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Delaware, Henry, and Wayne Counties

Brown and Related Families

My Brown ancestors were mostly country folks, hard working farmers who settled up in Monroe Township, Delaware County, Indiana, by about 1827. To date, they have been traced from Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio and then into Wayne, Henry and Delaware Counties, Indiana. The Browns (with a few generations of Quakers), their descendants, and collateral lines have been added to the site.

Other pages are devoted to searchable Delaware, Henry, and Wayne Counties historical data. I would love to add more for the benefit of those researchers living away from Delaware County. If you have any information which would help other researchers, I'd be happy to post it for you on these pages, with your name as contributor. Just email me at the address below.

Delaware County, Indiana Historical Information

Land Entries by Townships - Circa 1820-1889: Click here for a short introduction to Delaware County land basics and then move through all 12 townships; OR go directly to one of the following townships:
Perry Liberty Delaware Niles Union Hamilton
Center Monroe Salem Mt. Pleasant Harrison Washington

1887 Delaware County Atlas - Township Maps:Each map has section numbers, surnames, and acreage.

Delaware County Town and Village Plat Maps:Circa 1887. These do take a few moments to start downloading, but I think they're worth the wait.

Twelve Delaware County Township Section Maps: Maps annotated with section numbers.

1970 Delaware County, Indiana - Township Maps:Shows location of each of the 12 townships in Delaware County. Ever wonder where in the heck your particular township is located in Delaware County and where it is relative to the others? Or where that little town is found? This map should help you.

Civil War Roster: Over 2000 names of men and boys from Delaware County who served in the Union Army.

War Veterans Buried in Delaware Co Cemeteries: More than 500 Civil War veterans with name of regiment/company and place of burial. Also approximately 100 veterans of other wars, with regiment/company/state of service.

Delaware County, Indiana Civil War Dead: Taken from History of Delaware County, Indiana, Thomas B. Helm, 1881. Most names include Company and Regiment, whether Killed or Died, and Date of Death.


Delaware County, Indiana Marriages 1921-1926:Alphabetical Listing (Used by permission-Shawn Gray)

Just Lists:Quick Source for Surnames; all available information included with names. More to follow. Mostly Delaware and Wayne Counties, Indiana(Note: The Patrons List consists of scanned images only and the PicoSearch cannot index it. If you wish to search it, you will need to click on "Just Lists".)

Kith and Kin Connection:Alphabetical Potpourri of Delaware County Ancestors, Places and Things - Biographies - Documents - Excerpts - Historian John Ellis' Commentary on Some Citizens in the 12 Townships.....Adding more as it is found or submitted.

Oldtyme Family Photo Album: Mostly Brown and related.

Fairview Cemetery Gravestone Photographs:A small, incomplete collection of photographs taken in Fairview Cemetery, Monroe Township, Delaware County, Indiana.

Virginia's Family Genealogy:Brown, Vanarsdol, Gibson, and Lee with many collateral lines.

Cracker Barrel Crumbs:Enter Here For Contents----Mostly Brown surname----miscellaneous vital records for Delaware, Henry, Wayne Counties, Indiana. Other pertinent counties/states will be added from time to time. Some records are scanned and those names can't be found through PicoSearch. It is advisable to view contents list. These might help some researcher and they are just settin' around getting stale, so check it out .

1870 Delaware County, IN Census for the Brown Surname: All Brown names (approximately 150) found in Delaware County are listed. These images are scanned and are not available through PicoSearch. Not real pretty, but very useful.

Descendants of Thomas Brown:Eight generations of Browns in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana. My line settled up in Delaware County, Indiana.

Some of the pages Virginia created for the Delaware County INGenWeb Project are linked below.
The pages have been moved to this server and linked here as a memorial to her work.

Cemetery Photographs and Information ~ Delaware County

Family Photographs of Cemetery MARKERS & TOMBSTONES


Rotogravure Photographs - Picture Post Cards - Etc.

October 17, 2006

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Complete 1850 Delaware County, Indiana Census with Index: FYI - After you have found your ancestor's name on the index page, move to the right while still on the index page and you will find the Filename which shows the actual page number of the census text. Use the Filename page number and you will find your ancestor. Once you are on the actual census page you will also find additonal information under "remarks", if any, on the far right side of the page.
A Link to Cemetery Burials for Delaware County, Indiana:Alphabetical listing of the burials in Delaware County plus other Delaware County Cemetery Records.
Indiana Marriages Through 1850: Statewide index alphabetically arranged by both bride and groom; gives the names of both parties, county of marriage and date. Due to fire or no records available prior to 1850, the index does not include listings for Clay, Jasper, Madison, Newton, Noble, Starke, and part of Sullivan counties.
Indiana Cemetery Locator File: An on-going file that identifies the location (county and township) of Indiana cemeteries gleaned from the sources in the Genealogy Division; arranged a) name of cemetery with cross references to variant names, if known, and b) by county; gives the Genealogy Division call number for references used; these references may include names of persons buried in the cemeteries. (If you just want to look at Delaware County Cemeteries, type only the word "Delaware" in the county box, hit the button and you will get 167 names.)
Delaware County, Indiana GenWeb Home Page:This website has been updated and new materials have been added such as Delaware County Marriages 1882-1920 and some marriage applications. Lots more! If you haven't been there for awhile, take a look now. While there, subscribe to the indelawa-list, where you'll meet a bunch of very helpful folks.
A Step Back in Time to Delaware County: Kelly Runyon's collection of old photographs, letters, and other memorabilia, all devoted to people, places and things of Delaware County, Indiana. Includes an excellent resource list.
The USGenWeb Census Project:Not all years and counties, but is constantly being updated.
Bureau of Land Management - General Land Office Records:If you found your ancestor's land entry, township and section number in John Ellis infomation, you might find out more by visiting this site.
LDS Familysearch:Free searches. You can spend a lot of time here; lots of information!
GOOGLE Search Engine: (FAST!)
USGenWeb:Resources for nearly every county in every state.
GNIS: (Geographic Names Information System) This is the place to search out those hard to find towns, burgs, counties, lakes, rivers, etc. Just type in the place name you are looking for and follow other instructions. It is extremely rare to get a "not found" message.
U. S. Copyright and Genealogy: These pages are intended to help on-line genealogy researchers understand some of the important aspects of genealogy copyright law. Written in plain English by Mike Goad.

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