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Barrow Co., GA.
SURRATT, Beverly
Dated: Aug 29, 2001
Source: [email protected]
Subject: [GABARROW] Re: Abe Ebenezer Boyd in Gwinnett/Barrow County, GA
Message Board URL:Message 11.1
Name mentioned in your message (Elmira) - m. Thomas Greeson
- children -
Missouri Ann, Will (Will d. @ 23)and George
- George's sons Thomas and Robert;
Missouri Ann m. John R. Johnson - children
- William D., Velma, Vesta, Lena, Belle, Honor, Gladys, Annie Lee - --
W.D. m. Willie Roe Young - daughter - Elizabeth Johnson Shepherd
-- Velma m. Bonnie Kerlin - son - Bobby
-- Vesta m. Bertie Christopher - daughters
- Dorothy, Norma, Ann
-- Lena m. Steve Sudderth and Fred Bennett - daughter Jean Jones, Teri Cofer, LaRita Parks, Lanny Bennett, Honor m. Henry Taylor - daughter Beverly Surratt, Becky Thom, son Bill Taylor
Elmira & Thomas buried at P'tree Rd. Baptist Church Cemetery (formerly Old Field) John R and Missouri Johnson also buried there (Will - son of Elmira & Thomas) buried there. Please reply --

Bartow Co., GA.
Carol (Surratt) Turner
1st E-Mail: Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 2:26:51 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: [email protected]
Message Board URL: Message # 235
Searching for information on my great grandfather, JACK SURRATT. Born in North Carolina abt. 1870. Married in Georgia to Cynthia King. Their children would include:
John Henry Surratt,
William "Bill" Surratt,
Lillie Mae,
Bessie &
Georgia Surratt.
Thanks for any information.
Carol (Surratt) Turner, E-Mail: [email protected]
Carol, Thanks for the E-Mail.
We have a little bit on this Family. See Andrew "Jack" SURRATT SFA-Profile!
We would like any Corection/Additions to this Family. ..prs

2nd E-Mail: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 8:44:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
Dear Paul:
I am looking for information regarding my great-grandfather. The name is Andrew Jack Surratt, DOB April, 1872 and I know he was born in South Carolina; possibly in the Spartanburg area. He died in 1903 in Georgia in a little farming community called Pine Log. I've had no luck finding his father and mother. I'm hoping you can be of some help.
If you have any suggestions please e-mail me.
Thank you for your time and effort.
Carol (Surratt) Turner, E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail,
In your Feb 2, 2002 Query you listed A. Jack, born in NC., now you feel he was born in SC. what is your "Source Info."
See Attached Info. at A. Jack SURRATT Family Profile.
Would like any corrections/Additions on this family. ...prs

3rd E-Mail: Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 8:50:42 PM Eastern Standard Time
Thanks for the info. All this is exactly correct. I do have some further info regarding Jack & Cynthia's children. Daugher Georgia married Henry E. Smith of Ga. not sure what yr. Obit article states she was born in Spartanburg, SC. They had several children, can get this info to you later.
J. S. Surratt (Jave) married Alice Ross, they also had other children than Mildred.
Will e-mail this also if you would like It looks as though I need to research the 1880 census, which I don't have at this time. I will keep searching. Thanks again for your help. Let me know about the other info if you are interested. Have a great day!! Carol (Surratt) Turner, E-Mail: [email protected]
We will be looking forward in recieving additional info. on this Family.
We now believe A. Jack SURRATT Parents were part an "African American" family of Samuel & Maria SARRATT of Union Co., South Carolina
See: A. Jack SURRATT Family Profile.
 Carol is one of our: Click on Redball for More Info.<--- [SFA©-REF:002] The 13 Mar 2002 was the last E-Mail we received from Carol. So the Search continues...prs  
Yvonne M. Tollison
Andrew Jackson SURRATT
1st E-Mail: Date: 29 Oct 2006 11:33:18 AM Pacific Standard Time
Paul: I found your record for Andrew Jackson Surratt on Roots Web. My sons are descendents of:
Elmer Edgar Beck, of your record below:
5. Cynthia Lillie SURRATT (10949)
(3rd d/o A.J. "Jack" & Cynthia S. (KING) SURRATT)
b. - -1899, Bartow Co., GA
d. Unknown?
Married: Mr. BECK (10955) on - -1914
5.1 Child: Elmer BECK (10956) <---
5.2 Child: Nesbit BECK (10957)
Two things: The Nesbit BECK listed above is actually a female, named Inez BECK.
Also, do you happen to have any information for the ancestors of Andrew Jackson SURRATT? I am stumped, and I will be more than happy to share any information I have. Thanks for all you've done.
Yvonne M. Tollison, The Tollison Agency, Inc.
PO Box 646 Vidalia, GA 30475 P: 912.537.0667 F: 912.537.1979
     #1. In the only Census record we find for Nesbit BECK, the 1920 Census shows very clearly that he is a "Male" and the Enuberlator listed "Grand SON!"
     #2. As I explained to Carol (Surratt) TURNER in 2002, we haved researched all the SARRATT/SURRATT's in the 1880 Census for North & South Carolina's the only possible connection is to the "African American" (Black) family of Samuel & Maria SARRATT of Union Co., South Carolina. These SARRETT / SURRATT were larger Plantation Owners in the Upper Country, since the early 17th Century
We would like any corrections/additions on this family. ...prs
See: Andrew Jackson SURRATT Family Profile. ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 21 Nov 2006 9:45:53 AM Pacific Standard Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: [GAWALKER] Serratt/Serat/Surratt/Sampson Message #1341
I am searching for information regarding how these two families are linked together, specifically, A.J.A. SAMPSON in household of Georgia A. Sampson and F.M. Sampson in 1880 Whitfield County, GA census. I believe this A.J.A. SAMPSON might have changed his name to Andrew Jackson SURRATT, that died in Bartow County, GA in 1903, married to Cynthia Viola KING. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
Yvonne M. Tollison, E-Mail: [email protected]
     #3. This is Adolphus J.A. SIMPSON, b. 01 sep 1873 Whitfield Co., GA., he is the 1st Son of Francis M. SIMPSON & 2nd Wife: Georgia Ann COPELIN or COPELAND. F.M. SIMPSON was a Son-In-Law of Samuel G. SARRETT & Sarah BROCK he married 1st to 2nd Dau: Lucinda E.R.S. SARRETT, who died in 1862, age 25yrs in Walker Co., GA.
What year did your A.J.A. SAMPSON change his name to Andrew Jackson SURRATT?
We would like any corrections/additions on this family. ...prs
See: Lucinda E.R.S. SARRETT Family Profile.

