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Matthew DURHAM

Born c. 1730, England
Died Oct 9, 1795, OranNC

Father: John DURHAM

Mother: ?


Married ?







1. James Caveat Durham (b. May 21, 1750, OranNC)



  • It is not yet known who James' mother was.

  • He was a Baptist.

2nd Marriage

Matthew DURHAM

(See Above)


c. 1750

Susanna(h) LINDSEY

Born: Jul 20, 1731, Brunswick Co, VA
Died: May 30, 1799, OCNC

Father: William LINDSEY

Mother: Jane ?



1. Thomas Durham Sr. (b. May 12, 1752 (LDS dob is Nov 21), OranNC; d. Bef. Aug 1803, OranNC)
m. Susannah CATE (b. c. 1755, OranNC; d. c. 1818, OranNC) in 1773


  1. Susannah Lucy Durham "Susey" (b. 1773, NC)
    m. Joseph LEWIS

  2. Elizabeth Durham (b. c. 1774)
    m. Samuel FAUCETT

  3. Rebecca Durham (b. 1776, NC)
    m. Richard FAUCETT Jr.

  4. Aaron Durham (b. 1780)
    m1. Sally CATES
    m2. Rebecca CATES

  5. Matthew Durham (b. c. 1782, NC)
    m1. Elizabeth KIRK
    m2. ?
    m3. Matilda WILLETT

  6. Iley Durham (b. 1784)
    m. Mourning KIRK

  7. Ezra Durham (b. 1798)
    m. Martha Patsy HUNTER

  8. Thomas Durham (b. 1788)
    m1. Nancy HOBBS
    m2. Deliah SNIPES

  9. John Durham (b. 1790)
    m. Anna LATTA

  10. Nancy Durham (b. c. 1800)
    m. Eli CHEEK


2. William Lindsey Durham Sr. (b. Nov 21, 1754, OranNC; d. Nov 1839, OranNC)
m. Nancy Anne CATE(S)


  1. Susanna Durham (b. 1780, NC)
    m. John JOLLEY

  2. Archibald Marion Durham (b. c. 1783, NC)
    m1. Margaret STROUD
    m2. Jane CARRUTHERS

  3. Williams Lindsey Durham Jr. (b. Apr 21, 1787, NC)
    m. Mary SNIPES

  4. Frances Durham (b. 1788, NC)
    m. Philemon LACY Jr.

  5. Isaiah Durham (b. c. 1789, NC)
    m. Elizabeth BURNS

  6. Thomas Durham (b. c. 1790, NC)

  7. Matthew Durham (b. c. 1794)

  8. John Durham (b. c. 1800, NC)

  9. Isaac Durham (b. c. 1783, NC)
    m. Barbara BRANTLEY

  • Isaac Durham is documented, along with Lysias Durham, as representing the Haw's River Mountain of Chatham County, NC at the Sandy Creek Baptist Association meeting of 1829 (see the book, History of the Sandy Creek Baptist Association (from its Organization in A. D. 1758 to A. D. 1858) by Elder Geo. W. Purefoy.
  • Uncovering details around the correct Isaac Durham is a mystery I have yet to solve.  

3. John Durham Sr. (b. Jul 15, 1757, OranNC; d. May 21, 1830, OranNC)
m1. Elizabeth CATE (b. c. 1765)
m2. Mary ROBERTSON (b. c. 1779, Brunswick, BrunVA) on Mar 27, 1798, OCNC
m3. Jane HATCH (b. 1804) on Sep 7, 1819, OranNC


Children to Elizabeth:

  1. John Durham Jr. (b. c. 1789)
    m. Elizabeth EDWARDS

  2. Nathaniel Durham (b. c. 1790)
    m. Sarah Jane HATCH

  3. Sarah Durham "Sally" (b. c. 1792)
    m. Williams PITTS

  4. Alston Durham (b c. 1794)

Children to Mary:

  1. Thomas Durham

  2. Hannah Ann Durham (b. Jul 18, 1806, NC)
    m. Thomas Durham FAUCETT

  3. Martha Durham "Patsy"

  4. William R. Durham

  5. James Mebane Durham (b. Jan 21, 1809, NC)
    m. Elizabeth LLOYD

  6. Spencer B. Durham (b. 1810, NC)
    m. Delilah LLOYD

  7. Jesse Durham (b. 1811, NC)
    m. Susannah FAUCETT

  8. Ruffin Durham (b. 1812)

Children to Jane

  1. Young Marcus Alexander Hardaway Durham (b. Sep 15, 1823, NC)
    m. Mariah L. ELSBERRY

  2. Cynthia Durham

  • For more detailed information on John Durham, click his name above.

