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Thomas Durham > Joab Lindsey Durham

Joab Lindsey DURHAM Revolutionary War Soldier

Born: c. 1761, VA

Died: 1790, PulaGA
Father: Thomas DURHAM

Mother: Margaret LINDSEY


c. 1786, NC


Born: c. 1765, NC
Died: c. 1814, GA





1. Margaret DURHAM  (b. c. 1788, PulaGA)



2. Catherine DURHAM  (b. c. 1790, PulaGA)



3. Thomas DURHAM  (b. c. 1792, FranGA; d. 1826)
m. Mary "Polly" TAPLEY (b. 1794; d. 1850) in 1810


  1. Dr. John Pryor Tapley DURHAM (b. 1809, Talbottom, TalbGA; d. Dec 9, 1869, Preston, WebsGA
    m1. Dr. Cassandra Boulware PICKETT (b. c. 1824, SC; d. 1885)
    m2. Mary WHATLEY (b. 1855) in 1829)

  2. Thomas Edwin Booker DURHAM (b. 1812)

  3. Joab Jeptha DURHAM (b. 1815)

  4. Robert Augustus Flournoy DURHAM (b. 1817)
    m. Elephara HAYDEN on Feb 15, 1846, StewGA

  5. James Lucius Constantine DURHAM (b. c. 1819)
    m. Elizabeth DAVIS "Lucy" on Sep 16, 1838, RandGA

  6. Seashay Ann Catherine DURHAM "Patsy" (b. c. 1823)
    m. Robert J. KENNEDY

  7. Mary Jane Eliza DURHAM (b. 1825)
    m. Thomas SALTER on Feb 26, 1843, StewGA


  • See Thomas' will online wills.

  • Cassandra Boulware Pickett DURHAM was first woman doctor in Georgia (information courtesy of Marian Roberts).

  • Mary Tapley's parents may have been Hosea TAPLEY Jr. and Lucy PRYOR.

  • In the online book The Georgians: Genealogies of Pioneer Settlers by Jeannette Holland Austin, it is put forth that Thomas was the son of Matthew Durham Jr.


4. Jeptha DURHAM (b. c. 1794, HancGA)
m. Mary DURDEN (b. 1808, GA) on Mar 13, 1834, IrwiGA


  1. Elizabeth DURHAM (b. c. 1837, GA)

  2. Jeremiah DURHAM (b. c. 1839, GA)

  3. Ruthe DURHAM (b. c. 1842, GA)

  4. Matilda DURHAM (b. c. 1844, GA)

  5. George W. DURHAM (b. c. 1849, GA)


  • From Randolph Co, GA 1850
    Name Age Gender Race Occ Land


5. John W. DURHAM (b. c. 1796, HancGA; d. Jul 6, 1864, Camden, OuacAR)
m1. Polly YEARTY (b. c. 1798; d. Jan 10, 1821, GA; of Irish descent) in 1813
m2. Mathilda MASON (a widow with 2 children)

Children to Polly:

  1. James Allen DURHAM (b. Dec 27, 1814, GA; d. Oct 10, 1899, Winn, WinnLA)
    m1. Eliza Crawford DAVIS (b. Sep 17, 1824, GA)
    m2. Elizabeth H. BROCK

  2. Catherine Independence DURHAM "Kate" (b. Jul 4, 1816, GA
    m1. Allen DAVIS
    m2. Samuel S. JEFFUS

  3. Nellie DURHAM (b. c. 1820 in Pulaski, GA)

Children to Mathilda:

  1. John Thomas Lindsey DURHAM (b. Sep 4, 1835, GA; was killed in the Civil War in the Battle Of Corinth)

  2. Sarah J. Mathilda DURHAM (b. Oct 23, 1837 in GA)

  3. Pollyann Frances DURHAM (b. Oct 28, 1840 in GA)


  • John Durham is buried eight miles east of Camden, at the Bethsaida Church Cemetery.


6. Elizabeth Jane DURHAM (b. 1798, FranGA; d. WaynMS)
m. David Daniel NICHOLS (b. c. 1786; d. Oct 23, 1867) on May 30, 1816, WilkGA)


  1. Simion N. NICHOLS (b. Dec 11, 1818, GA)

  2. Levi Lexington NICHOLS (b. Oct 20, 1821, IrwiGA; d. Mar 7, 1907)
    m. Margaret Emaline ALBERSON

  3. Joseph Marion NICHOLS (b. Oct 15, 1824; d. c. 1875)
    m. Nicey COOPER (b. c. 1835, AL)

  4. Thomas D. NICHOLS (b. Sep 9, 1826; killed in Civil War)

  5. Claudius L. NICHOLS (b. Sep 4, 1828, GA; d. 1865, Rock Island Prison, IL (today Rock Island Arsenal)

  6. Huldean C. NICHOLS (b. Oct 23, 1830)

  7. Samantha Jane NICHOLS (b. Feb 3, 1833, GA)
    m. Eli SAMMONS

  8. Asseneth Candace NICHOLS (b. May 14, 1846)
    m. Franklin Shepard SANDERSON


  • Jane's family's info came from the Nichols Family of Newberry District, SC webpage web.


