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91st PA--transfers


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transfers to the Veterans' Reserve Corps (earlier known as the Invalid Reserve Corps)

On 2 January 1864, when the veterans went on their veteran furlough, the 69 men who were not eligible for furlough were transferred to the 155th Pennsylvania. They returned when the regiment returned to the front.

Two large groups of men were transferred into the 91st PA. On 3 July, 48 or 45 men were transferred from the 62nd PA to company K of the 91st, because the 62nd was mustered out of service but their term of service had not expired (special order 159, HQ 5th Corps, 2 July 1864). (Actually, 5 officers and 122 enlisted men were initially transferred. Charles Garber was discharged because his term had expired on 2 July, just before being transferred.) Lentz originally assigned them [1 officers, 25 enlisted men present, 22 enlisted men absent] to company G (special order 65, HQ 91st PA, 21 July 1864). But he received orders from the brigade headquarters to assign them to the smallest company, and transferred them [1 officer, 26 enlisted men present, 21 enlisted men absent] to company K on 22 July 1864 [special order 66, HQ 91st PA, 22 Jul 64].

And on 2 June 1865 men were transferred from the 118th PA, and reported as "unassigned" on the consolidated morning report. Initially, 111 enlisted men and 3 officers were reported transferred. Interestingly, the number of guns reported doesn't change significantly until 7 July, when it increases from 183 to 391.

Occasionally, individual men also transferred to other regiments. And some men requested transfers that were not granted.

Some did not have long to wait for discharge; on 17 July 1864, Lentz reported that 81 men from the 62nd were scheduled to be discharged on 9 August 1864: 46 from co.L (26 present, 20 absent), and 35 from co.M (18 present, 17 absent) (letter; see also letter, Lentz to Bennett, 19 July 1864, which has lower totals for those whose terms expired on or before 25 Aug 64). Another letter, dated 19 July 1864, claims that 12 veterans (9 present, 3 absent) and 34 draftees (15 present, 19 absent) from the 62nd "were to remain", perhaps after 25 August 1864. On 20 July 1864 members of companies L and M whose terms expired before 25 August 1864 were ordered to report to Washington DC [special order 176, HQ 5th Corps, 20 July 1864]. On 23 July 1864, Lt Robert Martin was ordered to join them [so196, HQ Army of the Potomac, 23 July 1864].

From the 62nd PA

Contact Cheryl Hough about the 62nd PA at [email protected], or see her web page.

Abbott, Peter M [not in 21 July 64 list; assigned on 16 Aug 64 after court martial]
Anthony, Rinard
Appel, Jacob
Baker, John
Bankers, Adolph [not mentioned in Bates]
Baughman, David
Berger, Reuben
Blum, John
Chafee, Reuben
Clark, John
Dawson, George S
Demmel, Philip
Dernell, JK
Doring, John
Fitzsimmons, James
Frederick, Benjamin
Freeman, James
Garden, Edward
Garden, John
Hamilton, John
Hanna, Matthew
Jordan, Sylvester
Kerer, Francis
Knittle, Martin
Lindsay, William [not mentioned in Bates]
Martin, Robert, lt [not mentioned in Bates; transferred almost immediately]
McCandless, David
McFarland, John
McIntyre, William
Miller, Henry
Morley, Robert
Murray, Martin
Nicodemus, Samuel
Norton, William
O'Conner, William
Printzler, O P R
Rumbaugh, William
Savage, Amos
Schwartz, John
Seybert, Samuel
Shaeffer, John
Spade, William
Steele, James
Stotta, Frederick
Stoughton, Elisha
Tipton, Samuel [Bates doesn't have him transfered from the 62nd]
Tucker, William
Wilson, Matthew
Wilson, Peter

From the 118th PA

(The 118th's regimental history has biographical sketches for three of these people: James J Donnelly, Thomas Kelly, and John L Smith.)

