Goswick Genealogies

by: Henry H. and Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore
Copyright 1986

some of his GOSSETT

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Joseph Goswick, Sr.

I do not know how accurate this information is as it was supplied by Jeff Gossett of Catawba S.C. and he had found it in some old writings by "Holcomb", as to the children of Joseph Goswick of Union Co.S.C.  I have added the birth date of Joseph Goswick and other children that appear to belong to this Joseph Goswick of Franklin Co. N.C., and Union Co.S.C. {kgk}

Information from Jeff Gossett:

Estate Papers box 35, pk 15, year 1853 Union Co. South Carolina. Joseph Goswick names children: Catherine (wife of Aaron Nix), Nancy (wife of James Johnson), Elizabeth (wife of Stuart Taylor), and daughter Violets children who intermarried with Thomas Goswick's children.  All lived out of state except for son Josephus Goswick.

File 1871 Nathan Gossett, retailing without a license. Year 1843
File 1872 Joseph Goswick and E. Taylor retailing without a license Year 1843
File 2173 Joseph Goswick a Juror. Year 1843


Joseph Goswick, Jr. b. June 09, 1765 Baltimore County, Maryland died ca. 1847/8 South Carolina
(m) n/r
        children believed to be Joseph Goswick's children (not in order)
1. Matthias Goswick b.Nov. 11, 1791 Franklin Co. N.C. (go to Matthias Goswick) (m)Elizabeth"Betsy"G.
2. Catherine b.n/r  (m) Aaron Nix
3. Nancy b.n/r  (m) James Johnson
4. Elizabeth b.n/r (m) Stuart Taylor
5. Violet b. n/r  (m) ?Lawson  n/r (her daughter Jane "Jennie Lawson" (m) George Goswick (son of Thomas Goswick)
6. Josephus Goswick/Gossett b. 1797 (m)possibly twice (2nd) Sarah (?) (GO TO 1850 UNION CENSUS)
7. a son b.ca. 1803-8 (possibly James)

Joseph Goswick, Jr. born 1765 Balt.Co.Md. was the son of Joseph Goswick b.1728 Md., and Sarah (?) Goswick of Baltimore Co. Md., and Bute Co.N.C.

In 1810 Franklin Co. N.C. Joseph Goswick was listed on Franklin Co. N.C. tax list from 1800 to 1812 and by 1814 Joseph and Matthias Goswick had left Franklin Co.N.C. for Union Co.S.C. where they are both listed as "GOSSETT" on the 1820 Union Co.S.C. census film. (go to 1814 Franklin Co.N.C. tax list)


The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research

Union District-An inquisition indented at the house of John Garrett in Dist. aforesaid in the year 1822 before John Norman, Justice of said Dist., upon view of the body of John Garret then and there lying dead, upon the oats of Banks Meacham, Joseph Harris, Esq., Alexdr.Boyce, Thos.G. Danner, Jesse Norman, Driad Jones Joseph Goswick,(see 1830 census Union S.C.) Dan'l Felder, John Jackson, Jeramiah Bobo, Thomas Hollis and Wm. Malone, good and lawfuyl men of said District, who being charged and sworn do say that on Sunday evening 20th instant, John Garrett came to his death by accidentally drownded.

The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestoral Research

Sighned and sealed by Banks Meacham, Joseph Harris, A. Boyce, Thos. G.Danner, Jesse Norman, Dred (x)Jones, Joseph Goswick, Daniel Felder, John (x)Jackson, Jeremiah (x) Bobo, Thomas (x) Hollis and William Malone before Jno. Norman, J.P.


Union Co.S.C. Coroners Inquisitions 1806-1869

Union Dist.- an Inquisition taken at Thom HILL'S in the Distric on 26 May, 1825 before Gordon GREGORY, coroner, upon view of the body of Thos HILL, then and there hanging dead, upon the oaths of Bird MURPHY, Aaron STARNES, Joseph GOSWICK, Mark Murphy, Ambrose GIBS, Robt LAMB, Joseph HARRIS, Jesse BRIGS, Edmond SIMPSON, John JACKSON, SEN., Andrew STARNS, and John HUFF, Good and lawful men of said District, who do say the the said Thomas HILL, did voluntarily and Feloniously murder himself against the peace of this State.

Dated 26 May, 1825 and signed by Bird Murphy, Foreman, Aaron Starnes, Joseph GOSWICK, Senr.,Mark Murphy, Ambrose Gibs, robert Lamb, Joseph Harris, Jesse Briggs, Edmond Simpson, John Jackson, Senr., Andrew Stames (sp) and John HUFF.

South Carolina Ancestorial Magazine Vol 20

Union District.- An Inquisition Indented taken at the plantation of John NORMAN, ESQ., in District aforesaid on 19 June, 1825 before John Norman, J.P., of said District, upon view of the body of JAMES PETTY, then and there lying dead, by the oaths of Alex BOYCE, Alexander HAY, John JACKSON, Joseph GOSWICK, Senr., John BEARD, Thos HOLLIS, Jasper SAUNDERS, James DEHAY, Harrison BAILEY, Thos TRAMMEL, Jesse NORMAN, and Elijah WEST, Good and Lawful men of the District aforesaid, after being charged and sworn do say that from the effects of intoxication the said James PETTY did come to his death on this day as above stated.

Signed by A. BOYCE, J.P., FOREMAN, John Jackson, Alexr Hay, Joseph Goswick, Senr., John Beard, Thomas Hollis, Jasper Saunders, James Dehay, Harrison Bailey, Thomas Trammel, Jesse Norman, and Elijah West, Jurors, and Jno Norman, J.P.

By 1830 Matthias is in Hall Co.Georgia and listed as Matthias GOSWICK, and James Gossett b.1806 is living nearby.  This Matthias Goswick and James Gossett b.ca. 1806 appear to live near each other until 1850 when James Gossett and his wife Keziah (Reed) Gossett move to Alabama and Matthias Goswick remains in Georgia.  I do not have any proof that this James Gossett b.ca.1806 is the younger brother of Matthias Goswick, but I strongly suspect that they are brothers. {kgk}.

Josephus Goswick/Gossett (b.ca.1797) remains in Union Co.S.C. and was one of the members of the Padgett Creek Baptist Church, along with Thomas and Thomas's son George Goswick who married "Jane" (dau of Violet).  By 1860 George and Jane Goswick are living in Logan Co. Kentucky and this family remains in Logan Co.Ky..  Thomas Goswick (father of George) had married the 2nd time in Union Co.S.C. a woman named Elizabeth Arena Pruitt b. 1810 and she may have been the daughter of Aaron Pruitt who is also living in Union Co.S.C..(see Thomas Goswick b.1795)