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Catherine Kelly (F)
d. after 14 May 1893

     Catherine Kelly married John Stevens. Catherine Kelly died after 14 May 1893; Catherine died shortly after the birth of her son, William.


Child of Catherine Kelly and John Stevens
William H. Stevens+ b. 1858

Dora Kelly (F)

     Dora Kelly married Robert Daniel Dillinger, son of Frederick L. Dellinger and Rebecca Ann Bryan.


Dora B. Kelly (F)

     Dora B. Kelly married Allen A. Norris, son of Harvey R. Norris and Louisa Adler, in 1898.


Child of Dora B. Kelly and Allen A. Norris
Ernest Bernard Norris+ b. 11 Sep 1907

Dorothy Louise Kelly (F)

     Dorothy Louise Kelly married Hugh McClure Levalley.


Eliza Kelly (F)
b. 1812

     Eliza was born at Pennsylvania in 1812. She married James Powell at Jefferson Co., Ohio, on 14 October 1830.

Children of Eliza Kelly and James Powell
Lycurgus Powell b. 1831
Leander Powell b. 1839
Jonathan Powell b. 1839
Lydia Powell b. 1841
Phebe Powell b. 1848

Frank Kelly (M)
d. before 1918

     He married Viola Cassell Shigley. Frank died before 1918.


John Kelly (M)

     John Kelly married Anna Marie Spangler, daughter of Samuel Spangler and Rachel Johnston, on 10 November 1853.


Julia Kelly (F)

     Julia Kelly married Henry Valentine Keever, son of Jacob Keever and Viney Lucinda Helderman, on 8 February 1893.


Larans Kelly (F)

     Larans Kelly married Calvin Fish, son of Nathan Fish and Naomi Phillips, in 1830.

Laura Kelly (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Laura Kelly was the daughter of Samuel Kelly. Laura Kelly married Oscar L. Post, son of Stephen Post and Leah Reger.


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