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Biography Projects on USA Veterans

* Army Flight Line biographies
* Last living veterans of WWI * Living History of WWI Vets
* Lone Jack MO Civil War battle biographies
* National Archives
* Veterans Day 2009, Arizona; Scott Vallely
* Veterans History Project, LoC
* Wounded Warrior Project

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* Vietnam War HISTORY * Military GENEALOGY

* Topical Book Store
* A Kansas OnLine Bookstore
* Genealogy Book Store
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People, addresses | Name searches | State links |

Finding records of US military service at Military searches
and Military Records Center,

Keywords and topics | Ancestry World Tree search
Genealogy: Worldwide, including USA


Cemeteries, Military also Monuments

* Cemetery forum searches * Cemetery Research
* American Battle Monuments Commission * American war dead
* National Cemeteries
, by state (USA) * VA Cemetery grave locator
* Leavenworth VA Center and Cemetery

Monuments, Comanche County, Kansas
Comanche County Veterans | Heritage Park | World War II Casualties | World War I Casualties | Civil War |

Forts, Active

* GA Fort Benning; near Columbus, GA - local lodging options
* KS US Army Garrison, Fort Leavenworth | US Army Combined Arms Center | Ft Leavenworth history - in Leavenworth with lodging options and in Lansing

Forums: Military and War Discussion Groups

* forums - with Facebook group
* Military Message Boards, Rootsweb
* Mexican War, Rootsweb (more info below)
* American Revolution, Rootsweb, by state
* World War II, Rootsweb
* Central US Great War (Yahoo)
* MilHist-L (Yahoo)
* Military History (MILHST-L)
* Viet Nam - add your name or one you're looking for.
* World War II (WWII-L; more)
* World War I (WWI-L with current military discussions)

Life and Death Records

Census and Death Record Searches:
* US Censuses: search by name for the years, 1790-1930

* Social Security Death Index - Search names of deceased people who had Social Security
      RootsWeb SSDI
      Ancestry SSDI SSDI - Use the Social Security Death Index search at bottom to help verify deaths and death locations.

* The state of Missouri has many FREE death certificates of its citizens on-line (1910-1956) as well as pre-1910 birth and death records.

Maps of War with Imperical History of the Middle East | American Leadership and War |
Europe (France) | Middle East | Vietnam | China, Korea
Memory - Library of Congress
Military Battles and Campaigns
Iraq | World Military Guide
Interactive Genealogy:
Historic maps | Travel resources | Travel Reservations |
Overview, Maps, News, more...

Memorials, Military

* Canadian Virtual War Memorial
* Viet Nam Veterans Memorial by state

Military History (Also see Museums)

* United States History, VLib
* History of the US Air Force; contact the Wing Historian
* History of the US Army Center of Military History
* History of the US Marines
* History of the US Navy
* Naval Helicoptor Historical Society
* Veterans Administration
plus forms

Military Links & Searches

* The History Net
* Military of the American West, VLib
* Military History
* Virtual Library: Military History
* People searches
* Military and Veterans Links
* National Archives and Records Admin, NARA is now
* Military Personnel Records, National Archives (and more)
* National Archives Genealogy and military research

Museums (Also see Civil War Battle Parks)

* Virtual Aircraft Museum, on-line

* VA American Civil War Center, Richmond, VA - with local lodging options
* VA HGI Exchange Hotel Civil War Museum, Gordonsville, Virginia near the Shenandoah Crossing Golf Resort and Best Western Crossroads Inn
* FL Civil War Soldiers Museum, Pensacoloa FL
* CT Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, East Haddam, CT
* GA Kennesaw Civil War Museum, Kennesaw, GA - local lodging reservations
* GA Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, Kennesaw, GA - local lodging reservations
* MO Lone Jack Historical Society, Lone Jack, MO - Civil War - with biographies
* GA Civil War Naval Museum, Port Columbus, GA
* CO Peterson Air & Space Mueseum Foundation, Colorado Springs, CO
* VA Fort Ward Museum, Civil War, Alexandria, VA - local lodging reservations
* TX Texas Military Forces Museum, Austin, TX

USA Military Wars and Veterans
(Links, Books, Databases, Movies, Programs)

Revolutionary War, 1775-1783 offers:
Virginia Military Records: Colonial Wars, Revolutionary War, War of 1812

Join the History Revolution

The Origins Network Search 1841 England and Wales Census
trace your origins
Last name  First name 

Search UK records:

   Search Immigration records:
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American History web site: Revolutionary Era, Virtual Library

War of 1812

Search: War of 1812 * War of 1812-1814 * General Society War of 1812 * Naval history, 1812 * More links

US-Mexican War 1846-48





* Mexican War Forum, above
* Causes of the Mexican-American War
* Mexican-American War
(North American invasion of Mexico)
* Mexican War
* Mexican War and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hilgado over Republic of Texas
* Mexican-American War
* Named Campaigns
* PBS: US Mexican War
* The U.S.-Mexican War
* US Descendants of Mexican War Veterans

Results: Texas was annexed by the USA.
Mexico ceded California and all the southwestern land then called New Mexico.

(Also see Hispanic Genealogy, History, and Travel site.)