Kelly, Thomas
Bell, John (A)
Booth, Osborn (A)
Brown, John (A)
Condon, Patrick (A) [not in Bates]
Denslow, Lewis (A) [not in Bates]
Henesey, James (A) [not in Bates]
Baker, John (B)
Bond, Lewis (B)
Butler, David (B)
Clonohan, Bernard (B)
Kiscaden, George (B)
Markley, John (B)
Nice, Stephen (B)
Ratzell, Alfred (B)
Wade, Joseph (B)
Yingling, Daniel (B)
Young, George M (B)
Davenport, Charles (C)
Fordney, Samuel (C)
Fries, Richard (C) [not in Bates]
Fuller, William (C) [not in Bates]
Malcolmson, Samuel (C) [not in Bates]
Mallon, James (C)
Pearson, Joseph (C)
Rambo, William (C)
PERHAPS! Roberts, Owen (C)
Shinn, Mordecai (C)
Smith, John R (C)
Sourbeer, Amos (C)
Stahdler, Daniel (C)
Turner, John (C)
McGowan, John (D)
Parks, Robert (D)
Shubert, Henry (D)
Smith, Charles (D)
Sourmillen, William (D)
Carey, John (E)
Deville, Albert (E)
Eberly, Israel (E)
Eisenhart, Edwin (E)
Gay, George (E)
Howell, George (E)
Huret, John (E)
Smith, John L (E)
Swartz, Samuel (E)
Bowne, Monroe (F)
Buckley, Joseph (F)
Collins, George (F)
Cowden, Alexander (F)
Croak, John (F)
Dasney, John (F)
Doan, John (F)
Dowd, Martin (F)
Harvey, William (F)
Jones, William (F)
Lancaster, John (F)
Loveless, Robert (F)
Lowery, John (F)
Megonigal, Charles (F)
Miller, Jefferson (F)
Mullen, Lawrence (F)
McCoyer, Thomas (F)
Oliver, Richard (F)
Peyton, John (F)
Phelps, Henry (F)
Price, William (F)
Rinehart, Anthony (F)
Seher, Henry (F)
Shane, Michael (F)
Siglin, Solomon (F)
Smith, Thomas (F)
Snyder, William (F)
Wells, Edward (F)
Wilson, Robert (F)
Young, Theodore (F)
Houseworth, Valentine (G)
Kressler, Isaac (G)
Kressler, William (G)
Lane, William (G)
McGovern, Patrick (G)
Pentzell, Deitrick (G)
Riley, William (G)
Roster, John (G)
Wilkins, Charles (G)
Donnelly, James (H)
Klotz, Francis (H)
Links, Frederick (H)
Little, Joseph (H)
Manning, Charles (H)
Miller, Edgar (H)
Ache, Henry (I)
Benson, George (I)
Dubois, Alfred (I)
Gibhart, John (I)
Goovier, Joseph (I)
Hoasse, Ephraim (I)
Hostler, William (I)
Krause, John (I)
Marker, George (I)
Mauch, John (I)
Myers, Andrew (I)
Nahle, Jacob (I)
Possinger, Henry (I)
Price, Benjamin (I)
Recraft, Robert (I)
Rienker, Elias (I)
Rivert, Edward (I)
Schudy, John (I)
Smith, David D (I)
Smith, Thomas H (I)
Stottsenburg, Jeremiah (I)
Warnsley, William (I) [not in Bates; probably not really transferred]
Womerick, Christian (I)
Woolson, John (I)
Hause, Jacob (unassigned)

(Simon Shannon also served in the 118th, but enlisted after being discharged from the 91st; perhaps the same is true for Alfred Stapleford alias Thomas Steadman.)

Transfer to other regiments

On 16 November 1863, Col Gregory reported that no one wanted to transfer to the artillery.

Philip Elberti may have transferred to the regular US Army as a hospital steward.

Joseph Billhartz may have transferred to the Ordinance Department of the Army--or perhaps served there after serving in the 91st.

On 30 April 1865, one person was reported transferred to the 191st Pennsylvania Infantry. I have not been able to identify him.

Eight men were mustered into company G of the 90th Pennsylvania Infantry, commanded by Captain A J Sellars, but were mistakenly entered on the list of Captain E J Sellers, company G of the 91st:
Hebberton, Robert (G) to co.G 90th PA Vol Inf
Ruddy, Peter (G) to company G 90th PA Vol Inf
Frost, Charles (G) to company G 90th PA Vol Inf
Johnston, Charles (G) to company G 90th PA Vol Inf
Baird, Charles R (G) to company G 90th PA Vol Inf
Kimball, John (G) to company G 90th PA Inf
Stanley, Edward (G) to company G 90th PA Vol Inf
Harran, William (G) to company G 90th PA Vol Inf

John Trimble (G) 20 Aug 62, discharged to accept commission in 12th NJ Infantry
Muckafuse, Henry (A) to 108th PA Vol (11th PA Cavalry) 4 Oct 61, apparently because he had deserted
Grazier, Jeremiah (I) to 117th PA Vol Inf, 6 Nov 64
George, Andrew G (I) to 11th Conn Vol Inf, 19 Aug 62 [return from temporary attachment to 91st]
Garshall, Alonzo (D) to 16th Michigan Vol, 5 May 65
Baker, George (B) to 19th Mass Vol, as deserter
Clark, Alvin (G) to "his own" 27th Mass Vol Inf, 25 Jun 62
Wallace, Newton (G) to "his own" 27th Mass Vol Inf, 21 Jun 62
Strong, Andrew (I) to 45th PA Vol Inf, 19 Aug 62
Cleveland, James (G) to 93rd PA Vol Inf
Krider, Henry (I) to company E, 45th PA Vol Inf, 19 Aug 62
Joseph Webb (E) to I 71st PA
Haines, George (G) to 2nd US cavalry, 5 Jan 63
Miller, Joseph S (A) to regular army, 2 Jan 62
Houghton, Charles (ass't surg) to 124th PA (as surgeon), 12 Sep 62
Albert Steelman, to 16th VA as lt

John Tinney was discharged to allow him to enlist in the US Military Telegraph (a civilian bureau attached to the Quartermaster's Department).

William Watson (H) may have been transferred to another regiment, because he deserted

transfers to US Navy

requested but not granted

On 3 July 1864, five men in company H asked to be transferred to a newly forming battalion of sharpshooters: William Fraley, Andrew Steinmetz, John Somers, John McClintock, and Paul Hill [letters, Fraley et al. to Closson, and Closson to Tayman, 3 and 4 July 1864]. None were transferred.

other transfer

At least some people were transfered from other regiments. (At least one was sent as a deserter; see letter, Sellers, 18 October 1864.)

Henry Linkerman, from 47th PA, about 19 March 1862 (Bates does not record the transfer, and has him enlisted on 19 March 1862)
John Howell, from 3rd NY (not recorded in Bates)
Alvin Clark, from 27th Mass (not recorded in Bates)
John Douglass, from 3rd NY (not recorded in Bates)
Newton Wallace, from 27th Mass (not recorded in Bates)

later service

After resigning, Alpheus Bowman served with the 3rd PA Artillery (152nd PA)

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