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Oscar Hollar (M)
b. 8 April 1916, d. 9 June 1960
Pop-up Pedigree

     Oscar Hollar was born on 8 April 1916. He was the son of Grover Milton Hollar Sr. and Grace Virginia Sheetz. Oscar Hollar died on 9 June 1960 at age 44.

Perry Hampton Hollar (M)
b. 2 October 1877, d. 27 October 1965

     Perry Hampton Hollar was born on 2 October 1877. He married Martha Florence Dellinger, daughter of George Dellinger and Mary Virginia Ross. Perry Hampton Hollar died on 27 October 1965 at age 88.

Randolph Tucker Hollar (M)

     Randolph Tucker Hollar married Annie E. Rosenberger.

Child of Randolph Tucker Hollar and Annie E. Rosenberger
Nellie Frances Hollar b. 23 Jan 1896, d. 19 Aug 1962

Richard Dallas Hollar1 (M)
b. 16 June 1916, d. 8 September 1979
Pop-up Pedigree

     Richard Dallas Hollar was born on 16 June 1916. He was the son of Walter Dallas Hollar and Minnie Virginia Fadley. Richard Dallas Hollar married Geneva Dellinger, daughter of Montonie "Tony" Dellinger and Effie C. Swartz. Richard Dallas Hollar died on 8 September 1979 at age 63.


  1. [S172] Dorris Ellen Dellinger Gibson, "Re: Dellinger's without parents: revisited," e-mail to Roger Alan Dellinger, 19 Feb 2001.

Sarah Jane "Sadie" Hollar (F)

     She married Ernest Lee Shigley.


Children of Sarah Jane "Sadie" Hollar and Ernest Lee Shigley
Albert Shigley b. 18 Sep 1883, d. 10 Dec 1885
George W. Shigley b. 1887
Gladys Shigley b. 31 Aug 1892, d. 19 Aug 1985

Walter Dallas Hollar (M)

     Walter Dallas Hollar married Minnie Virginia Fadley on 11 March 1906.

Child of Walter Dallas Hollar and Minnie Virginia Fadley
Richard Dallas Hollar+ b. 16 Jun 1916, d. 8 Sep 1979

Zylphis Leah Hollar (F)
b. 16 July 1901, d. 20 March 1972

     Zylphis Leah Hollar was born on 16 July 1901. She married Oscar Elmore Dellinger, son of Preston Maloyd Dellinger and Evie Luella Smith. Zylphis Leah Hollar died on 20 March 1972 at age 70.


James Hollaway (M)

     He married Martha Anne Horner.


Nettie Hollaway (F)

     Nettie Hollaway married William F. March, son of Augustus March and Susan Hollinger.


N.H. Hollbrooks1 (M)

     He married Lillie Dellinger.


  1. [S142] Descendants of Valentin Dellinger, Billet, Dellinger, et al.

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