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Corilda Catherine (Owen) Walker Diaries

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Dr. Andrew Calvin Walker and Corilda Catherine (Owen) Walker; photo courtesy Laura Robbie (Sneed) Stooksbury.

Corilda Catherine (Owen) Walker was a daughter of William Allen Owen and Elizabeth Odell. Born in Radford in Pulaski County, Virginia, her family moved for a few years to the Bear Creek area of Claiborne County, Tennessee, where she met and married Andrew Calvin Walker, the son of Jacob Shuff and Martha (Davis) Walker of Straight Creek.

About the time of his father's death, Andrew attended medical school at the University of Nashville and soon returned to start practice, moving his family shortly to Forkvale in Campbell County.

Soon, though, the family settled in Norma, where Andrew for a while was a company doctor for the New River Lumber Company and then was in private practice. He also owned a pharmacy in partnership with Dr. W.W. Foust in Huntsville. As the diaries open, they lived in Norma but moved to Caryville as the diaries progress.

Both known diaries are transcribed here; Corilda used date books given to her husband by medicine peddlers and sometimes erased entries and reused sections. This transcription reorders all entries and tries to make as much sense of the original as possible, including erasures. Although many dates are missing, these books appear to include all of the entries she made for the entire period..

Transcribed by Roma A. Walker, who noted:

Corilda used the same diaries over and over - erasing some pages and writing again, and not always in the correct order. I have tried to put entries in order by dates rather than the order they are recorded in the book. For example, I would find an entry for 1923 amid entries for 1925. If anyone who reads this finds something they know is in error, please let me know.

She had her own kind of shorthand - "Eav" for "evening" - "Rain'd" - "Rab" is Ruby - "Birt" is Birdie - "B.I." is Ballard - "R" is Ruby - "P" is Paris. She refers to Andrew as "Dad" and "Dock" I cannot recall an entry where she calls him Andrew. She was apparently a person who loved having her family around and was "lonesome" when they were away. I am astounded by her preoccupation with the weather.

After transcribing two volumes I feel as if I know Corilda intimately. I would have liked to have spent an afternoon with her as she planted her flowers and cooked possum or fresh vegetables from her garden.

Roma Walker, 1996

Words in square brackets or italics are inserted and do not appear in the original. Underlined words or phrases are underlined in the original.

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