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Hessian soldiers in the American Revolution


Hessian Guide 

Hessians remaining in America  listing names




by John Merz

page 78 - 79 reprinted here with permission

kindly sent in by Bill Hawk

Copyrights: 2005




SCHMIDTMEYER, Wihelm, B-5, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.201.

Schmitt, Henrich, K-?, S#25 PA-Oaths,12/3/1781,in US service

Schmitt/Schmidt, Melchior, HHE, S#100,17,D2-Jan1779,Virginia 

Schmoll, Andreas, K-10, Jaretha Hall, JSHA 1997.

SCHMOLL, Christian, K-22, Wanfried D3442, Hessians 

of N.S. 

Schnatter, Thomas, A-B, S#33, in U.S.A, S#400,401,

Schneider, Christian, K-8, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.

SCHNEIDER, Ernst, (Marysburgh Ts.), Hessians of U.C., p.186. 

Schneider, Georg, K-18, S#131, D2-7/1777, S#25 PA-Oathsll/82 

Schneider, Heinrich Christian, no info., J.Snyder, JSHA 1997 

SCHNEIDER, Henrich, K-9, Waldeck D3592, Hessians of N.S.

Schneider, Hermann, K-16, S#131, S#401,

SCHNEIDER, Jacob, HAJ, (1746/47 Wellmich), H.of U.C., p.201. 

Schneider, Johan, Surg'sMate, S#25,see Georg Schneider,K-18. 

Schneider, Johann Conrad, K-7, Rev.J.Waldschmidt, JSHA 1997. 

Schneider, Johann Konrad, K-7, S#133, Trenton POW, M*Sep1782 

SCHNEIDER, Johann Wilhelm, HAJ, Hessians of Upper Canada,201 

SCHNEIDER, Johann/Johannes, S#131, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Schneider, Johannes, K-4, S#132, D2-10/1782 Charleston,to PA 

Schneider, Johannes, no info., Margaret J.Cantin, JSHA 1997. 

SCHNEIDER, Thomas, Waldeck Regt., Hessians in Nova Scotia.

SCHNEIDER, Tobias, (Marysburgh Ts.), Hessians of U.C., p.186 

Schnelhard, Christoph, K-22, S#134, D2-6/1778, S#25 PA-Oaths 

Schnelle, Christian, B-5, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Schnellmann, Heinr., B-?, S#18, D2-1778Boston-Winterhill. 


SCHNETTER/SCHNITTER, Nicholas, HHE, Hessians of U.C., p.187. 

Schnider, Tobias, see Schneider, Tobias.

Schnieder, Thos., see Schneider, Thomas, Hessians in N.S. 

Schnieter, Nicholas, see Schnetter/Schnitter, Nicholas.

SCHNUR,Johannes, HHE, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.83,84,114 

Schoenbacher, Lorenz, K-10, S#133, S#8v3/4, (Shinpecker)

Schoendach, John, see Schoentag, Johann Konrad, S#147.

Schoenell, Joh.Balthasar,A-B,S#19,D2-8/1778,S#25 PA-Oaths,82 

SCHOENEMANN, Johann Carl Ludwig, Hessians in Nova Scotia.

Schoentag, Johann Konrad, A-B, Frederick Co., Md, S#147 

Schopp, George, see Ropp, Georg Heinrich, Hessians in N.S.

Schoppe, Anton, B-5, Harriette Schoppe, JSHA 1997.

Schrader, Christoph, B-?, S#18, M*1784Reading, PA.,TrinLuth. 

Schrader, Jacob, B-?, S#18,S#8v3/3,M*1785Reading,PA.,TrinCh. 

SCHRECK, Wilhelm, K-4, Bringhausen D3591, Hessians of N.S.

Schreckengost, Johann Jost, no info., C.A.Desaram, JSHA 1997 

Schreeder, J.J., see Schroeder, Johann Joachim, S#400

SCHREIBER, Andreas, K-19, Hessians of Nova Scotia.

Schreiber, Jakob, K-7, S#133, D2-6/1778, S#25 PA-Oaths, 8/82 

Schreinert, Johann, B-?, S#18, M*1792Reading,PA, S#8v3/3p97. 

Schrieber, Henrich, HAJ, Donald R.Small, JSHA 1997.

Schroed, Johann Friedr., no info., Clarence Decius, JSHA1997 

Schroeder, Heinrich, no info., Fred L.Schrader, JSHA 1997.

Schroeder, Johann Joachim, B-9, S#18,192, D2-1777Nobletown. 

Schroeder, Johann Joachim, K-? or B-? D2-1777/78USA, S#400. 

SCHROEDER, Johann Konrad, K-17, Stammen D3521, Hessians NS. 

Schroeder, John, no info., I.Griep,P.Greta,K.S.Cook,JSHA1997 

Schroedt, Johannes, K-22, M.A.Schwalm, JSHA 1997.

Schuchard, ..., no info., Diana J. Shughart, JSHA 1997.

Schuchard, Johannes, K-11, S#131, D2-6/1783 NY, S#25 PA-Oath 

Schuchard, Peter, K-13, S#131, D2-9/1779 N.Y., S#25 PA-Oath, 

Schuchhard, Bernhard, K-11, S#131, D2-6/1778, S#25 PA-Oath82 

Schuebel, Johann Adam, A-B, Dorothea Lazar, JSHA 1997.

Schuebel, Johann Adam, A-B, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Schueler, Johann, HHE, S#100, D2-1777, S#25 PA-Oaths,9/8/82 

SCHUELER, Johannes, HHE, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.64-66. 

