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Lafayette McBride (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Lafayette McBride was the son of Samuel McBride and Amada Stipp.


Martha Alice McBride (F)

     She married Joseph Prugh. She married (?) Bailey.


Children of Martha Alice McBride and Joseph Prugh
(?) Prugh
(?) Prugh
(?) Prugh
Torrance Prugh d. 4 Apr 1924
Myrtle Prugh+ b. 23 Jun 1863, d. 13 Mar 1931

Mary McBride (F)

     Mary McBride married John Stroock.


Child of Mary McBride and John Stroock
Mary Stroock b. 24 Oct 1907, d. 9 Jul 1994

Mary Adell McBride (F)

     She married Joseph Prugh.


Minnie C. McBride (F)
b. 29 August 1899, d. 30 September 1960
Pop-up Pedigree

     She married Wayne Dale Hartley. BURIED: Elwood City Cemetery. Minnie was born at Ronda, Wilkes Co., North Carolina, on 29 August 1899. She was the daughter of (?) McBride. Minnie died on 30 September 1960 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana, at age 61. Her body was interred on 3 October 1960 at Elwood, Madison Co., Indiana.

Samuel McBride (M)

     He married Amada Stipp.


Children of Samuel McBride and Amada Stipp
Lafayette McBride
Elula McBride
Ernest McBride
Erma McBride
Ila McBride

Susan McBride (F)

     Susan McBride married Malakiah Cummings.


Child of Susan McBride and Malakiah Cummings
Joseph Cummings+ b. 23 Dec 1817, d. 1 Dec 1895

Nancy McC (F)
b. 9 March 1837, d. 5 June 1864

     Nancy McC was born on 9 March 1837. She married Isaac Buskirk, son of James M. Van Buskirk and Mariah Campbell. Nancy McC died on 5 June 1864 at age 27. She was buried in June 1864 at Liberty/Colvin/Floyd Cemetery, Bean Blossom Twp, Monroe Co., Indiana.


Michael Frances McCabe (M)
b. 1881, d. 1960

     Michael was born at Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York, in 1881. He married Susanna Deloris Flynn at New York, New York Co., New York, in 1902. Michael died in 1960 at New York, New York Co., New York.


Sarah Susan McCabet (F)

     She married William Lawson Cochran.

Child of Sarah Susan McCabet and William Lawson Cochran
Winslow Osborne Cochran Rev. b. 28 Sep 1854

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