USA Civil War, 1861-1865


Find Your Ancestors in Civil War Documents

John Brown of Kansas
- "he dared begin - he lost - but losing, won" (by Eugene Ware)

* This day in history: Civil War Interactive Newswire
* Civil War Interactive
* A Brief History of the American Civil War
, Factasy - includes slavery history and some civil war letters
* American Civil War, LSU
* Black Civil War Soldiers of the Trans Mississippi West
* Civil War: 1855-1865, USA history VL
* Civil War cemetery links
* The Electric Cemetery
* Kansas Civil War burials
* Lone Jack (MO, 1862) - local lodging nearby at Mulberry Hill Bed & Breakfast, Pleasant Hill or more options at Warrensburg
* USGenWeb Civil War State Links
* Civil War Message Boards

* Lone Jack (MO, 1862) - PDF booklet: Shot All To Pieces, story & pictures of the battle at Lone Jack MO 1862
* Smithsonian Civil War Book

MOVIE: * Gettysburg (

PARKS: * Civil War Battle Parks

American Indian Wars

Also see American Indian Genealogy

* American Indian Wars
* Indian Wars Time Table
* Military Indian Wars
* Buffalo Soldiers
* 1848 and following
* Indian Wars Battles
Indian War of 1864 - Journal of Eugene Ware

Indian Census Collection

Native American Indians in USA wars:
American Indians - Willing to Serve
stories from the Veterans History Project
"American Indians have eagerly served a government which did not always keep its word to their ancestors..."

Spanish-American War of 1898
Search and On-Line Research:
* Milestones: 1898
the 20th Kansas Volunteer Infantry or 23rd Kansas .
List of veterans buried in Kansas.
Spanish American War,
BOOK: 1898 : The Birth of the American Century, by David Traxel (

World War 1

Search for Your Ancestors
Enter a name below:
Find Your Ancestors Today!

Discussions: * WWI-L (plus some current military discussions) - how to join

* World War I Document Archive, WWI-L
* World War I documents, VLib.US

Medical: * Medical Front WWI - all medical aspects, military and civilian of WWI, the Great War, The First World War
Movies: *
Pictures: Volunteers needed for indexing Georgia
Pictures: Photos taken by Ordnance Sergeant Weldon M. Barr U.S. Army
36th Infantry Division Association
36th Infantry Division Online Library
Great War Web Pages
Civilian Draft Registration
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
The World War I Document Archive
Statistics of the military effort of the British Empire during the Great War, 1914-1920
Histories of two hundred and fifty-one divisions of the German army which participated in the war (1914-1918), US Army Report
"Temporary Heroes" by Cecil Summers, WWI War Letters from Flanders, 1915, published 1917
Trenches on the Web
Thumbnail Bios of WWI leaders
Iraq and other "Persian Gulf" countries were created following World War I as protectorates of Great Britain...
More links: * WWI Sites

World War 2

Discussions: * World War II
* 93rd Bombardment Group (Heavy) with email list
* Light & Medium Bombers email list
36th Infantry Division Association
36th Infantry Division Online Library
112th Cavalry Regiment
1st Battalion, 131st Field Artillery
Army Nurse Corp
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Veterans and Their Stories
WW2 Timeline, 1918-1945, HistoryPlace
Holocaust Timeline 1933-1945
Genocide in the 20th Centure, HistoryPlace
WWII Pictures by date
Cecelia REXIN, Ravensbruck Prisoner #2675
More WWII sites

WWII US Casualties: Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Army, and Air Force * Kansan WWII veterans
* BOOK: Pearl Harbor Child, eyewitness to history, by Dorinda Makanaonalani Nicholson

In France:
US - Navy et le Débarquement de Provence 15-29 Aout 1944 par Marcel Ertel (pictures, memorials of US pilots, more)
* B-24 Liberator
* Remembering W. N. Arbuckle
* France Remembers

This day in history: World War II
Search: WWII - American War Dead
On-Line Books: * World War II Causes

On-Line Magazine Articles - Military History with 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 archives Military History Quarterly
Korean Conflict
Search: Surnames and Living People
Site: Korean War
Search: Social Security Death Index
Casualties: by state & town, alphabetical by state
Discussion eList: * Korean-War-L
On-Line Books: * Korean War
Heartland Heros: Kansans in the Korean War
Related Links

Viet Nam
Search: * Living People and Surnames
Sign an interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial icon

This day in history: Viet Nam War
Veterans: * Viet Vet
On-Line Books (Questia On-Line Library): $ Vietnam War
    The Viet Nam Files, Marines
Casualties: by state & town, alphabetical, by state
Vietnam Lists by state: MD and WA
Search: Social Security Death Index
The Virtual Wall
Maryland Vietnam list
Faces from the Wall (Washington State Vietnam list)
Search: The Virtual Wall by name
Viet Nam Veterans Memorial by state, then browse pages
History: PBS: Battle Field Vietnam
the Viet Nam War
Veterans on the Internet
Vietnam Helicopter Fight Crew Network
The Home of Record Search Utility
Viet Nam War Email List

Gulf War
First Name: Last Name: Age: State:  

Current Wars and Rumors of Wars

Current News:
* USA Department of Defense * MilitaryTweets
* RealClear Politics * Veterans History Project news
* TroopTube - on-line video site for military families
* GlobalSecurity
: * Current Wars * Global * Past Wars * Security

* Current spiritual warfare * Future war: Left Behind or the whole series - a novel of the Earth's last days

Former TV program (CBS): JERICHO - war comes to Kansas & throughout the USA:
"After mushroom clouds appear on the horizon, fear of the unknown propels Jericho (KS) into social,
psychological and physical mayhem when all communication and power is shut down.."
JERICHO YouTube video after the show's first untimely cancellation. The cast

This day in history * Civil War Interactive Newswire
* Flash & Multimedia Clermont Yellow Ribbon

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