7. James DURHAM (b. c. 1800, HancGA)



8. Matthew DURHAM (b. c. 1804, HancGA)



9. Nathanael DURHAM (b. c. 1806; d. 1831)


  • A "Nathaniel Durham" married Anny DAVIS on Feb 17, 1831 in Irwin County, GA; needs more investigation.


10. Joab Lindsey DURHAM Jr. (b. c. 1814, GA)
m. Bethine HUNTER on Mar 3, 1831, IrwiGA



  1. Jephtha DURHAM (b. c. 1833, GA)
    m. Amanda JOHNSON

  2. Thomas DURHAM  (b. c. 1835, GA)

  3. Davis DURHAM  (b. c. 1839, GA)

  4. James Lindsey DURHAM "Jim" (b. 1840, GA)
    m. Harriette KYSER

  5. Americus DURHAM (b. c. 1841, GA)

  6. John Randolph DURHAM (b. Apr 3, 1843, GA)

  7. Catherine DURHAM (b. c. 1845, GA)

  8. Mark DURHAM (b. c. 1847, GA)

  9. Martha DURHAM (b. c. 1849, GA)

  10. Matthew DURHAM (b. Apr 1850)

  11. Noah G. DURHAM (b. Sep 22, 1854)
    m1. Martha PONDER
    m2. Mary Frances WOODUL


  • From Wilkie ([email protected]):
    James L. DURHAM left Georgia to go fight the Yankees in 1861. Will wearing the Gray for the CSA, he met a young German girl in Mississippi and walked to Clarke County, MS as soon as he was released from Prison Camp after the surrender.


11. Betty DURHAM (b. ?)


  • A descendant of Joab Durham is Kit 26995 on the Durham DNA Project. This kit matches several relatives who are known to be related to Mathew Durham, b. 1730 in VA, died 1795 in Orange Co. NC. So it stands that Thomas Lindsey Durham was somehow (either father, or a brother) related to Mathew Durham.

  • The following is from the book Kitty Hawk To the Moon by W. O. Durham:

    Just before James Allen Durham passed away in Winn Parish, Louisiana, in 1899, he called two of his grandsons to his room and told them to write down the following story about the patriotic exploits of Joab Lindsey Durham, his paternal grandfather, during the Revolutionary War. The grandsons reporting this account were William and Jesse Durham, two sons of Thomas Bozeman Durham, the son of James Allen Durham.

    "My grandfather, Joab Durham, was a leader of a band of patriots in North Carolina during the Revolutionary War. He had a brother-in-law named Mack Arrington, who was a leader of a band of Tories. The Patriots got news that the Tories were going to destroy or damage a watermill nearby.  Joab and his rangers secured themselves inside the mill. And, when the Tories reached there, one of the patriots said to Joab, the leader, "Joab, Mack Arrington is leading the Tories and I'm going to kill him.” Joab said, “Go ahead and kill him.” And then, he turned his head so as not to witness the killing. The bullet plowed through the lower chin of Arrington and broke his neck. All the rest of that band of Tories was either killed or taken prisoner. Joab and his men later joined Marion and his band in several battles, one of which was the Battle of Kings Mountain, on 7 Oct 1780; also, the Battle of Gillford's [sic] Courthouse in North Carolina in March of 1781. He also had part in the Battle of Hobkirk's Hill, North Carolina [sic], and the one at Fort Ninety-six."

  • County/State Abbreviations:
    FranGA - Franklin County, GA
    HancGA - Hancock County, GA
    IrwiGA - Irwin County, GA
    OuacAR - Ouachita County, AR
    PulaGA - Pulaski County, GA
    RandGA - Randolph County, GA
    StewGA - Stewart County, GA
    TalbGA - Talbot County, GA
    WaynMS - Wayne County, MS
    WebsGA - Webster County, GA
    WilkGA - Wilkinson County, GA
    WinnLA - Winn Parish, LA

  • Page Sources:

    1. Nichols Family of Newberry District, SC webpage web
    2. Ancestors of Addye Laura Diamond Kozel web page  web
    3. From Kitty Hawk To the Moon by W. O. Durham

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