 Yvonne is one of our: Click on Redball for More Info.<--- [SFA©-REF:003]
Yvonne Mashburn Schmidt
Correction to one of your records
3rd E-Mail: Date: Saturday, Nov 06, 2010 At: 1:42 AM PSTime
Hi there. We corresponded years ago, and I have a correction to one of your records found here.
Cynthia Viola King who married Andrew Jackson Surratt was not the daughter of Elmyra King, but of Amanda Puckett and Joseph W. King.
I have documentation if you’d like it.
Let me know?
Yvonne Mashburn Schmidt, E-Mail: [email protected] 678.451.4099 (Cell)
Click on Redball for More Info.<--- See: The Mashburn Collection <---"Broken Link!
The Genealogy of my Mashburn family with "Yours" and "Theirs" Tossed in the Mix
Thanks for the E-Mail, Yvonne
Can you give me the Census info on where Joseph W. King & Amanda Puckett with Dau Cynthia V. KING, were living in same F-Visit in the 1880 Census?
Nice to here from you again....prsjr

1880 Census, KING Family?
4th E-Mail: Date: Saturday, Nov 06, 2010 At: 10:02 AM PSTime
Paul: I have Cynthia Viola King’s date of birth as 15 Aug 1874 per her headstone found here, so the first census we find them would be the 1900 Bartow County, Georgia:
Footnote: Source Citation: Year: 1900; Census Place: Pine Log, Bartow, Georgia; Roll: T623 179; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 6., Source Citation: Year: 1900; Census Place: Pine Log, Bartow, Georgia; Roll: T623 179; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 6.
The name information was originally provided to me by Lillie Mae Atkins who was the daughter of Cynthia Viola King and Andrew Jackson Surratt. She was my husband’s grandmother.
Also attached are: Puckett Family Group Chart with sources, and Pages taken from Robert Puckett’s “Richard and Elizabeth Puckett of Gwinnett County, Georgia and Some of Their Decendants(sic)”
We’re still searching for more information on Andrew Jackson (Jack) Surratt. Let me know if I can do anything more. I am a volunteer for Bartow Genweb.
Thanks, Yvonne, , E-Mail: [email protected]

 Yvonne is one of our: Click on Redball for More Info.<--- [SFA©-REF:004]

Bibb Co., GA.
Corrections to List!
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 1:10:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time
dear sir;
the information you have for me is incorrect. i was born in Macon, [Bibb Co.] Georgia, dec. 29 1945. please add that i married Phyllis Marion Walker from new york, new york. we were married on the summer solstice 1982.
i hope this helps in your work in keeping these records. these records have helped me in finding out a lot about myself and my family, keep up the good work, if i can be of any help please let me know.
thanks again Jim Sarratt [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, if you can give us your parents names, we can place you with your SFA Branch. ...prs


Chattooga Co., GA.
Linda Atkins
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 11:01:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: Chattooga Co., GA. & Spartanburg Co., SC. connection
I have noticed several people on the list mention that their families came from Spartanburg, SC. My husband's Atkins family did too. Other family names were Sarratt, Brown, Lawrence and Price. Was there a big wagon train in the mid 1800s from Spartanburg? And does anyone know the reason they would have come at that time?
Linda Atkins, E-Mail: [email protected]
We don't know anything about a "Wagon Train" from Spartanburg Dist., SC., but we have some info. on See: Mrs. Cynthia (Brown) Sarratt, Atkins
We would like any additions/corrections on this family. ...prs

Cherokee Co., GA.
Phyllis McCauley
Mary (Prater) Shurrett, half-Bro F/Loyd PRATER
Dated: Mar 27, 1998
I have Seratt (many spelling) in my family tree that eulde me.
1. Elendor SERATT; b. c1792 in SC living in Forsyth Co., GA 1860
2. Mary Shurrett (of Columbia Co., GA) per land purchase records. She inturn gave this land for "Love & Affection" to my half-brother Lloyd PRATER in Cherokee Co., GA.
3. Leany (?) Shurit; b. c1805, SC living with F/Loyd PRATER in 1850 Cherokee Co., GA Census with her son: John SHURIT; b. 1826 GA.
I would appreciate it very much if you would check your database and see if you recognize any of these people. Thanks
Phyllis McCauley
Phyllis McCauley
Leney Shurit Cherokee Co, GA.
Dated: Oct 19, 1998
I have a Leney Shurit b. 1805 SC with son John Shurit b. 1826 GA listed on 1850 Census in Cherokee Co.,GA with Floyd and Nancy Prater. This Floyd is actually Lloyd Prater. I have found only one connection and not any other trace of this Shurit. A Mary Shurrett deeds land "for love and affection to her said half brother" Lloyd Prater in 1854 Cherokee Co, GA. I would appreciate any help, I'm for sure at a brick wall on this one. Thanks for any help!
Surratt GenFourm: Message #39

Clayton Co., GA.
Bobi Mize
Frances Emeline SURRETT
1st Query:Dated: Jun 25, 1999
To: Charles Stephen BAKER, Re: Clayton Co. Ga Query Forum
I am searching for any info on my gg grandfather, Charles Stephen BAKER, b. 1856 TN, d. 1898,
m. Frances Emeline SURRETT b. 1862 in Arkansas, d. 1916 in Ellenwood, [Clayton Co.] Ga.
They had the following children: 1. Jesse, 2. John, 3. S. Cleave, 4. Will, 5. James Riley, 6. Jennie 7. Charles Corbett BAKER, <--my Grandfather!
who was born 1894 in Conley, Clayton County, Ga. Charles Corbett BAKER married Viola Belle Edge of Rex, Clayton Co., Ga. they later moved to Fulton Co., Ga. They had 2 children,
1. Lillie Margaret and 2. Chalres Oscar.
Charles Stephen BAKER's parents were Riley S. BAKER and Nancy GRIFFIN BAKER. Will share descendant info with other researchers of this family. Thanks.
Frances Emline is not a SURRATT, she is a HENDERSON, b. 1862, Conway or Pulaski Co's., (present-day Faulkner Co.), AR. She was a18y Living with
(See: Ervin W. & Sarah/Sally M. (SIMS) SURRATT,) in the 1880 Census, for Faulkner Co., AR.
Relationship was listed "N/R" (Not Returned) (She was not a Sister or Daughter
F.E. listed Father b. GA. & Mother b. SC. ..prs)
Bobi Mize
BAKER, Frances E. (SURRETT), Mrs.
2nd Query: Dated: Jan 29, 2000
Source: GC-Walton County Queries
URL: Message #84
Subject: BAKER, Riley S.
I am looking for any information on Riley S. BAKER. He is found in the 1830 census (Walton Co., GA) living with 1 male 20-30, possibly a brother,
and 1 fem 20-30, possibly a sister,
and 1 male 60-70, possibly a father.
He is also listed in the Cherokee Land Lottery.
Suspect he may be the father of Charles Stephen Baker, my gg grandfather. what I know of this line:
Riley S. BAKER m. Nancy GRIFFIN...issue
Charles Stephen Baker b TN m. Frances Emeline SURRETT or HENDERSON poss others
Charles S. Baker m. Frances Surrett...issue
1. S. Cleave Baker
2. Jenny Baker
3. Charles Corbett Baker m. Viola Belle EDGE
4. John Henry Baker
5. Jesse Baker
6. others
Thanks a heap bobi, [email protected]
We still don't think that Mrs. Frances Emeline BAKER, was a "SURRATT" she was a "HENDERSON" she was age 18 years born 1862 AR. living with Ervin W. & Sarah M. (Sims) SURRATT family in the 1880 Census for Faulkner Co., AR.
She listed Father born in GA. & Mother born in SC. F.E. (SIMS) HENDERSON was probley a "Sister" of Mrs. Sarah A. (SIMS) SURRATT
See your Query #1 Jan 25, 1999
See: 1880 Census, Faulkner Co., AR. ...prs
T. Baker
BAKER, Frances E. (SURRETT), Mrs.
Dated: 20 Aug 2003 2:10:15 AM Pacific Standard Time
I have been doing reseach on my family ancestry and came across information that may be helpful to you. In my direct line is a Francis Emeline Surrett.
There is apparently some issue with her being an actual Surrett or someone that was taken in by the family. Either way, if it interests you, I have found her burial place and headstone In Georgia.
If this is if any interest to you please let me know. I would be glad to give further info and picture of the headstone/cemetary as well. Thanks for your time.
T. Baker [email protected]
T. Baker,
Thanks for the E-Mai, yes we would like to exchange info. on this family. ...prs

