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Sarah McCormick (F)

     She married Johan Jacob Spengler.

Children of Sarah McCormick and Johan Jacob Spengler
Levi Spangler b. 18 Apr 1816, d. 10 Sep 1884
Thomas Spangler b. c 1817
Elizabeth Spangler b. 1818

Martha E. McCosh (F)
b. 1824, d. 27 March 1851

     Martha E. McCosh was born in 1824. She married William B. McClellan, son of William McClellan and Mary Hersh, on 30 September 1846 at Adams Co., Pennsylvania. Martha E. McCosh died on 27 March 1851 at Gettysburg, Adams Co., Pennsylvania.


Children of Martha E. McCosh and William B. McClellan
William McClellan
Mary Dorothea McClellan b. 1849, d. 23 Jul 1851

Mary McCoskey (F)

     She married Phillip Stucker.

Child of Mary McCoskey and Phillip Stucker
Polly Stucker+

James McCotter (M)

     James McCotter married Polly Wynn, daughter of Warner Wynn and Mary Abraham, circa 1804 at Berks Co., Pennsylvania.


A. J. McCown (M)

     He married Sarah Elizabeth Hayes at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, on 19 November 1865. A. was divorced from Sarah Elizabeth Hayes.


Child of A. J. McCown and Sarah Elizabeth Hayes
Lawson Young Hayes Dr.+ b. 12 Feb 1867, d. 18 May 1909

Mary Elizabeth McCown (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary Elizabeth McCown was the daughter of Thomas W. McCown and Margaret Louisa McDill. She married Carl Theodore Harms.


Child of Mary Elizabeth McCown and Carl Theodore Harms
Mary Florine Harms+ b. 27 Jul 1896, d. May 1947

Susan Katherine Isabelle McCown (F)

     She married Younger Riley Pitts.

Thomas W. McCown (M)

     He married Margaret Louisa McDill.


Child of Thomas W. McCown and Margaret Louisa McDill
Mary Elizabeth McCown+

(?) McCoy (M)

     He married Pauline Little.


(?) McCoy (?)
Pop-up Pedigree

     (?) McCoy was the child of Robert M. McCoy and Mary McMillan.


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