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University of Southern California
You must visit this one, it is among the best references on Polish music available.
Polish Music Center

Fryderyk Chopin
Chopin Foundation - USA

Opera Noradowa - Warsaw
Theatr Wielki

Ignacy-Jan Paderewski
Paderewski Piano Competition

Andy Bakke
Accordion Man

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Syrena Polish Folk Ensemble


This popular dance of Poles was invented by the Czechs.

Do you know what it is?
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Ostrogski Palace
Ostrogski Place, Warsaw
Home of Chopin's Museum


Christmas Carols
Hear the sights and sounds of Christmas. Play some Polish carols or one of the many modern tunes.
Christmas Remembered

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Polish heritage is rich with music and dance. There is the happy quick paste of a polka or the classical sounds of greats like Chopin. We offer a few midi files of each for your listening pleasure. And, some resource where you can hear and learn more about the traditional music and dance of Poles.

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Polkas: accordian

  • Bartender Polka
  • Beer Barrel Polka
  • Blue Skirt Waltz
  • Call You Sweetheart Polka
  • Clarinet Polka
  • European Waltz
  • German Medley
  • Happy Mountaineer Polka
  • Have A Party Polka
  • Hoop-De-Do Polka
  • Irresistible You Polka
  • Just Because Polka
  • Laughing Polka
  • Lichensteiner Polka
  • Pennsylvania
  • Polish Medley
  • Smile Sweetheart Waltz
  • Too Fat Polka
  • Chopin sheet music

  • Opus 2, #2, f-minor
  • Opus 6, #2
  • Opus 10, #5
  • Opus 28, b-minor
  • Opus 64, #1
  • Opus 67, #2

    Chopin Mazurkas by Ron Lubetsky:
    (large files but longer play)

  • Nos. 1-13
  • Nos. 14-25
  • Nos. 26-38
  • Nos. 39-51
  • Polish Christmas songs are available on the Christmas Remembered page.

  • Links to Polish Music/Dance.....
    Some nice destination sites to more midi songs and information on your Polish heritage.

    Keep in touch with what's happening

  • Polish Music Newsletter - USC
    - Publish online each month. Information about Polish music, up coming events and more.

    Classical Music:

  • Chopin, The Connection
    - Very large collection, includes other classic composers.
  • Chopin, Chelsea Chin - Includes quotes attributed to Chopin.
  • Chopin, Foundation of USA
    - Organizes the annual American National Chopin Piano Competition in the USA, site has an interesting "keyboard" menu that you'll want to hear.
  • Chopin, Midi Files
    - Nice collection.
  • Early Polish Music -Completorivm
    - Excellent source for historic Polish music go back to 1600s. Include background on Polish Composers.
  • Lancut Music Festival
    - Classical music is celebrated annually in May.
  • Paderewski Piano Competition
    - Establish in 1922 as the Bydgoszcz Music Society, in 1986 -- it was named in honor of Ignacy Jan Paderewski, another great musician.
  • Opera Norodowa - Theatr Wielki
    - Located in Warsaw, learn the background on Poland's classical theater.
  • Toran Chamber Orchestra -um.torun.pl
    - Classical orchestra plays weekly in Torun.

    Polka Music

  • Accordion Man
    - Also known as Andy Bakke, a nice collection of from various countries.
  • Bohus Polkas Cz-Pl
    - Nice selection of Czech polkas.
  • Nancy's Place
    - A long list of polka music sites.
  • Polka Dictionary
    - Know what a boxman is? Check this dictionary.
  • Polka History
    - provided by StreetSwing.com -- the origin and popularity Polkas dating back to 1835. Sroll down the window for information on the polka dance.
  • Polka Web
    - Lots happening here.
  • Polka Radio Stations
    - Find the polka broadcast in your area (USA/Canada).
  • Tom Brusky Polkas
    - Lots more than polkas to enjoy.

    Music in General:

  • Beautiful Polish Music - courtesy of Nozewski
    - You can even order Polish food while you are there.
  • Historic -klassyka.com
    - Excellent composition on history of Polish music written by Ryszard Danial Golianek.
  • Laura's Midi Heaven
    - Folk and traditional Polish music. Organized by countries and subject.
  • Organs in Poland - Includes organ pictures from various churches around Poland.
  • Polcountry
    - Yee-haw! Yup, this is not your typical Polish music site, but you may enjoy hearing country music in Poland.
  • Polish Music Center -USC
    - University of Southern California's Music Library, informatative history and songs of Poland, includes: |Dance |Essays| Music Festivals| Anthems of Poland| Newsletter| Music Journal| Books|
  • Songs(lyrics/midi) -Polska Biesiada
    - Nicely done -- song lyrics in Polish language.
  • PolkaFan.com
    - Everything you might want to know about Polka music and festivals.
  • Strona Domowa YASF (in Polish)
    - Extensive, includes music, lyrics and downloadable files.

    Folk Dance:

  • Dance, song. section of USC
    - Descriptions of Polish dances, dance groups (So. CA), links to Polish dance sites.
  • Polish American Folk Dance Company
    - Established 1938 in New York City, this group combines traditional dance elements with the classical ballet.
  • Polish Folk Resources
    - Nice link list, includes folk costume photos.
  • Katowice Student Folk Ens.
    - This group of Univ. of Silesia's specializes in music/dances of Upper Silesia, Zablebie Dobrowski, the Beskidy Mountains and Zywiec.
  • Krakowiak -Boston
    - Established 1937, they've are one of the outstanding Polish folk groups in the world.
  • Mazury(UK)
    - Formed by London's Polish YMCA, includes a photos.
  • Pomorze-Folkdance Ensemble
    - Established 1983, this Nova Scotia dance ensemble site includes information on Polish folk costumes and culture.
  • Postoley Dance Ensemble
    - Originating out of Boulder Colorado, they also do Ukrainian music.
  • Syrena Polish Folk Ensemble
    - Establish 1975 in Milwaukee, WI -- site with lots of information on Polish dance history.
  • Zwiec
    - Establish 1964 in Ealing, London. Zwiec is one of Poland's most popular beers. However, this group's name originates from Southwest Poland.
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