4. Capt. Matthew Durham Jr. Revolutionary War Soldier (b. Jun 16, 1760, OranNC, d. Jan 3, 1834, MonrGA)
m. Frances Elizabeth SPENCER "Fannie" (b. Jun 15, 1765, d. Mar 26, 1831) on Jan 12, 1784, MonrGA


  1. John J. Durham "Jonnie" (b. Dec 31, 1784)

  2. Susanna Durham (b. Apr 21, 1786, GA)
    m. George CAROTHERS

  3. John Spencer Durham (b. Mar 11, 1789)

  4. Mary Durham (b. Sep 22, 1790, GA)
    m. Thomas PLEASANTS

  5. Matthew Durham III (b. May 27, 1793, GA)

  6. Simeon Durham (b. Jul 6, 1794)
    m. Avarilla TRAYLOR

  7. Nancy Durham (b. Sep 20, 1795)

  8. Seaborn Jones Durham (b. Nov 22, 1796)
    m1. Nancy STOVALL
    m2. Mary Chambliss GEORGE

  9. Rev. Sanders Walker Durham Clergy (b. May 21, 1798)
    m. N. S. MITCHELL

  10. Singleton Durham (b. Jan 9, 1800, GA)
    m. Lucy STOVALL

  11. Saleta Durham (b. Mar 27, 1801)

  12. Col. Shelman Durham (b. Dec 6, 1803)
    m1. Susanna SIMS
    m2. Cynthia CRAWFORD

  13. Grace Spencer Durham (b. Apr 23, 1805)
    m. John S. RATLIFF*

  14. Sarah Durham (b. Apr 29, 1806)*

  15. Fanny Durham (b. Jun 6, 1807)*

  • Matthew was a Captain in the Revolutionary War.
  • He was also a Baptist deacon.
  • *Grace, Sarah and Fanny are not listed in Shelman's bible transcript, so I question if they were Matthew's children.
  5. Ambrose Durham (b. Jun 15, 1762, OranNC; d. c. 1827) |

6. Lysias Durham (b. Nov 12, 1765, OranNC; d. Feb 8, 1838, OranNC)
m. Sarah F. REEVES


  1. John Ambrose Durham (b. in NC)

  2. Tabitha Durham (b. 1790, NC)
    m. James BAILEY

  3. Mary Jane Durham (b. 1792, NC)
    m. John HOLD

  4. Dudley Durham (b. bet. 1798 - 1806)
    m. Keziah DURHAM

  5. Susannah Durham (b. c. 1800, NC)
    m. Levi ANDREWS

  6. David L. Durham (b. Jul 6, 1799, NC)
    m. Barbara CHEEK

  7. Tarlton Durham (b. 1810, NC)
    m. Catharine CHEEK

  • For more detailed information on Lysias Durham, click his name above.

7. Mary Durham (b. Jan 1, 1769, OranNC; d. Bet. 1822 and 1823, Paoli, OranNC; Find-A-Grave 50913397)
m. George A. MEACHAM (b. 1765, CaroNC; d. 1820, Paoli, OranIN; Find-A-Grave 50913371)



  1. Ruth Meacham (b. Sep 18, 1790, NC; d. 1867; Find-A-Grave 114816271)
    m. John MCVEY (b. Jun 17, 1790; d. Dec 26, 1835, age 45; Find-A-Grave 60907286)

  2. Isaac Meacham (b. Apr 17, 1799; d. Dec 13, 1825; Find-A-Grave 92398883)

  3. Anderson Meacham (b. Nov 11, 1800, ChatNC; d. Apr 16, 1882; Find-A-Grave 25671934)
    m1. Lucinda WASSON (b. Sep 7, 1805, RowaNC; d. Nov 10, 1847, Kosta, IowaIA; Find-A-Grave 23163808) on Dec 22, 1822, OranNC)
    m2. Fannie Averille PRATT (b. c. 1804, ChatNC)

  • Anderson and Lucinda had 8 children.