2nd Query: Date: 22 Aug 2003 1:12:30 AM Pacific Standard Time
The burial place can be found at:
Tanner's Baptist Church 770-241-0144
4482 Tanners Church Rd, Ellenwood, [Clayton Co.] Ga. 30294

Found in the rear left of the cemetary, the small headstone is with several Baker plots. The marker is very small and only reads "FEB". It stands along side her husband, "C.S.B Baker". Several of their children's markers lay behind the plot.
Hope this is of any help for you. I do admire the work you've put into your own ancestry. One day I hope to uncover more of my own mysteries.
Take care. T. Baker [email protected]
T. Baker,
We still don't think that Mrs. Frances Emeline BAKER, was a "SURRATT" she was a "HENDERSON" she was age 18 years born 1862 AR. living with Ervin W. & Sarah M. (Sims) SURRATT family in the 1880 Census for Faulkner Co., AR.
She listed Father born in GA. & Mother born in SC. F.E. (SIMS) HENDERSON was probley a "Sister" of Mrs. Sarah A. (SIMS) SURRATT
See: 1880 Census, Faulkner Co., AR.

DeKalb Co., GA.
Carole Applegate
Clay Family, DeKalb Co., GA.
Date: June 13, 2000 at 16:56:54
Clay Family Genealogy Forum Mrssage # 1412
Sarah Jane & Tabitha Clay md Surrett brothers
Looking for any information regarding these Clay sisters. They and their siblings, Cena, Wiley, Francis, William, & Green, are listed in the DeKalb Co., Ga. 1850 census, along with their widowed mother, Jeddy. Not sure if this is a nickname, or it's been transcribed incorrectly.
Sarah Jane CLAY married Cicero Green Surrett and
Tabitha CLAY married Sanford Surrett.
Both families migrated to Alabama and Sarah died in Oklahoma in 1913. Would appreciate any information on this family. Also listed in the census is a Ruthy Twilly, age 44.
Is she related to the mother or just a friend?
You can E-mail me direct at Carole Applegate [email protected]
if you prefer. Any information would be greatly appreciated. No followups yet
Carole, 1850 Census, Paintersville, DeKalb Co., GA. Dated Oct 17, 1850
M-432, Reel 67, Page 175a, F.Visit: 102
H/H Widow Jeddy CLAY, a41y b. 1809 GA.
Ruthy TWILLY, a44y b. 1806 GA.
1. 1st Dau: Cena CLAY, a20y b. 1830 GA.
2. 2nd Dau: Tabatha CLAY, a19y b. 1831 GA. See: m. *1852 Sanford SURRETT Floyd Co., GA.
3. 3rd Dau: Sarah J. CLAY, a15y b. 1835 GA. See: m. *1854 Cicero Green SURRETT Polk Co., GA.
4. 1st Son: Wiley CLAY, a10y b. 1840 GA.
5. 4th Dau: Frances CLAY, a 5y b. 1845 GA.
6. 2nd Son: William CLAY, 9/12 b. 1849 GA.
7. 3rd Son: Green CLAY, 9/12 b. 1849 GA.
We would like to exchange Information on this family! ..prs

Floyd Co., GA.
Penny & Rick Surrett
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 9:54:34 PM Eastern Standard Time
Hi Paul,
As I was beginning my search for the history and origin of the Surrett surname I happened upon your website and discovered the various spellings of this French name. I have traced my own ancestory back to ford Surrett who lived in Georgia in the early 1840's. He was in the Civil War (really too old at that time to be in the war) as well as his younger brother. Family legend has it that Sanford came from North Carolina.
My family has remained Georgia. I live just outside of Atlanta. Thanks for all the work you put into your website it was helpful and very informative.
Sincerely Rick Surrett, [email protected]
Thanks for the kind words and E-Mail!
You can find Sanford SURRETT's profile at URL:
See: Sanford SURRETT, SFA-Profile!
How are you "connected" to this branch?
We would like any correction/addition to these families. ...prs

Fulton Co., GA.

