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Lucy Mae Puckett (F)
b. 22 July 1897

     Lucy was born on 22 July 1897. She married Robert Herman Moore at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, on 15 June 1913.


Children of Lucy Mae Puckett and Robert Herman Moore
Robert Moore
Rachel Moore
James Moore
John William Moore
Melba Moore+ b. 22 May 1914

Margaret Caroline Puett (F)
b. circa 1850

     Margaret Caroline Puett died at Caldwell Co., North Carolina. She was born circa 1850. She married John Marion Houck, son of Leander Houck and Anna Catherine Link, on 15 April 1866.

Children of Margaret Caroline Puett and John Marion Houck
Gamewell Puett Houck+ b. Jul 1867, d. 31 Oct 1965
A. Eliza Phifer Houck+ b. 6 May 1871, d. 21 Nov 1934
Mary Martha Houck+ b. 24 Jul 1880, d. 28 Apr 1944

Anna Pugh1 (F)

     She married Casper Rinker.

Children of Anna Pugh and Casper Rinker
William Rinker
Lamarion Rinker
Harriet Rinker
Josiah Rinker
Jacob Harvey Rinker
Sarah Rinker
Galloway Rinker


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Joan Pugh (F)

     She married William William in October 1723.


Maria Jane Pugh (F)

     Maria Jane Pugh married Isaac Rogers.


Child of Maria Jane Pugh and Isaac Rogers
Grandison M. Rogers b. c 1836

Robert Pugh (M)

     He married an unknown person .

Children of Robert Pugh
Hugh Robert
Rachel Roberts+ b. 1662, d. 1729

Rocco Scott Pugliese (M)
b. 21 October 1960, d. 8 January 1962

     Rocco Scott Pugliese was born on 21 October 1960 at Dearborn, Wayne Co., Michigan. He died on 8 January 1962 at Royal Oak, Oakland, Michigan, at age 1. He was buried in January 1962 at Rosedale Park, Berkley, Oakland Co., Michigan.


Jane Puleston (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Jane Puleston was the daughter of John Puleston. She married Sir William Griffith.


Child of Jane Puleston and Sir William Griffith
Lady Sibill Griffith+

John Puleston (M)


Child of John Puleston
Jane Puleston+

Alice Gertrude Pullen (F)
b. 2 January 1914
Pop-up Pedigree

     Alice Gertrude Pullen was born on 2 January 1914. She was the daughter of Glen Pullen and Emma Mae Rathfon. Alice Gertrude Pullen married Chester Hanna on 25 February 1934.


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