91st PA--leaving Camp Chase in 1862

Departure of Col. Gregory's regiment

['Departure of Col. Gregory's regiment', Philadelphia Inquirer 22 January 1862 page 2]

DEPARTURE OF COL. GREGORY'S REGIMENT.--Last evening, at eleven o'clock, Colonel GREGORY's Ninety-first Pennsylvania Regiment, which has for the past few months been located at Camp Chase, near Gray's Ferry, left in the cars for Washington, having struck their tents at noon. They number 948 men, rank and file. It is expected that, after being inspected at Washington, they will be immediately ordered to Kentucky for active service. This regiment was accepted by the Governor on the 2d of August, and on the 20th the first man was mustered into the service of the United States. The following is a list of the officers:--

Colonel, EDGAR M. GREGORY; Lieutenant-Colonel, E. Wallace; Major, George W. Todd; Adjutant, B. J. Tayman; Quartermaster, G. W. Eyre; Chaplain, Rev. Joseph Welsh; Surgeon, J. D. Knight; Assistant Surgeon, Chas. Hough; Quartermaster Sergeant, John Dyke; Commissary Sergeant, B. F. Miller; Hospital Steward, P. C. Elberti.

Line Officers:--Company A--Captain, F. C. Gilbert; First Lieutenant, F. H. Gregory; Second Lieutenant, Ansel Hamburg.

Company B--Captain, A. H. Bowman; First Lieutenant, Morris Kayser; Second Lieutenant, J. A. Gregory.

Company C--Captain, P. D. Keyser; First Lieutenant, James E. Sulger; Second Lieutenant, T. H. Parsons.

Company D--Captain, Joseph Sinex; First Lieutenant, J. B. Diehl; Second Lieutenant, H. B. Faust.

Company E--Captain, J D Lentz; First Lieutenant, Matthew Hall; Second Lieutenant, D. H. Lentz.

Company F--Captain, A. C. Fetter; First Lieutenant, J. H. Weeks; Second Lieutenant, E. J. Philips.

Company G--Captain E. G. Sellers; First Lieutenant, J. H. Closson; Second Lieut., H. W. Shipley.

Company H--Captain, C. S. Brown; First Lieutenant, George Black; Second Lieutenant, Charles Henry.

Company I--Captain, John P. Cary; First Lieutenant, Geo. Murphy; Second Lieut., Benj. B. Eyre.

Company K--Captain, F. I. Cassner [sic]; First Lieutenant, J. T. Matlack; Second Lieutenant, Wm. R. Milligan.

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