Gordon Co., GA.
Patricia Hazlewood
SERRITT, Cleo (Belecher) Mrs.
Dated: Mar 8, 1998; 19:14
Rootsweb.com Gordon Co., GA. Queries: Queries #3
I'm looking for relatives of Cleo (Belecher) Serritt. She married Cecil Serritt. She was borned in 3/26/1904 and died on 5/28/1995 in Gordon County. They had 9 children,
1. Alvin, 2. Albert, 3. James, 4. Veron, 5. William, 6. Wayne, 7. Ruby, 8. Sara Bob, and 9. Betty Jean.
They lived most of their lives in Gordon County around the Sugar Valley area. Want to find any relation to the BELECHER Family
Thanks, Patricia Hazlewood, [email protected]
9th Generation Cecil SERRITT, [SFA-ID#] [SFA-FG 3264]
(1s/o "Byrd" VanBuren SERRITT & Mother: Mrs. Dora (Unk) COX)
(1Gs/o Thomas J. SURRETT & H. "Callie" GOSWICK)
(2Gs/o Berry A. SARRETT & Mother: Martha J. THRASHER)
We would like to exchange info on these Families...prs
Joyce (Seritt) Littlefield
Re: Surretts of Cleburne Co. Ala.
Dated: August 11, 1999 at 16:26:05
SURRATT Genforum.com Message #175
In Reply to: Re: Surretts of Cleburne Co. Ala. by joyce littlefield Msg.
Your Berry A. SERRITT, b. c1830 old Campbell, Co and living in Gorden Co., GA. Is NOT part of Inez's Greenberry Surretts of Cleburne, AL.
I have sent you seperate E-Mail (GENForm will not allow you to cut & paste, thats a shame)
This E-mail is the Family Group Sheet (FGS) of Berry A. SERRITT.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. ([email protected]) Followups:
Re: Surretts of Cleburne Co. Ala. joyce littlefield 8/11/99
2nd E-Mail: Dated: Date: August 11, 1999 at 21:36:01
Surratt Family Genealogy Forum Message #177
Posted by: joyce littlefield ([email protected]) In Reply to: Re: Surretts of Cleburne Co. Ala. by Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. of Msg. #175
thank you, paul, for info about Berry A Sarrett of old Campbell co. If I can be of help to you with family info I have, please let me know.
Joyce (Seritt) Littlefield, [email protected]
We would like any info. of the "Unknowns, Not Traced" items.
See: Berry A. SERRITT SFA-Profile! ...prs
SERRIT, Myra Lucreita
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 12:43:57 AM Eastern Standard Time
I don't know if I can help, but my Grandmother was a Serritt, Myra Lucreita Serrit.
You have a list of 6 in the state of GA. There were 11 children in my grandmother's immediate family. I know they spelled the name different within the same family.
I can only go back as far as my great, great, grandfather. This is my mother's family and we know nothing about them. I can give you more details of what I know. And any information you might be able to enlighten us with would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you Carmen McAfee, E-Mail: [email protected]
We belive Myra L. SERRIT, is the 4th Dau of Berry A. & Martha J. (Thrasher) SERRITT
If you can give me more information (b. d. m. County lived, etc.) on your Grandmother, maybe I can help researching your SERRITT branch.
See: Mrs. Myra L. (Serritt) PITCH SFA-Profile! ...prs

Vicki S. Seritt
My Seritt Ancestors
Date: 30 Apr 2001 2:38 PM GMT
ancrestry.com SERITT Message Board: Message #1
I'm searching for information on my father's family. I've got as far as my great-great grandfather;
See: Berry A. Seritt Born: Mar15,1829 Died: Mar26,1912 Note: Name on Obituary;B.A.Serritt
Berry A Seritt married Martha J. Thrasher and were living in Campbell Co. Ga in 1860 and had seven children;
1. Thomas J. Seritt,
2. Francis M. Seritt,
3. Juliet A. Seritt,
4. Millice A. Seritt,
5. Harriett E. Seritt,
6. James H. Seritt,
7. Myra J. Seritt,

See: Thomas J. Seritt is my great grandfather. He married Hepsa Callie Goswick. They had eleven children, eight that lived. They were;
1. Harvey,
2. Wylie F.,
3. Van Buren (a.k.s. "Bird" Seritt),
4. Berry Anderson (a.k.a. "Boss" Seritt)
5. William C. (a.k.a. "Ches" Seritt),
6. James Robert,
7. Willie B.,
8. Birreley L. (a.k.a. "Burl" Seritt),

See: Birreley L. SERITT (I only knew him as Burl Lee, he was my grandfather)
He married Mary Elizabeth Burgess. They had three children,
1. Burl Lee Jr., d. Infant!
2. Harlin Philip,and
3. Dorothy.

Harlin Philip Seritt was my father. He married Mary Louise White.
They had eleven children;
1. Connie Jean Seritt,
2. Harlin Philip Seritt Jr.,
3. George Leslie Seritt,
4. Jerry Lee Seritt,
5. Bobby Neal Seritt,
6. Jack Allen Seritt (died in house fire at 8 months old),
7. Gary Mitchell Seritt,
8. Vicki Sue Seritt,
9. Patti Irene Seritt,
10. Jimmy Edward Seritt and
11. Tina Jo Seritt.

A special thanks and hello to Scott Seritt for his help! If you have any more information on Berry A. Seritt and his ancestors please reply to this message or contact me at
Vicki S. Seritt [email protected]
We have a little bit on See: Berry A. SARRETT SERRITT Family Profile!. We would like to exchange info. on this Family. ...prs
June Russell
SERITT, Berry A.
Dated: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 5:40:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Can you help me. I am a beginner and I am trying to find information on my Great Great Grandfather Berry Serritt. How do I get information from the reel and page numbers you have listed.
BERRY , A. SERETT 80y 1910 GORDON GA T-624 188 0092E
BERRY , A. SERRITTE 50y 1880 GORDON GA T-9 149 0114E
BERRY , A. SERRATT 40y 1870 GORDON GA M-593 153 0262
BERRY , A. Benjami SURRETT 30y 1860 CAMPBELL GA M-653 113 0309
BERRY , A. SERRATT 20y 1850 CAMPBELL GA M-704 38 NdRcd
Thanks, June Russell, [email protected]
June, Thanks for the E-mail, sorry I am so late, but I have been buzy.
To research "Census Records, please see my "Howto" & "Tips" on this research. Howto
or goto my homepage, Goto Census, Goto "Howto"
We am interested in exchanging info. on the SERRITT/SURRETT/SIRRETT (various spellings) families of Gordon & Floyd Co's GA.
See: Barry A. SARRETT; Family Profile! ...prs