SCHUELTES, Nicholas, (Marysburgh Ts.), Hessians of U.C.,p187 

Schuenemann, Christian, K-10, Dorothy Chase, JSHA 1997.




Schuenemann, Johann, see Schoenemann, Joh.Carl Ludw., N.S. 

Schuetz, Johannes, K-7, see Schuetze, John George. 

SCHUETZE, John George, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.210. 

Schuetze, Matthias, K-10, T.Lehman, S.W.Sheets, JSHA 1997. 



Schuler, Jean-Baptiste, see Schueler, Johannes, H.of U.C.p64 

Schultz, David, K-8, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Schultz, Nikolaus, K-7, see Schueltes, Nicholas, H.of U.C. 

SCHULTZ, Peter, B-?, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.188. 

Schultze, Gilbert, see Schultze, Gottlieb, Hessians of N.S. 

SCHULTZE, Gottlieb, Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

Schultze/Schultz, John George, see Schuetze, John George. 

Schulz, Gottlob, see Schultze, Gottlieb, Hessians of N.S. 

Schulze, Martin, K-22, S#134, D2-9/1778, S#25 PA-Oath 8/3/83 

SCHUMANN, Georg, HHE, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.210, 

Schumann, Henry, (Major Close's List), H.of U.C., p.102. 

Schumm/Schomm, Henrich, HHE, S#100,17, D2-Dec1778Lancaster. 

Schunel, Baltus, see Schoenell, Joh.Balthasar, S#25PA 8/8/82 

Schwalm, Andreas, K-7, Charles M.Swalm, JSHA 1997. 

Schwalm, Johannes, K-7, S#133, POW-Ship Triton, JSHA S#8. 

Schwan, Johann, B-?, S#18, M*1789Reading,PA to widow Voss. 

Schwartz, Wilhelm, no info., Clare Swarts Cain, JSHA 1997. 

SCHWARZE, Friedrich, B-9, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.201. 

Schweigert, Johann Peter, A-B, S#19, D2-Jun1783, (Swaggart) 

Schweimler, Frederick, S#18, B*S1786Reading, PA.,TrinityLuth

SCHWEINSBERGER, Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

Schweitzer, ..., no info., John Sweitzer, JSHA 1997. 

SCHWEND (4 brothers) Christian, Gabriel, Henrich, Kaspar. 

SCHWEND (4 brothers) K-2, S#100, TrentonPOW,Gabriel ret.home 

Schwend, Christian, K-2, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Schwend, Christian, K-2, Helen A. Murphy, JSHA 1997. 

Schwend, Gabriel, K-2, Helen A. Murphy, JSHA 1997. 

Schwend, Henrich, K-2, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Schwend, Henrich, K-2, Helen A.Murphy, JSHA 1997. 

Schwend, Kaspar, K-2, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Schwend, Kaspar, K-2, Helen A. Murphy, JSHA 1997. 

SCHWERTFEGER, Friedrich, (Marysburgh Ts.), H.of U.C., p.188.

Schwormstadt, Kornelius, K-17, D2-Ju11783, S#134, NSG vol.XVI 

Scidleir, see Seidler, Andreas, Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

Scok, Frederick, see Seck, Friedrich, Hessians of N.S. 

Scratch, Leonard, HHE, see Kratz, Johann Leonhard, H.of U.C. 

Scrats, Lanard, see Kratz, Johann Leonhard, Hessians of U.C. 

Seaburgh, Henry, see Sieburg, Heinrich. 

Seager, John Christopher, see Seege, Christoph/Christian. 

Seagler, William, see Ziegeler, Wilhelm, S#147.

Seaver/Saver/Siver/Sieber, Frederick, see Sievers, Fr.,S#147 

SECK, Friedrich, Waldeck Regt., Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

See, Johannes, HHE, S#100,17, D2-Oct1782 (sold himself)S#400 

Seebach, Johann Konrad, HHE, S#100, D2-1783, S#400. 

SEEGE, Christoph/Christian, K-22, Hessians of Nova Scotia. 

SEEGER, Henrich, K-6, Hessians of Upper Canada, p.201. 

Seelig, Johannes, HHE, S#100,17, D2-30Dec1778 near York, PA.

Seever/Sever/Seavert, Nicholas, see Siebert, Nikolaus, S#147 

Seibert, Henry, HHE, David A.Brener, JSHA 1997. 

Seibert, Johann Henrich, HHE, (Dudenhofen), H.of U.C., p.85. 

Seibert, Philipp, HHE, S#100,17, D2-Jan1779 Leesburg, Virg. 

Seidlar, Andrew, see Seidler, Andreas, Hessians of N.S. 

SEIDLER, Andreas, K-9, Ottenhausen X5231, Hessians of N.S. 

Seiler, Joh. Friedrich, B-5, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147. 

Seip, Johann Wendel, HHE, (Dudenhofen), H.of U.C., p.85,114. 

Seip, Peter, K-12, Geraldine Phillips, JSHA 1997. 

Seipel, Konrad, K-7, S#133, TrentonPOW1776, S#400(Silbaugh?) 

Seitz, Adam, A-B, S#19, D1-6/1778, S#25 PA-Oaths, 1/12/1782

Selsam/Selsom/Selsan, Daniel, see Selzam, Christ.Dan., S#147 

Seltzer,Karl, K-11, Frederick Co., Maryland, S#147.






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