend, OH
James M. Kelsey, Company D, Clyde, OH
Joseph Duffner, Company E, Norwalk, OH
Peter Mechler, Company L, Monroe, MI
Harrison Ames, Company E, East Norwalk, OH
Flavus J. Peck, Company B, Marion, IN
Joseph Ball, Company A, Attica, OH
Isaac Stillman, Company A, Detroit, MI
Stiles Webb, Company B, New London, OH
James Morris, Company K, Castalia, OH
Jesse Hollister, Company B, Berlin Heights, OH
Daniel Baker, Company D, Republic, OH
Ed. Hollister, Company B, Berlin Heights, OH
J. W. Winkler, Company D (?), Florence, OH
Augustus House, Company G, ---------------
James K. Webb, Company G, Defiance, OH
John Nichols, Company K, Funda, OH
Albert R. Nichols, Company K, Sandusky, OH
Joseph B. Cutler, Company L, Fields, OH
Harvey Loring, Company L, Fields, OH
Joseph Tulian, Company F, North Bass, OH
Napoleon B. Downing, Company J, Norwalk, OH
Daniel Spades, Company E, Independence, OH
Levi Hissong, Company E, Independence, OH
Samuel Curry, Company L, Toledo, OH

Ezra Root, Company A, Milan, OH
Frederick Reinheimer, Company A, Sandusky, OH
R. H. Benfer, Company D, Republic, OH
Theodore Rickey, Company A, Clyde, OH
Milton P. Martin, Company M, Mt. Vernon, OH
John W. Blackman, Company 1, Burgoon, OH
(Capt.) James B. Luckey, Company L, Elmore, OH
Isaac Whitson, Company C, Lima, OH
Joseph Brightenburgh, Company K, Vickery, OH
George W. Goodman, Company L, Bowling Green,OH
William A, Gregg, Company D, Bradner,OH
William F. Bradley, Company C, Sandusky, OH
Frank Riley, Company I, Cleveland, OH
Francillo VanHorn, Company 1, Havana, OH
Lorenzo Wardell, Company G, Canal Dover, OH
S. Lydorf, Company A (?), Hartland, OH
Frank A. Reidy, Company L, Sandusky, OH
Oliver N. Mallernee, Company D, Clyde, OH
Henry Steckel, Company G, Tiffin, OH
Elias Boehler, Company G, Tiffin, OH
George Hospenfeller, Company G, Tiffin, OH
John Waterman, Company G, Sandusky, OH
Maylam J. Bassett, Company F, Lansing, Ml
J. Marion Hawk, Company D, Fremont, OH
Jacob Pye, Company A, Sandusky, OH
George Weisenberger, Company A, Sandusky, OH
Conrad Shellenberger, Company B, Birmingham, OH
George P. Roberts, Company F, Topeka, KS
John F, King, Company F, Wakeman, OH
Aaron E. Thompson, Company F, Chicago Junction, OH (Willard, OH)
David A. Bishop, Company F, Chicago Junction, OH (Willard, OH)
Joseph Yeager, Company M, Howard, OH
James M. Lee, Company F, New London, OH
Wilson S. VanHorn, Company F, Chicago Junction, OH (Willard, OH)
Thomas Crofts, Company C, Toledo, OH
Jacob Hummel, Company 1, Monroeville, OH
Archibald J. Eyster, Company C, Toledo, OH
Charles Reynolds, Company K, Toledo, OH
Michael Monlet, Company M, Norwalk,OH
Lewis Johnson, Company A, Norwalk, OH
Warren W. Parksons, Company I, Steubenville, OH

Henry Grabach, Company D, Clyde, OH
Charles S. Kelsey, Company D, Cincinnati, OH
James A. Mitchell, Company C, Steubenville, OH
Henry Miller, Company C, East Toledo, OH
Theodore W. Harlow, Company C, Dundee, MI
Ephraim Rice, Company L, Elmore, OH
Lewis Heller, Company K, Toledo, OH
Theodore Alexander, Company L, Bowling Green, OH
Christopher Finkbeiner, Company L, Bowling Green, OH
(Capt.) Efsha M. Culver, Company K, Sandusky, OH
(Capt.) George P. Roberts, Company F, Toledo, OH
Francis Riley, Company 1, Cleveland, OH
Thomas Biggs, Company C, Cleveland, OH
Bridwell R. Hull, Company L, Fremont, OH
Henry G. Stahl, Company D, Fremont, OH
Theodore Hayes, Company L, Perrysburg, OH
Otto Schimansky, Company G, Sandusky, OH
Benjamin F. Sanford, Company G, Siam, OH
Charles McMaster, Company I, Steubenville, OH
Leander Bliss, Company 1, Steubenville, OH
George Kryder, Company 1, McClure, OH
Jermiah D. Hall, Company I, Continental, OH
Lewis S. Gibson, Company G, Norwalk, OH
Mason Varney, Company 1, Liberty Center, OH
John Boyd, Company 1, Defiance, OH
John Kendall, Company A, Havana, OH
Jay Polly, Company A, Bellevue, OH
Henry H. Sweetland, Company 1, Sabina, KS
Wilson VanHorn, Company 1, Chicago Junction, OH (Willard, OH)
Jacob Weis, Company I, Sandusky, OH
Dr. Charles House, Company B, Cleveland, OH
Henry Cook, Company C, Toledo, OH
Hiram Reed, Company B, North Monroeville, OH
Byron Colver, Company B, Cleveland, OH
Titus B. Terry, Company B, Toledo, OH
George W. Boggs, Company L, Elmore, OH

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Invitation to the 25th reunion held in Detroit Mich 1891



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