91st PA--letters, 17 July 1864

Letters, 17 July 1864

[source: regimental letters book]
[see letter, Lentz to Bennett, 19 July 1864, which lists the number of men in each command whose term was expiring on or before 25 August.]

Head Quarters 91st Reg. Pa. Vols
July 17th 1864
Capt E. C. Bennett
Asst. Adjt. Genl

In compliance with directions of this date I have the honor to submit the following report of the men in this command who will be discharged on or before the 20th of August 1864

CommandPresentAbsentDate of expiration of term of service
91st Pa. Vols48August 20th 1864
Co L 62 Pa. Vols2620August 9st "
" M " " "1817" " "

I am Captain
Very Respectfully Your Obdt. Servt
John D. Lentz
Major Commdg

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