8. Jane Durham (b. Aug 11 (LDS is Aug 21), 1772, OranNC; d. c. 1799)
m. Alex PIPER c. 1790


  1. Susannah Piper ()

  2. Sarah Piper ()

  • Susanna and Sarah were deaf and mute.

9. Mark Durham (b. Aug 15, 1775, OranNC; d. Oct 22, 1841)
m. Sylvia Sarah ROBERTSON (b. c. 1780) c. Dec 10-22, 1795, OranNC


  1. Nancy Durham (b. Mar 1810)

  2. Thomas Durham (b. Mar 1811, NC)
    m. Mary A. WOLFE

  3. Mark B. Durham (b. c. 1816,  NC)
    m1. Nancy DURHAM
    m2. Mildred COPELAND

  • For more detailed information on Mark Durham, click his name above.

  • Mathew and Thomas Durham
    A significant Durham genealogy mystery concerns the relationship between Mathew Durham and Thomas Durham (b. 1696; m. Margaret "Peggy" Lindsey). Were they brothers? Was Mathew a son of Thomas? Their birthdates appear to be about 30 years apart.  Thomas is theorized to have been born in England. Then, the two brothers came over to America together, met the Lindsey sisters on the boat, and married them in America.  How will we ever know for sure? 

    There is, however, one certainty, thanks to new scientific techniques. Mathew and Thomas were related to each other.  This is supported by not only family genealogy paper evidence and family lore, but more importantly by DNA test results (see the Thomas/Mathew group on the Durham Surname DNA Project website web.)  On that website our group is called "Mathew/Thomas". The DNA test results also tie in a third Durham ancestor George G. DURHAM, the father of James Lindsey DURHAM

  • Found Mathew Durham's month and day of death, Oct 9, on pages 66-67 of the Roster of North Carolina Soldiers LDS Fiche #6046553 (indirectly thru a genforum post by Marta Patterson - thanks!)

  • Matthew Durham census record listings

    • Listed in 1755 in Orange County, NC

    • Listed in 1799 in Orange County, NC

    • Listed in 1784 in Johnston County, NC

    • Listed in 1790 in Orange County, NC

    • Listed in 1810 in Wilkesborough, Wilkes County, NC

    • Listed in 1830 in Orange County, NC

  • Susannah Lindsey's father may have been Caleb LINDSEY.

  • From the Abstracts of Wills Recorded in Orange County, North Carolina, 1752-1800, Susannah's Will Abstract reads:
    C-137  Will In Archive. Dated 30 April 1799, proved May 1799.
    sons: Matthew Durham, Lysias Durham, Mark Durham.
    dau: Mary Mechum
    "daughter Jane's children Susannah Piper and Sarah Piper".
    Executor: Lysias Durham
    Witnessess: Alexander Hatch, Frances (x) Durham, Oney Hutson.

  • From the Durham Family Bible contributed to USGenWeb Archives by Lillie Ruby.

     I. Mathew Durham (father of Col. Shelman Durham) was
    born in Orage County, North Carolina on the 16th day of
    June 1760. This is sixteen miles from Hillsborough. He
    died in Monroe County, Georgia the 3rd day of January
    1834. He was a Captain in the Revolutionary War of 1776.

    II. Col. Shelman Durham's grandfather and family,
    Mathew Durham, came from Virginia and settled in Orange
    County, North Carolina, on or near Fairview, which is
    sixteen miles from Hillsborough on the road to Cortham
    Courthouse. Some distance from Chapple Hill. He married
    a Miss Lindsey. They had the following children:

    1. James Durham (by his first wife) was born May 21, 1750. He was a Baptist.
    2. William Durham (by his second wife) was born May 21, 1752. He was a Baptist and died old.
    3. John Durham was born July 16, 1757. He was a Baptist and died old.
    4. Mathew Durham, a Baptist Deacon, was born July 16, 1760 and died January 3, 1834.
    5. Ambrose Durham was born July 15, 1762 and died in childhood.
    6. Siceous Durham was born November 12, 1765 and died February 8, 1838. Was a Baptist.
    7. Mary Durham was born in 1772. She married a Mr. Piper, who died and left two girls both deaf and dumb. West to east Tennessee.
    8. Mark Durham was born August 15, 1775 and died October 22, 1841. He was a Baptist.