Betty Savage
SERITT, B.A. "Boss"
Dated: Tue Sep 24 2002
Rootsweb.com World Connection (GEDCOM) ID# 119606696
Alley Verlon Savage GEDCOM Entries: 1713
ID: I121183995 B. A. "Boss' SERITT
Married: May 3, 1914 in Gordon Co., GA to
ID: I119606696 Cynthia TATE d/o Pink Allen TATE b: Feb 9, 1878 & Mother: Lillie HOLSOMBACK b: Oct. 2, 1884 in Georgia
We have:
Berry Anderson "Boss" SERRITT, b. *1884 Son of:
See: Thomas Jefferson SEARRITT; b. c1856 Family Profile!
Grandson of Barry A. SARRETT; b. *1829 Family Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this branch. ...prs
Marilyn Houser
Boss Seritt - Gordon CoGa
Dated: January 08, 2003 at 18:31:08
GenForum: Seritt Family Genealogy Forum Message # 2
B.A. "Boss" Seritt married Cynitha Tate in Gordon Co Ga and they lived abound Hill City in Sugar Valley. I am looking for any information on this line. Thanks, Marilyn Houser, [email protected]
No followups yet
See: B.A. "Boss" SERRITT SFA Profile!
We would like any corrections/additions info. on this branch. ...prs
Donna L. (Serritt) HAMES
Cecil Serritt's granddaughter
SFA-Guestbook: Dated: 25 Jan 2003
I am researching our family tree for my daughter. She is doing a paper for school and was needing information. I have read all of the hard work you have compiled. It is all very interesting. I was wondering why so many variations in the spelling of the name.
Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I wish there were more sites to research from that you did not have to pay to get on. I cannot find anything about my grandmother (Cecil's wife). If you are interested in Cecil's decendants, I would be glad to give that to you. Thanks again!
Donna L. (Serritt) HAMES [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail & kind words.
The "Variation of this surname" The main reason is do to the subject's were "iliiterate" they could NOT Read or Write. When the census Enumerators visited the subject's Farm Place to gather the Census information they could NOT spell their Surname! The Census taker would just spell the name the way they heard it. Same for the Marriage License, Death Certificates, etc. We have several brothers living in the same County of Gordon, GA. but different Census take thusley they spelled it several different ways.
Your Grandmother Cleo Ann BELCHER, (#3. of 6 Children, 2nd Dau of William E. & Leona BELCHER) b. 26 Mar 1904, Sonoraville, Militia Dist # 1056, Gordon Co., GA. d. 28 May 1995, age 91yrs, 5mths, & 2 days, Calhoun, Gordon Co., GA. Buried: Sugar Valley Baptist Church & Cemetery. She had 5 Siblings:
#1.) Lilly, b. 1899; #2.) Fred, b. 1901, #4.) Wm. Clanton, b. 1911; #5.) Horace, b. 1916; and little #6. Emma Lou BELCHER.
We would like any corrections/additions to this branch.
See: Cecil Lee SERRITT SFA-Profile!
Harold Coffman
SERRITT, Lizzie (Enlow) Mrs.
Date: 31 Jul 2003 2:08:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Dear Paul,
You probably already have learned that Lizzie Unknown, wife of James Robert Serritt was Lizzie Inlow or Enlow depending upon who is doing the spelling. You might double check me by looking at the 1900 census of James Enlow in Gordon County, Georgia in Sugar Valley District, page 111. In the 1930 census of Gordon County, Sugar Valley District, Lizzie's brother, Harvie Inlow, age 32, single and a farm hand was living with James and Lizzie Serritt.
James Enlow the father was the son of William Thomas Inlow (b 27 December 1827 -- d Unknown probably in the 1870s) and grandson of William (b abt 1790 SC and died 1860s in Gordon County) and Elizabeth Inlow (b abt 1800 and died 09 December 1871 in Gordon County. Both were born in South Carolina. They moved to Gordon County in the mid 1840s. If you have any interest in her family I have a little information on the Inlow family -- not a great deal but some. I am a great grandson of Cornelia C. Inlow, daughter of William and Elizabeth Inlow and sister to William Thomas Inlow.
I have no information to speak of about William Thomas Inlow other than he was a school teacher and had a bunch of kids.
Harold R. Coffman ([email protected])
5205 Highlands Drive, McKinney, Texas 75070-7625 Phone: 972-569-9418
We have Robert James SERRITT, b. c1887 5th Son of:
See: Thomas John SEARRITT; Family Profile!
Grandson of Barry A. SARRETT; Family Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this Family! ...prs

Gary Seritt, Jr.
Subj:mr. paul
Date: 01 Jan 2004 3:11:32 PM Pacific Standard Time
Mr. Paul, my name is Gary Seritt Jr. I was born in Birmingham Alabama and my grandfather is from sugar valley [Gordon Co.] Georgia.
I am trying to figure out more about my family and if I am in fact related to the surratts, sarratts, sarretts and so on. Any help would be much appreciated.
gary seritt, [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, Gary
Most of our records of the Gordon Co., GA. families, SC can be seen at
Berry A. SERRITT SFA Profile!
We would like any corrections/additions to this branch. ...prs

Grady Co., GA.  Also See Thomas Co., GA.)
Bold Springs Cemetery Inscriptions - Grady Co., Georgia
 LName,  FName  Born  Died  Age  Remarks
 Sarette,  Hiram  22 Apr 1813  03 May 1895  a82y  1st s/o William,3 SARRETT
 Sarrette,  Penelope Clendenen  25 Aug 1820  03 Mar 1904  a84y  Wife of Hiram, 9Ch.
 Sarrette,  William A.  09 Oct 1857  22 Oct 1926  a69y  1st s/o Hiram,2 SARRETT
 Sarrette,  Martha C.  09 Oct 1851  21 Aug 1931  a80y  Wife of Wm. A., Ch.
 Sarrette,  James Albert, Sr.  21 Jun 1862  03 Aug 1943  a81y  2nd s/o Hiram,2 SARRETT
 Sarrette,  Olivia  12 Oct 1866  28 Feb 1946  a81y  w/o J.A. Sr. d/o
 Sarrett,  Samuel H.  10 Jan 1886  17 Mar 1919  a32y  1st s/o J.A. Sr. SARRETT
 Sarrett,  W. Edward  18 May 1887  08 Jun 1918  a31y  2nd s/o J.A. Sr. SARRETT

