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My Family Tree - Person Page 4688

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 4688

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Bertha Ramsey1 (F)

     She married John Jefferson Huffstetler.

Child of Bertha Ramsey and John Jefferson Huffstetler
Margaret Ruth Huffstetler+ b. 24 Nov 1928, d. 10 Dec 1988


  1. [S122] Descendants of John Teeter Beam, James Beam.

Blanche Ramsey (F)
b. 28 March 1884, d. 5 February 1965

     Her body was interred at Lawrence Co., Indiana. BURIED: Erie Cemetery. Blanche was born on 28 March 1884. She married William Ray Wood on 1 August 1908. Blanche died on 5 February 1965 at age 80.

Children of Blanche Ramsey and William Ray Wood
Mary Clare Wood+ b. 9 May 1909
Oren Edward Wood+ b. 15 May 1916
Wilma Nell Wood b. 5 Oct 1918

Dora Ramsey1,2 (F)

     Dora Ramsey married Chance Hoyle.1,2

Child of Dora Ramsey and Chance Hoyle
Essie Evelyn Hoyle+ b. 17 Aug 1900, d. 10 May 19561,2


  1. [S53] Dellinger - Kattermann, Donald F. Billet.
  2. [S142] Descendants of Valentin Dellinger, Billet, Dellinger, et al.

George Ramsey (M)

     He married Annie Bailey.


Ida Ramsey (F)

     She married Orbie Ray Reynolds.

James Ramsey (M)

     He married Sarah Julia Moffatt at Ford Co., Illinois, on 15 September 1897. James Ramsey lived at Clarion, Iowa; Lived in Clarion, Iowa.

First name also given as Harvey.


Child of James Ramsey and Sarah Julia Moffatt
Paul Moffatt Ramsey+ b. 1903

James Dean Ramsey (M)

     James and Nancy Ramsey had 11 eleven children, including two sets twins. He married Nancy H. Cleveland.

Child of James Dean Ramsey and Nancy H. Cleveland
America M. Ramsey+ b. 25 Oct 1827, d. 8 Oct 1866

John Ramsey (M)

     He married Minerva Rachel Houston.

Child of John Ramsey and Minerva Rachel Houston
Mary Belle Ramsey+ b. 1854

John Franklin Ramsey (M)
b. 7 February 1865
Pop-up Pedigree

     John Franklin Ramsey was born on 7 February 1865. He was the son of John Nathan Ramsey and Letitia Palmer.


John Nathan Ramsey (M)

     John Nathan Ramsey married Letitia Palmer, daughter of Thomas L. Palmer and Abigail Stipp, on 29 March 1857.


Children of John Nathan Ramsey and Letitia Palmer
Mattie Catherine Ramsey
William Ramsey
Thomas Ramsey
John Franklin Ramsey b. 7 Feb 1865

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