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My Family Tree - Person Page 67

My Family Tree
Climbing the branches of my family tree
Person Page 67

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Elizabeth (?) (F)

     She married David Powell.


Children of Elizabeth (?) and David Powell
(?) Powell
(?) Powell

Elizabeth (?) (F)

     She married James Hayes.


Child of Elizabeth (?) and James Hayes
Alexander P. Hayes+ b. 8 Mar 1817, d. 15 Apr 1890

Elizabeth (?) (F)

     She married Samuel Pressley.


Child of Elizabeth (?) and Samuel Pressley
Rev. John S. Pressley b. 11 Nov 1793, d. 1 Jun 1863

Elizabeth (?) (F)
b. 24 May 1760, d. 22 January 1825

     She married Bernhard Spengler. Her body was interred at York Co., Pennsylvania. BURIED: Pigeon Hill Cemetery. Her gravestone, in German, reads: Ruhe sanft in deinem schlummer; Ohne sorgen schlafe wohl; Und verschlaf den grossen kummer Dessen jetzt die welt ist voll, Bis dich einst aus deiner gruft Deines Heilands stimme ruft. Translation is: Rest peacefully in your slumber; Without care sleep well; And sleep away the sorrow great Of which the world is full, Until from your own sepulchre Your Lord's voice calls you forth. Elizabeth was born on 24 May 1760. Elizabeth died on 22 January 1825 at Pennsylvania at age 64.

Children of Elizabeth (?) and Bernhard Spengler
Daniel Spangler+ b. 7 Sep 1787, d. 13 Sep 1850
Barbara Spangler b. 13 Nov 1791, d. b 1896
Elizabeth Spangler+ b. 24 Dec 1793, d. 25 Dec 1853
John Spangler+ b. 26 Dec 1796, d. 25 Jan 1872
Jacob Spangler+ b. 28 Apr 1803, d. 1893

Elizabeth (?) (F)
b. 27 May 1807, d. 2 January 1867

     She married William Westbrook. Her body was interred at Chester Co., South Carolina. BURIED: Union ARP Cemetery. Elizabeth was born at South Carolina on 27 May 1807. Elizabeth died on 2 January 1867 at South Carolina at age 59.

Children of Elizabeth (?) and William Westbrook
John Westbrook b. 1831
N. A. Westbrook b. 1833
E. Westbrook b. 1836
William B. Westbrook b. 25 Dec 1839, d. 13 Aug 1861
M. Westbrook b. 1841
Jacob Westbrook b. 1843
Robert Harvey Westbrook+ b. 1845

Elizabeth (?) (F)
b. 1824

     She married John M. Brice. Elizabeth was born at South Carolina in 1824.

Children of Elizabeth (?) and John M. Brice
Jesse R. Brice b. 1847
Charles R. Brice b. Jan 1850, d. 1925
Delia Brice b. 1852
Robert Brice b. 1854
James R. Brice b. 1858
Thomas R. Brice b. 1862

Elizabeth (?) (F)

     She married John W. Sterling.


Child of Elizabeth (?) and John W. Sterling
Mary I. Sterling+ b. 14 Oct 1836, d. 23 Nov 1909

Elizabeth (?) (F)

     She married Alexander McKeown.

Children of Elizabeth (?) and Alexander McKeown
Jane McKeown+
Isabelle McKeown+ b. 1753, d. 1814

Elizabeth (?) (F)

     She married James Moore.


Child of Elizabeth (?) and James Moore
Mary Moore+ b. 1729

Elizabeth (?) (F)

     She married John Eugene Peden.


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