Ronald E. Sarrett
SARRETT, James Albert, Sr.
Dated: 20 May 1996 14:55:07 EDT
While browising I came across the AOL Genealogy Forum. Out of curiosity and not expecting that anything would be returned I searched for my surname. It was quite a suprise to see references to two articles submitted by you. I have always been told that there are very few Sarretts in this world.
I am the only surviving son of Paul Clendenen Sarrett, and the only "twig" left on this branch of the Sarrett tree. My father was the youngest of nine children born to James Albert Sarrett, Sr. and Olivia Matilda McMillan of Grady County, Georgia. I have a copy of JA Sarrett's death certificate that indicates he was born June 21, 1862, in Spring Place, Georgia, and died August 7, 1943, in Miccousukee, Leon County, Florida. His parents are noted thereon as Hiram Sarrett of Tennessee and Penelope Clendenen of Tennessee.
If you are interested in exploring this branch further please contact me.
Ronald E. Sarrett Tampa, Florida ([email protected])
Thanks for the E-Mail
We would love to exchange information on this Family
See: Hiram,2 SARRETT SFA-Family Profile!
Would like ant correction/additions to this SFA-Profile! ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 23 May 1996 17:13:34 EDT
Thanks for the historical information on the Sarrett family. The reference to the Duke of Mont Sarrette who came to America with Jean Lafayett was interesting. I had heard stories about the family coming from France with Jean Laffite the pirate...not Lafayette of the Revolutionary War. Maybe the family has slightly more noble beginnings than I had suspected.
I have filled in the Family Group sheets for the JA Sarrett, Sr. family, the Paul C. Sarrett family, and the Ronald E. Sarrett family. Most of the information came from the JA Sarrett, Sr. family Bible or from genealogy worksheets that my Aunt Mattie, Martha Louise Sarrett Lewis (SFA#1796) prepared with the help of my father. I have some birth, marriage, and death certificates as well. If you want documentation I will provide what I have.
The genealogy forms appear to have been sent to Aunt Mattie in 1979 by the same Miriam Newsom John who has corresponded with you. Evidently, Aunt Mattie responded to a genealogy inquiry in the Cairo (GA) Messenger that had been placed by Ms. Miriam John. I doubt that Aunt Mattie ever returned the completed forms to her. A good bit of the handwriting is my father's. He had a fantastic ability to remember names and dates so I suspect he provided a great deal of input.
Cousin Elsie Dodson, daughter of Alberta May Sarrett (SFA#1791) still lives in Thomasville, Thomas Co., GA. I will send her copies of this correspondence with the request that she fill in as many blanks as she can. These Sarretts didn't move very far from home. Generations were born, married, and died within 100 miles of Thomasville.
Josie Dekle, son of Clara V. Futch (SFA#1782) still lives on the Hiram Sarrett homestead. When I saw him in the summer of 1993 he was in very poor health. He can be contacted at Route 2 Box 351 Cairo GA 31728
This project made me aware of a very strange coincidence: Hiram Sarrett died May 3, 1895. My father died 100 year to the day later May 3, 1995.
I have tried to attach the sheets as a file to this e-mail. I have never tried this before. If you don't receive them let me know and I will try again. Or I can fax them to you.
Ronald E. Sarrett Tampa, Florida ([email protected])


Hall Co., GA.
William Christopher Surrett
Hello fellow SURRETTS
Date: 02 Oct 2003 6:32:32 AM Pacific Daylight Time
To: >[email protected]
CC: >[email protected]
[email protected]
My name is William Christopher Surrett. I am 22years old from Atlanta, GA. I finally found a website with other surretts on it.
There is only 1 other family that I know of in GA with our last name.. I was just curious if any of you were of my background.
My grandfather William Francis Surrett is a preacher in Gainesville Ga, [Hall Co.]
my father William Micheal Surrett [b. c1949] passed away last year Oct 25, 2002 age 53yrs
It has been ruff on the family.
My father had sisters Vicky (Surrett) Graham of Charolette North Carolina, and
Pam Surrett of Gainesville Ga.
I have not had much contact with the rest of the family because thay all live north of GA. I know some of my other family names are GRAHAM, CARTER, MCCULLUM, and MUTTER.
My family history:
I know my original last name was SURRATT. It was changed by the military as a screw up on my grandfathers military records. He just never bothered to change it back.
I know in some way I am related to Mrs. MARY (Jenkins) SURRATT (the first woman legally hung in the USA)
 ( See: http://members.aol.com/RVSNorton/Lincoln26.html
If anyone can give me some info that would be great!!! Take care and hope to hear from you soon!!!
William Surrett, [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail,
We do NOT have your branch in our SFA database. If you can give us more infor. on your Grandfather and Great-Grandfather (b.,d. mar. state, county, etc)
We should be able to "connect" you to one of our SFA familes, then we can determin what "connection" if any you have with Mrs. Mary (Jenkins) SURRATT....prs

Source: We never heard back from young William SURRETT, but we recieved an E-Mail from his Aunt Pam SURRETT, on Dec. 1st, 2008, who put us on the correct SFA-Branch. Wm. Christopher SURRETT's Father is 10 Generation SFA See: Wm. Micheal SURRETT
 See: [SFA-REF:#003]

Habersham Co., GA.
Source: Ancestry.com - Marriages--Georgia to 1850
Dated: Oct 19, 1998
 Henry P. SURRATT  27 Aug 1829  Milly STRATTON  (Should be Hirman M. SARRETT? ..prs
 Samuel G SURRATT  10 Nov 1831  Sarah BLACK  (Should be Sarah BROCK? ..prs)

Johnson Co., GA.
Paul R. Sarrett. Jr/
Francis "Sonny" Surratt
Date: 12 Sep 2005 2:01:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
Message Board URL: Message #801
Viola Virginia Baze, 80, died at 11:15 a.m. Monday, Sept. 5, 2005, at Jerseyville Manor Nursing Home, where she had been a resident since 2001.
She was born in Kane on Feb. 18, 1925, the last surviving child born to Robert and Ethel (Hardwick) Scoggins.
She married Kenneth Eugene "Gene" Baze in Carrollton [Carroll Co., GA.] on Oct. 28, 1943, and together, they raised a family that consisted of four girls and one boy, before his death on May 25, 2002.
She was raised in Greene County, and after her marriage was a homemaker, creating a happy home for her husband, children and grandchildren. Her family was her life, and she enjoyed playing cards, puzzles and following the St. Louis Cardinals.
Surviving are three daughters and sons-in-law, Darlene and Joe Purcell, Carol and William Stahl, all of Jerseyville, and Linda and George Lambert of Kane; a son and daughter-in-law, Jerry and Julie Baze of Beardstown;
a son-in-law, Francis "Sonny" Surratt of Kane;
16 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren.
In addition to her husband, she was preceded in death by her parents;
a daughter, Doris Jean "Jeannie" (Baze) Surratt on May 15, 1998;
three brothers, Floyd, George and Robert Eugene Scoggins; and two sisters, Gladys Harbour and Madelene Baze.
Visitation will be from 4 to 8 p.m. today at Crawford Funeral Home in Jerseyville, where funeral services will be conducted at 10 a.m. Thursday. Charles Pine will officiate.
Burial will be at Mount Gilead Cemetery in Carrollton.
Memorials may be given to the family in care of the funeral home.
Could NOT find Mrs. Doris Jean "Jeannie" (Baze) Surratt d. May 15, 1998 in SSD Index.
We would like to exchange info. on this Family! ...prs