    All of the older ones died in the country where they were
    born, except Mathew. He and his children emigrated to
    all south and west states.

    III. Mathew Durham, son of Shelman Durham, married
    Fanny Spencer, who was born in Edge Districk, South
    Carolina on the 15 day of June 1765. They were married
    on January 12th 1781. She was a Baptist. She died March
    26, 1831 in Monroe County, George. Their children:

    1. Jonnie Durham was born Dec. 31, 1784 and died January 15, 1787.
    2. Susan Durham was born April 21, 1787. Susan married George Carruthers. She was a Baptist. She died in Washington County, Texas in June 1867.
    3. John Spencer Durham was born March 11, 1789 and died June 11, 1790.
    4. Mary Durham was born September 22, 1789. She married Thomas Pleasant. They were both Baptist. She died in Corral County, Mississippi in 1868.
    5. Mathew Durham was born May 27, 1793 and died October 9, 1793
    6. Nancy Durham was born September 20, 1795 and died in Jones County, George, September 14, 1811
    7. Seaborn Jones Durham was born November 22, 1796. He married Miss Nancy Stovall and after her death he married Mrs. Mary George. Mrs. George was the mother of General J. Z. George of Mississippi. He was also a U. S. Senator.
    8. Sanders Walker Durham was born May 21, 1798. He was an ordained preacher. He married twice. He died in Taylor County, Georgia on June 11, 1879. He left a widow and one son, Sanders Durham. In 1903 Sanders was living in Sherman, Texas.
    9. Singleton Durham was born January 9, 1800 and died October 7, 1835, in Monroe County, George. He had five children.
    10. Saleta Durham was born March 27, 1801 and died August 21, 1801.
    11. Shelman Durham was born December 6, 1803. He was baptized by Edman Talbot in Walnut Creek Church in Jones County, Georgia, the third Sabbath of June 1822, on a profession of faith of his redeemer.
    12. James Jackson Durham was born at 8 o'clock A. M. Monday October 31, 1825 in Monroe County, George. He married Miss Mary Oldham in Atala County, Mississippi. He was a Baptist and died May 6, 1893 at Dublin, Texas.
    13. William Washington Durham was born in Monroe County, George. He was a Baptist and died in Cherokee County, Texas.
    14. Franklin Marion Durham was born at 3:00 A.M. January 5, 1830 in Monroe County, George. He died in Cherokee County, Texas on December 24, 1895.
    15. Susan Haselton Durham was born in 1832 and died August 20, 1857. She was a Baptist.
    16. John Lafayette Durham was born Tuesday at 4 o'clock P. M. September 30, 1834 in Monroe County, Georgia. He departed this life in Alvin, Brazoria County, Texas June 28, 1901. He was a Baptist, Mason and Odd Fellow. He died by stomach trouble, surrounded by all of this children, whom he told he was going home to Jesus. He was Flag Bearer in the Battle of Gettyburg where he received a wound which resulted in the loss of his right arm. He served in the Confederate Army.
    17. Elizabeth Pollard Durham was born Sunday December 18, 1836 in Nesbobu County, Mississippi. She married Simon Tims. She was a Baptist.
    18. Mathew Lenard Durham was born Friday at 11:30 P. M. October 11, 1842 in Atala County, Mississippi. He was in the Confederate Army and was killed in the battle of Sarsburg in Maryland in 1863.
    19. Cornitta Francis Durham was born Friday at 4:00 A. M. October 11, 1844 in Atala County, Mississippi. She died August 17, 1856.

  • County/State Abbreviations:
    BrunVA - Brunswick County, VA
    CaroNC - Caroline County, NC
    ChatNC - Chatham County, NC
    FallTX - Falls County, TX
    IowaIA - Iowa County, IA
    MonrGA - Monroe County, GA
    OranIN - Orange County, IN
    OranNC - Orange County, NC
    RowaNC - Rowan County, NC

  • Page Sources:
    1. Rodney Britnell ([email protected]) and Roy E. Malone, Grandbury, TX

    2. Donald R. Johnston Home Page web

    3. Shelman Durham's letter copying family bible bible

    4. Durham Surname DNA Project website web

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