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Jane (?) (F)
b. April 1752, d. 3 November 1840

     Jane (?) was born in April 1752. She married David Gibson. Jane (?) died on 3 November 1840 at Rutherford Co., North Carolina, at age 88.

Child of Jane (?) and David Gibson
Barbara Gibson b. c 1795

Jane (?)1 (F)
b. circa 1819

     Jane (?) was born circa 1819 at Ohio. She married Joseph Mauk, son of Anthony Mauk and Sarah Price.


Children of Jane (?) and Joseph Mauk
Martha A. Mauk b. 24 Sep 1837, d. 9 Sep 1843
Sarah Mauk b. c 1845
Mary E. Mauk b. c 1847
John W. Mauk b. c 1850


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Jane (?) (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Jane (?) was the daughter of King of England Edward III (?) and Alice Perrers.


Jane (?) (F)

     Jane (?) married James Scott.


Child of Jane (?) and James Scott
Mary Erwin Scott+ b. 10 Mar 1809, d. 27 Jul 1891

Jane (?) (F)

     Jane (?) married James Gaston, son of Hugh Gaston and Jennet (?).


Jane (?) (F)

     Jane (?) married Hugh Gaston, son of Robert Gaston and Margaret Logan, before 1798.


Jane (?) (F)

     Jane (?) married James Gaston, son of Joseph Gaston and Isabel Simonton.


Children of Jane (?) and James Gaston
William Gaston
Mary Gaston
Jane Gaston
John Gaston

Jane A. (?) (F)
b. 7 May 1821, d. 21 February 1888

     She married John Stewart. Jane was born on 7 May 1821. Jane died on 21 February 1888 at age 66.

Child of Jane A. (?) and John Stewart
Jessie Stewart+ b. 1861, d. 1936

Jane H. (?) (F)
b. circa 1887

     Jane H. (?) was born circa 1887 at Pennsylvania. She married Stewart Dellinger, son of Daniel Ziegler Dellinger and Emma Jane Miller. Jane was listed as Stewart Dellinger's wife on the 1920 Census at Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minnesota.


Jane Peeler (?)1,2,3 (F)
b. 1809, d. 1850

     Jane Peeler (?) was born in 1809 at York Co., South Carolina. She married Adam Washington Stroup circa 1828. Jane Peeler (?) died in 1850 at Whitfield Co., Georgia.

Children of Jane Peeler (?) and Adam Washington Stroup
Jacob Stroup+ b. c 1829
Daniel Peeler Stroup+ b. 8 Aug 1830, d. 24 Jul 1892
Mary J. Stroup b. c 1834
Anthony A. Stroup b. 1836
Aaron W. Stroup b. 1838
Sarah E. Stroup b. c 1841
James E. Stroup b. c 1844
Henry Don Stroup+ b. 1848, d. a 1897


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