Polk Co., GA.
Paul R. Sarrett,Jr.
SURRETT, Otus W. "Shorty"
Dec 27, 1999
Newspaper Cedartown Standard
Mr. Otus Willard "Shorty" Surrett age 80, of Cedartown, [Polk Co., GA.] passed away December 24, 1999 at his residence. Mr. Surrett was born January 30, 1919. Surviving are wife, Ann Boswell Surrett of Cedartown; daughters, Debbie (Surrett) Frasier of Cedartown, [Polk Co.] GA. and
Joan (Surrett) Burkhalter of Lilburn [Baldwin Co.] AL.;
sisters, Mrs. Hazel (Surrett) Pendergrass of Rome, [Covington Co.] AL.
Mrs. Edna (Surratt) Satcheer of Silver Creek, [Baldwin Co.] AL. and
Mrs. Mae Belle (Surrett) McKenzie of Carrolton, [Pickens Co.] AL.
five grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. Funeral services were held Sunday, December 26, at the Chapel of the Gammage Funeral Home with the Rev. Clay Stephens officiating. Interment followed in the Mars Hill Cemetery, Cleburne County, Ala.
Pallbearers were Rex Crocker, John Crocker, Clyde Hackney, Ronald Brannon, Willard Brannon and Dennis Jackson. Honorary pallbearers were David Johnson and Kenneth Sisson. Gammage Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements.
O.W. Shorty SURRETT, was the only son of Willard SURRETT & Mother: May PRUITT;
1Gs/o Miss Mary SURRETT, (c1873-1931) No Marriage!
2Gs/o Cicero Green SURRETT & Nancy DODD.
3Gs/o Sanford,1 SURRETT & Tabitha C. CLAY

Carole Applegate
Francis and/or Mende Surrette -- Polk Co., Georgia
Date: April 24, 2001 at 10:00:59
Surratt Family Genealogy Forum Message # 434
Looking for any info on these two individuals. Are they sisters or the same individual? The info that I have is that Francis was born to Cicero Green Surrett & Sarah Jane Clay, abt 1857-8 in Ga. She married Franklin Miller, 7 Oct 1876 in Polk Co., Ga. They had at least 2 children,
William H. b.1878 in Ga. &
Franklin A. b. Jul 1879 in Ala.
When the mother, Sarah Jane Surrett died, her obit listed a Mende Miller of Bisbee, Ariz. as a surviving daughter. Not sure if this is a sister to Francis, who also married a Miller, or the same person.
Others say that Mende/Minnie was b. abt 1861, mar. abt 1883 & had children (1) J.C. b. abt 1884, (2) Eric, (3) Mae, (4) Cope, & (5) Lena. No sources were listed.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sarah Jane died 4 Nov 1913 in Antlers, Okla. and the father Cicero, was killed by a bootlegger 1 Nov 1874 in Cedartown, Polk Co., Ga. You can E-mail me direct at Carole Applegate [email protected] if you like.
Carole, See: Cicero Green SURRETT & Sarah J. CLAY Polk Co., GA.
We would like to exchange Information on this family! ..prs

Thomas Co., GA.  Also See (Grady Co., GA.
Lee Mathis
Kate (SARRETT) MATHIS, 2nd Wife
Dated: Mar 30, 2000
Source: [email protected]
Subject: [MATHIS-L] Bartley MATHIS - Thomas Co, GA
I haven't posted in a while, so here goes...
I am looking for ANY info on the following family: Bartley MATHIS is my g-g-grandfather and (according to the Census) was born in Georgia. There is one piece of evidence indicating he was born in Emanuel Co. Most Censuses find him in Lowndes Co and Thomas Co, Georgia. He was also a veteran of both the Seminole Wars and the Civil War and is buried in the Bold Springs Cemetery just outside Ochlocknee in Thomas Co, GA.
Bartley MATHIS (1816 - 1890)
m. Mary Jane TILLEY (1832 - 1911) on 25 May 1849, 8 Children:
 1a William MATHIS* (1850-1914) m. 1) Catherine MILLS
 1b William MATHIS* (1850-1914) m. 2) Kate SARRETT
 1c William MATHIS* (1850-1914) m. 3) Elizabeth F (1857 - 1891)
 2 Samuel MATHIS    (1852-1933) m. *1878 Lovedianne HOLLAND (1852-1923)
 3 Elizabeth MATHIS (1855-1933) m. Henry BAGGETT after 1880
 4 Mary Jane MATHIS (1858- )    m. Harmon JOHNSON
 5 Rebecca MATHIS   (1862- )    m. Jack (John?) WALKER
 6a Bartley J MATHIS* (1866 - 1931) 
                                m. Ruth Caroline ALLBRITTON
                               (1862 - 1894) on 6 Feb 1885, GA
 6b Bartley J MATHIS (1866 - 1931) c1896 m. Viola BAGGETT 1874-  
 7 Archibald MATHIS (1868 - ) m. Melissa ?
 8 Jerry (Jeremiah?) MATHIS (1873 - 1914)
If you have ANY information or any of this looks familiar, please send a note.
Thanks, Lee Mathis Arlington, VA. ([email protected])
We think your "Kate SARRETT" is realy Susan Catherine SARRETT, (1850-1928) a77y. she is the 3rd daughter of See: Hiram & Penelope A. (CLENDENEN) SARRETT.
We wouls like to exchange info. on this family. ..prs

Unoin Co., GA.
Willie Gillespie
Jan 21, 2001
SARRETT, William
Source: GC-Lincoln County NC Queries
URL: Message #2291
Trying to find info on Starrett or Sarrett family William and Ruth ? Starrett . Daughetr Elizabeth b: abt1775 Lincoln CO. NC
Died bet 1840-50 in Unoin Co. GA. Census.
Married John Gillespie April 11,1787
in Lincoln CO NC.

Whitfield Co., GA.
David Brown
Sarretts in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co. TN. and N. Georgia
Dated: Aug 07, 1999
My great 3x grandfather was John Sarrett of Chattanooga, (Hamilton Co., TN. ) originally from Georgia but changed his last name to Cereatt after the Lincoln assasination. But I can find nothing on him.
He was in Chattanooga between 1870 and 1920 and in Cahutta, (Sic Cohutta, Whitfield Co.) Georgia before that.
I know you are busy but if there is some database of Sarretts you know of I would appreciate knowing how to get it for myself. Thanks for any info at all you could pass along on Sarretts.
David Brown (Old address) [email protected]
New E-Mail: [email protected]
David Brown,
Thanks for the E-mail!
You didn't give me any "time-frame" but I have a John M. SURRATT, (1st s/o A. Almon & Jane H. (KILPAREICK) SURRATT) b. 1844, in Spartanburg Co., SC. age 16y living with his parents in the 1860 Census for Whitfield Co., GA. (Not traced!)
If you can give me more info. like b. & marriage dates, wife's name, and children, I maybe can make a match in our 45,000 database....prs

