Iowa Mumme Families

The Iowa Mumme Families

     There are several Mumme families in Iowa. One descendant tells us that his ancestors came to Iowa in the mid 1800's to escape from problems being caused by revolution in Germany, their homeland.

The family settled around Burlington, Iowa and specifically in Prairie Grove. The star in the above map represents the approximate location of Praire Grove. Wapello is about 50 miles above Burlington. Burlington is on the eastern edge of Iowa, near the Illinois border.

     Bud Gueldenhaar of British Columbia is a member of one of the families. Bud's family is outlined in Gueldenhaar Family.

     James Mumme of Eloy, Arizona is a descendant of Ernest Mumme, another branch of the family. His family is outlined in Ernest Mumme Family.

The following Mumme names are currently listed in the Iowa Telephone Directories:

 Carl Mumme                       Corey Mumme
 609 S Main St                    1835 283rd St
 Danville, IA 52623-9048          Mount Pleasant, IA 52641-8028
 Tel: (319) 392-4718              Tel: (319) 986-5601

 Chris Mumme                      David Mumme
 123 Lofgren Dr                   1906 S 16th St
 Mediapolis, IA 52637-9405        Burlington, IA 52601-3637
 Tel: (319) 394-9436              Tel: (319) 752-5711

 Clarence E Mumme                 Dean Mumme
 12124 Celestia Dr                123 Lofgren Dr
 Burlington, IA 52601-8564        Mediapolis, IA 52637-9405
 Tel: (319) 754-4235              Tel: (319) 394-9436
 Dean Mumme                       Shelly Mumme
 8376 180th St                    821 Franklin St
 Sperry, IA 52650-9832            Burlington, IA 52601-4861
 Tel: (319) 985-2628              Tel: (319) 758-0330

 Roy Mumme                        Susanne Mumme
 308 E Plank Rd                   Green Acres Mobile Homes
 Danville, IA 52623-9723          Burlington, IA 52601-0000
 Tel: (319) 392-4475              Tel: (319) 752-8482

 Shelly Mumme                     Tammy Mumme
 821 Franklin St                  1835 283rd St
 Burlington, IA 52601-4861        Mount Pleasant, IA 52641-8028
 Tel: (319) 758-0330              Tel: (319) 986-5601
 Walter J Mumme
 2058 Osborn St                
 Burlington, IA 52601-4454
 Tel: (319) 753-0025

The Iowa Mumme families are currently listed under five listings. Click the name to link to the appropriate family.

  1. Bud Gueldenhaar's Family
  2. Ernest Mumme's Family
  3. Thelma Mumme's Family
  4. James Mumme's Family
  5. Stephen Paul Mumme's Family
  6. The Mumm Family of Iowa

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