A straddle bug

A straddle bug

[source: National Tribune 14 September 1911, page 7, column 4]
[During Second Bull Run, the 91st escorted a wagon train with supplies for a division of McClellan's army; see Thomas Walter's description of the movement]
[I have proofread this page]
[One William Kane served in company H from 1864 until 1865; I have no record of another]

A Straddle Bug.

Editor National Tribune: At the time of the Second Bull Run [sc. 29-30 August 1862] Co. H of the 91st Pa. was resting beneath a big apple tree awaiting orders. Billy Cain, one of the company, was always hungry. He kept reaching into his haversack for crackers and pork. Billy was a young Irishman who had just been mustered into the service. I soon spied a large toad near Billy, and grabbed it and took the first opportunity to put it in his haversack. I had the squad posted, and very soon Billy put his hand into his haversack and quickly jerked it out, holding my toad. He held it up and exclaimed:

"Whativer [sic] is this? A straddle bug?"

There were two Billy Cains in the 91st Pa., so ever after he was Straddle Bug Billy.

--Wm. S. [sic] Reiff, 91st Pa.

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