    2nd E-Mail Date: 08 Aug 1999 6:22:04 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Thanks for your info on John M. Surratt of Whitfield County. I believe the Surratt you found is the right one, born in 1844 and showing up in the 1860 Whitfield County census. I can tell you that he had 2 children, born after he moved to Chattanooga, [Hamilton Co.] TN.
One was George W. (1876-1932) and Betty (birth date and death date unknown).
However his children spelled there name Cereatt. And I believe John changed the name of his spelling before moving to Chattanooga.
If there is any more info you can add I would aprreciate it, or if there is a database available I can access let me know. Otherwise, now that I know his family came from Spartenburg County South Carolina I will try to obtain those census records. I want to trace him back all the way to Europe(easier said than done). Thank You so much! David Brown, E-Mail: [email protected]
    3rd E-Mali Date: 09 Aug 1999 10:31:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Paul, Thank You so much for the detailed info on John M. Surratt. The changing of the last name to Cereatt had caused great confusion to me. Now all is clear! A note of interest, the Cereatt name is now gone forever. As far as I know it was a name not used by anyone else and there are no males living today with the name. Thank you again my relatives will probably break down in tears of joy when they get the info you sent me.
David Brown, Technology Training Team; [email protected]
You are Welcome!, That's what Genealogy is all about "Sharing"
If you come across John M.'s Wife Info. & the 2 Children I would like same. ..prs

3rd E-Mail: Date: 16 Aug 1999 1:31:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time
I traded some emails with you about a week ago about a John M. Surratt(sometimes spelled Cereatt) from Cohutta Georgia(Whitfield County). I have found tons of stuff on his son George W. Cereatt of Hamilton County (Chattanooga),TN. But John Surratt/Cereatt does not show up in any Hamilton County census. My grandfather now tells me that John Surratt lived most of his life in Cohutta (Whitfield County)Georgia till about the 1920's. But I have no access to Whitfield County records. Basicly if you see a John Surratt in any north Georgia records between 1880 and 1920 I'd like to see it. Last time you emailed me good stuff on these Surratts up until the 1870's.
Thanks for what you have already sent me. This John Surratt/Cereatt of North Georgia is the only missing link from Chattanooga to France. David Brown, Technology Training Team; [email protected]
The reason I don't have any info. after 1870 for John SURRATT/CEREATT is because of the name change.
I used the "Soundex" number S630 for the various SARRATT/SARRETT/SURRATT spellings, thusley I did not record "CEREATT" which has a Soundex of C630.
Most large library's and the regional offices of the National Archives Administration (NRA) have the Census Schedules for your review.
Starting with the 1880's 1900, 1910 & 1920 Soundexs "C630" to see County and Reel Number, Page number of your subject. ..prs

4th E-Mail: Date: 07 Sep 1999 12:27:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time
I emailed you about a month ago about a John Cereatt near the Chattanooga (Hamilton County) area who had changed his name from the original Surratt. He showed up in the Whitfield County Georgia, (just a few miles from Chattanooga) in 1860, so we thought. I finally just found my real great 3x grandfather in the 1920 Whitfield County census. But he claims in that census to have been born in Maryland, not SC as we had previously thought! I know that he had to have been in Tennessee since at least 1876, because his son was born that year in Tennessee. But sometime, perhaps shortly after the war, John Cereatt, then John Surratt, left Maryland for Tennessee. I think he left because he had the same name as the John Surratt involved in the Lincoln conspiracy. I know hostilities towards the Surratts was so great that the town in Maryland called Surrattsville was even renamed.
Now I am looking for a John Surratt from Maryland who would show up in the 1860 census there, probably living with his parents at that time. If you come accross John Surratt in Maryland let me know. His birth date could be anywhere between 1850 and 1861. He claims to have been 55 in 1920, but that is probably a few years too young since his son claimed to have been 44 that same year.
I have contacted the Surratt musuem in Maryland about a possible John Surratt related to John and Mary Surratt involved in the Lincoln conspiracy. I am awaiting there answer.
Any new info you have on a John Surratt from Maryland I would be interested in. And thanks again for what you gave me last time. At least we know the Surratts of Maryland and S.C. are probably all from France!
David Brown, Technology Training Team; [email protected]

5th E-Mail: Date: 20 Oct 1999 1:28:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time
I have just found out that John Surratt the husband of Mary Surratt, (she was supposedly in on the Lincoln assasination), fathered an illegitimate child in 1838. The child's real mother was Caroline Sanderson of Prince George's County Maryland. The child's name was John William Harrison Surratt born in June 1838 and baptized at St. Pauls Cathedral in Washington DC in July 1840. The last name Caroline gave then was Sarath. Her child, I believe, was my great 4x grandfather. My great 3x grandfather was John Cereatt born in Maryland and moved to the Cahutta Georgia area near Chattanooga. I think this illegitimate child was his father. I have corresponded with you before, just thought you might want this latest info.

Jane Knox
SURRETT, George Washington
Dated: Jan 29, 2002
I am interrested in finding a George Washington Cereatt(Surratt, Serratt, Surrett) born in 1876 and married to a Martha Matilda Lundsford 10/27/1883-5/15/60. If you can send any info will appreciate it.
Thanks Jane Knox, E-Mail: [email protected]
Jane, I can't find this marriage in our database. Do you known what County, State the lived in? ...prs
2nd E-Mail: Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 5:51:12 PM Eastern Standard Time
Hi there. I believe she was from Cohutta, Whitfield Co., Ga. 30710 or some small town in Ga. any info will be very much appreciated. Thanks Jane Knox, E-Mail: [email protected]
We believe he was a s/o See: John M. SARRATT Family Profile! ...prs
C. Warren Zibelin
Zibelin Family Genealogy
Date: 6/10/02 12:04:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time
CC: [email protected], and [email protected]
File:Zibelin Geneology.doc (26624 bytes) DL Time (57600 bps): < 1 minute
Paul, I ran across your Sarrett Family Genealogy on line and found it interesting, since I am in the process of doing one for the Zibelin family.
For your information, I've attached a copy of what I have done thus far. I've still got slips of paper, shadings of tombstones and notes written on everything from napkins to business cards of the children of the great aunts and uncles attached, that I have yet to get around to adding.
By the way, I'm the son of Cedric Vollers Zibelin (91) and grand son of Charles Henry Zibelin Sr. I would find it interesting conversing with any of the Sarratts/Kilpatricks.
C. Warren Zibelin 2636 S. Whitestone Drive Florence, S. Carolina 29505 843 662 3235
E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, Miss Laura Eugenia SARRATT;,
(2nd d/o A.A. & Jane H. (KILPATRICK) SARRATT)
married Mr. John Jacob ZIBELIN.
I have added/corrected your ZIBELIN information to the SFA Family Profile!
See URL: A.A. SARRATT Profile! Would like to exchange info on this family. ...prs

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