91st PA in January 1862

January 1862

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February 1862
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?Isaac Strang (F) may have deserted from Philadelphia PA (perhaps 20 Mar 62)
?James A Findley (F) (unidentified) tried by court martial [see National Archives Archival Research Catalog (accessed 24 July 2010)]
1 The regiment was at Camp Chase, on the west bank of the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. [Welch, p.501]
the regiment was invited to dine at the Volunteer Refreshment Saloon, and paraded in uniform with a brass band; Burgfeld's Band and a full drum corps accompanied them

William Van Howden mustered in co F
Andrew Boyd mustered in co H
[see 'The Ninety-first regiment Pennsylvania volunteers' (Philadelphia Inquirer 1 January 1862 page 8); 'Military parade' (Public Ledger 2 January 1862, page 2), and 'Summary of the daily intelligence'. North American and United States Gazette (Philadelphia PA) 2 January 1862]
2 Henry Schaeffer mustered in co H
Joseph S Miller (A) transferred to regular army
Job Fisher mustered in co G
Frederick Lehman (G) reduced to the ranks
John Blazo returned to duty in co. H 6th NH Infantry (?)
3 Thomas Taylor mustered in co G
William Wiley (E) transferred to co K by regimental order, because co E was over the maximum
Joseph Harrison (F) returned from desertion
Henry Cooper (I) deserted
Ephraim Banker enlisted in I 87 PA
4 Henry Gray mustered in co F (possibly 14th)
Joseph Harrison (F) deserted
7 William Dorsey enlisted and mustered in co E
George Stroup mustered in co B
William Yerkes (B) deserted
8 Isaac Strang mustered in co.F
Benjamin Andrews (G) discharged on writ of habeas corpus (issued by Hon Jos Allison), because he was a minor
John Thompson (E) died of typhoid fever
Thomas Flood mustered in co K
when a corporal's guard arresting a deserter started fighting among themselves (most being drunk), William McLaughlin struck one with his rifle, hard enough that the lock hammer penetrated his skull, and McLaughlin fell backwards, breaking his skull on a step
9 Samuel Hawks mustered in co D
Henry Lour mustered in co D
Edward Ogden mustered in co D
William Wilds mustered in co D
Charles Neide (D) reduced to ranks
John Neville (D) promoted to corporal vice Neide
10 James McLoon enlisted in co A at Philadelphia
William McLaughlin (B) died of the fractured skull he received on the 8th
11 Albert Morgan mustered in co B [perhaps 26 Mar 64]
Michael Gallagher mustered in co D (perhaps 19th)
Ralph Montgomery (F) may have deserted (probably 11 June 62)
John Zehender (F) promoted from corp to sgt (possibly 11 June 62)
12 Henry Murphy mustered in co B
co. D acted as the guard of honor at the funeral of Sgt Robert Gordon 23rd PA ['Funerals of Pennsylvania Volunteers' (Philadelphia Inquirer 13 January 1862 page 8)]
members of co. G were invited to attend the funeral of Corp Charles Dunlap (co. I, Baxter's Fire Zouaves)
13 Jackson Frease mustered in co A
Amos Mooney mustered in co D (perhaps 11 Sep 61)
Robert Stewart mustered in co D (perhaps 15th)
14 Henry Gray mustered in co F (possibly 4th)
Thomas Knowles (K) deserted
15 John Rusk mustered in co D
Robert Stewart mustered in co D (perhaps 13th)
Edward Blanche mustered in co G
16 Monroe Ritter (F) discharged on surgeon's certificate or by court order
Charles Clark (F) discharged from Philadelphia PA on surgeon's certificate (possibly 16 June)
John Ennis (F) discharged from Philadelphia PA on surgeon's certificate (possibly 16 June)
17 William Hill mustered in co B
George Ubil mustered in co I
Henry Gentle mustered in co K
Jacob Weichselbaum mustered in co K
18 received clothes from the Ladies' Bible class of the North Broad Street Baptist Church
19 Isaac Warr (B) deserted
Enoch Brewster mustered in co D
Michael Gallagher mustered in co D (perhaps 11th)
Ralph Montgomery (F) promoted to corp
Robert McDermott (K) deserted
Jacob Weichselbaum (K) deserted
YMCA meeting held in Philadelphia in behalf of soldiers, with Edgar M Gregory one of the speakers
[see 'Meeting in behalf of soldiers' (Philadelphia Inquirer 20 January 1862 page 8)]
20 men ordered to report for duty
David Jamison mustered in co H
William Egan mustered in co H
Alexander Mallock mustered in co I
David Mundell mustered in co I and deserted
John Knichner (C) deserted (perhaps 21 Jan)
[see 'Col. Gregory's Regiment', Philadelphia Inquirer 20 January 1862 page 8; and 'Notice--All officers and men ...' (Philadelphia Inquirer 20 January 1862, page 5); 'Military notices' (Philadelphia Press Monday 20 January 1862 page 3)]
21 a soldier at Camp Chase struck William McConnell (26 years old) was struck in the head with a musket; although the wound was not serious, he was admitted to Pennsylvania Hospital
The regiment left Pennsylvania for Washington DC; was attached to defenses of Washington, encamped at Camp Stanton, on the Bladensburg Turnpike, north of Washington DC. [Bates, p.186; 'Letter from the Ninety-first' (Philadelphia Inquirer 5 February 1862, page 2); Dyer, v.3, p.1604; Welch, p.501]
Miles Finnegan mustered in co F
William Emmet Egan mustered in co H (perhaps 23rd)
Charles Bunn mustered in co I (probably 20 Sep 61)
James Healy mustered in co I
Henry Bartells (C) deserted at Philadelphia, PA
Edward Carney (C) deserted at Philadelphia, PA
Sylvester Harvey (C) deserted at Philadelphia, PA
James Hughes (C) deserted at Philadelphia PA
John Knichner (C) deserted (perhaps 20 Jan)
John Trump (C) deserted at Philadelphia PA
Matthew Tout (I) deserted
[see 'Admitted into the hospital', Philadelphia Inquirer 22 January 1862, page 8]
22 reached Baltimore about noon
ate at the Union Relief Association in Baltimore
arrived at Washington about 9.30 PM
['Letter from the Ninety-first' (Philadelphia Inquirer 5 February 1862, page 2); 'Departure of Col. Gregory's regiment', Philadelphia Inquirer 22 January 1862 page 2]
23 William Emmet Egan mustered in co H (perhaps 21st)
James O'Kain mustered in co I
Charles Parker mustered in co I
24 Joseph Burrough mustered in co H
William Henderson enlisted in co. B, at Alexandria VA
25 Mathias Kirkuff deserted from E 47 PA Infantry
26 John Geil (D) deserted (perhaps 8 Oct 61)
27 Enos Hickman mustered in co I
28 Adolph Bankerd enlisted in 62nd PA
Henry Mathers (E) sent a letter to his mother, from DC, comparing Camp Stanton to Camp Chase, referring to a court martial to be held on the 29th, joking that all the drill had made Joseph H Budd (E) lose his laziness, and promising to send money when he was paid
29 James Clark mustered in co E
apparently, someone in company F was court martialed for stealing $30 from someone in a different regiment and for leaving his post (probably a regimental, and not a general, court martial)
30 John Nevill mustered in co D

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